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  1. I just hate it when I misspell something or not use the proper grammar and someone jumps all over it like they are so superior. I am 47 years old and can't spell to save my life. Maybe 5th grade level. Some people are good at some things and other people are good at other things. I always wanted to see one of their restorations and start making fun of them on the flaws.
  2. We are at the Oldsmobile Nationals and this guy come up to us wanting to do a video. I believe I had seen a couple of his videos before but didn't really know who he was. What a really cool guy! He sure has a passion for cars and sure know a lot about them. Was pleased to meet him.
  3. I had piles of stuff like that I finely had to just dispose of. Eventually you run out of room because it is taken up from the leftovers that is either worthless or really hard to sell.
  4. The paper mill is long gone now so don't smell so bad these days. I am actually in Brazil, East of Terre Haute. I did not go to Rose but had a couple friends that went there. I hung out there a lot on weekends in 1992/1993
  5. I have been on both sides of this before. I chassed a 1970 442 W-30 for 20 years just to have it sold out from under me. But then I chassed a 69 442 4 speed for 13 years and ended up getting it. Been chasing a 68 442 4 speed now for 10 years and I think that one will eventually work out in the next 10 years sometime. That sure is a cool tow truck though.
  6. Nothing very exciting for me other than my first date with my wife I was in a 1991 Quad 442 W-41. It would not start and had her get out and help me push start it. After it started I said I was sorry about that, she said that she only drover older cars with lots of problems so she was use to it. We now have been married for 21 years.
  7. Not sure this is the right place to ask the question. I joined a couple months back and did not get my pin number. I tried the "I forgot my pin number" but it never sent me an email. When I registered for the Auburn show I called Pat Buckley and he got it for me so I could register. For some reason I did not write it down. I can call again but hate to call if I am just doing something wrong myself. Thanks
  8. You were in my neck of the woods. I live about 12 miles from Rose-Hulman
  9. I hate to say it but I can't really get active at this point in life. Kids, work, and everything else.... The few car shows I get to go to I am on vacation and want the freedom of doing what I want when I want. This is yet another reason I will never complain about what points or award my car got or didn't get. The judges are most of the time on their vacation also and just enjoy what they are doing. I do understand the need for younger people to get involved though. I will be 47 soon and will likely take retirement before I can get very active in car clubs.
  10. I agree with the above about sitting in on the judging seminar at one of the events. I am a new member of the club and the Auburn show was my first one. I am not that big on the judging side of things and awards but decided to sit in on the judging seminar. All my experience in the past with having cars judged was with the OCA, Oldsmobile club, and theirs is far less than good. The AACA judging program is actually very well setup and makes me a little more interested.
  11. I understand the deductions, Just wondering my best option out of what I posted. Or maybe there is another option I am unaware of.
  12. Radials were not an option for my car from the factory. I was not meaning to sound like that. Just that the white wall options available today are not even close to original in a bias ply tire. I chose to go with a radial because it was the closest whitewall option. To me a correct whitewall is more important than the style of tire.
  13. I find that in the modern era it is the unusual stuff that gets restored more then the desirable stuff of the day. From about the early 90s and on, it seams as if the stuff of the day that was unusual had many examples saved and preserved in their original condition with low miles. Like I mentioned earlier, There is a huge following for the Chevette now but how many Corvettes are being restored from the same mid 70's to mid 80's era.
  14. I made it home last night. I made it all the way to Auburn on one tank of gas so assumed I would make it home on one tank of gas. I was fighting the wind so I should have been paying more attention. I ran out of gas at the exact mile marker my house is lined up with. The house is a mile from I-70 but luckily I had 2 gallons of gas in the bed that got me the 3 more miles to the gas station.
  15. I will say, I had a GREAT time at Auburn! So many wonderful cars there. Looking forward to next year!
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