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  1. It is a 1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire 4 speed car. One of roughly six 4 speed 63's known to exist. These were the turbocharged model based off the f-85 line. Here are a couple more pictures of it. The one from under the hood is another one, I don't have a picture on this computer from under the hood of this exact car.
  2. I tried but he was not letting it go
  3. I have been lucky enough to drag many cars from many barns over the past 12 years. Even had Ryan Brutt come document one of them I drug out of a barn in Iowa. I know of others still that are not for sale. There are still cars out there to be found but not nearly as many as there use to be.
  4. I just sent that to him in an email. I think it would be a cool idea. Not sure he could make it happen this year or not but in the future.
  5. Now that would be really cool! A progression of boosted technology.
  6. It looks done but I still have lots to do to it. Some parts are still off being zinc plated, a couple bugs need worked on that are minor, Some testing and tuning. The fluid Injection is still not hooked up. I did drive it about 6 miles and there are no rattles or wind noise! I was happy about the wind noise because I reused the original 1962 weatherstripping. I thought that I may have to replace the driver side roof rail weatherstrip but it is sealing up good. .
  7. Thanks. For the most part they were really both first but to actually go a buy one from a dealer the Olds was first by 2 or 3 weeks. I researched it at the GM Heritage center. There is an exact date the Jetfire was available to buy. Sadly, there is no document for that day for the Chevy but there are documents that show Chevy production started about the time the Olds was available to buy. It is splitting hairs really as both were a late 62 release. There are some places that say the Chevy was first because they did show their prototype at an auto show before Olds showed the Jetfire prototype
  8. VERY COOL! I am restoring it big brother (or is it little brother) 1962 Olds Jetfire. The Jetfire along with the Spyder were the first turbocharged automobiles. Looking forward to updates! I have a thread here on my Jetfire I am restoring. I can't say I know much about the Corvair but just a little piece of advice I found on the Olds, DO NOT TOSS ANYTHING OUT, lol! At least on the Jetfire, no matter how much I don't think I would ever need it I find that I do need it. Just like that fuel pump. If the old one was original, I would save it.
  9. Had to move the car to another bay so took some more pictures with the hood on. Working on the driver side door glass today. That has been long delayed and I kept putting it off because I was having problems. Well, No more putting it off.
  10. Not much work on the car getting done right now but trying to clean up the basement. It is a disaster from dragging all the parts back out to the garage and other projects I was doing. Gathered most of my extra turbo systems into one place now. I have 4 other extra systems than these and then the two systems on our cars, lol. Some of these are only for parts but some of them are really good cores.
  11. It was not actually cracks, just looked like it. He scuffed and painted and then buffed. I have heard of paint shrinking after a paint job many times on forums. Just never experienced it. I know nothing about it myself and looks great now so we will see. If it comes back he will fix it without a problem.
  12. I have heard of paint shrinking as it cures but just not sure why it only done it on the hood.
  13. Got my hood back. It had some places that looked like cracks in the paint. You couldn't see it unless you were in the light just right. He said it was not actually any cracks and was just that the clear had shrunk causing what I was seeing. The hood is the only thing that had done it. He said he had to clear it again and then buff because he was scared he would buff through the other clear. I know very little about paint and may have quoted him wrong some. I know he said the problem was shrinkage though. Looks great now.
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