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  1. I have two fans that use that mount. One for flat belt, one for v belt. Either one, $75 plus shipping. Frank
  2. You shouldn't have to bleed the cylinders, the trapped air will be released into the partially filled reservoir. Disconnect the cylinders from the top mechanism and raise and lower the rams several times. This should equalize the travel. Reconnect the cylinders to the top mechanism. Recheck the fluid level in the reservoir several times while doing this. The reservoir should only be filled to about 2/3 capacity. Frank
  3. Does April First have anything to do with your decision. If I'm off base, say hello to the head monk... Frank
  4. go ahead, certjeff1, I won't get in your way...
  5. Close enough? My tag says, "1928-29 Chrysler Imperial." is it a match? Frank
  6. Having never shown a car at an AACA meet, do I need to fill out the activity request card in the latest magazine AND fill out the registration on-line? Frank
  7. Looks like a Neville brand wheel... Very desirable... Frank
  8. That is an Autolite plug, Not Champion. The brass knurled nut on the top is an ad-on. The top that comes with the Autolite plug is the small silver cone that is sitting next to the washer.... Frank
  9. Could be... First year for rear doors with hinges in front was 1922. Frank
  10. When I bought tires and tubes for my firetruck, they only had straight stemmed tubes. I sent them a drawing of the bend I needed and they bent 5 tubes to match my drawing. That was when Eric Maxwell was there, maybe things have changed... Frank
  11. Universal Tire in Lancaster will bend metal stems for you. Just send them a drawing indicating where the bend should be and at what angle. They have done it for me many times. Frank
  12. Interesting! Here is a photo of the car that has the engine I used to help identify the engine in the original post.... Bought in Lawton, Iowa. I saw the engine and did not look at the other photos... šŸ˜„šŸ˜„
  13. Ed, you're close. I googled White engines from 1915 down to 1913 and found this photo of a 1913 white speedster with the same engine. 14 and 15 are just a bit different... Frank
  14. It looks a lot like a mid teens Studebaker 4. Almost, but not quite. The valves are on the other side... Frank
  15. I, for one, am very glad he will be reinstated. Every one deserves a second chance in life. I was not aware of the things that transpired until it was finished, but we all have good and bad days. Thank you for giving him a second chance. Frank
  16. oldford


    Does the gent on the far right look a little like Louis Chevrolet??? Frank
  17. Most likely, the speakers in the original radio were connected to separate output devices, so be sure not to connect them in series unless you are sure. The easiest way to tell is if there is only one output jack on the radio. Frank
  18. I believe what you have is a 1927 Studebaker Dictator, second series which included bullet headlamps and double bar bumpers. Also had the Atlanta hood ornament. Nice car. Frank
  19. Yes, 28 Chevy. I found this photo on a Google search and was surprised to see 6 bolt wheels. Frank
  20. Not sure of the 1910 date. 1910 NY plates had numbers riveted to the backing plate. These are most likely 1911 or 1912 NY plates. Frank
  21. Bud, I have two Standard/Blue Streak catalogs. One covers about 1928-1948 the other covers about 1950-1975. The newer catalog is really a buyer's guide with photo of the parts and their general usage, not an application guide. From studying the two catalogs, the older one says that the parts without the X are for the 'Standard' line and the parts with the X are the 'Blue Streak' line. When going to the newer catalog, the X has been applied to all 'Standard' line parts and the XP has been applied to the 'Blue Streak' line. The older catalog has no zip codes in the address and the newer catalog has zip codes. Sounds like an across the board number change that has no real significance... Frank
  22. Buick 28-30, Chevy 33-40, GMC 28-41, Nash 48, Packard 6 41-48, Reo 28-32,34-35 Frank
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