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  1. Only one factory 4 speed known of. There are some others that people converted to 4 speed. Who knows, another one could be found someday stashed away in a garage or barn like this one was. There was none known of for a few years till this one was found.
  2. I had it there in the Barn find section in 2016. I already have the forms in to take it in 2021 as a restored car.
  3. If points don't matter I would pick radials every time. I even chose radials on my high end restoration that was getting judged and took the points deduction. I was not going to pay another $1500 for another set of tires and restoring wheels just to save 8 points.
  4. They were balanced from the factory and marked. We just put them back together where the factory marks are.
  5. They do not make the original style stamps for these years so I had to have some made. Mine do not look as good as the originals but they are close. Even the originals were not nice. It was just some inspector placing his mark, he was not making a show car so I am ok with the quality of my stamps.
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