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  1. I will have a car load of good Cord parts for sale in spaces RNG 15-16. A very small sample of the parts I’m bringing include rebuilt fuel pump, EE15carb, 3 startix including 1 rebuilt, hood prop, 3 TC regulators, good shift switch, rotor and pencil, another complete shift arm, rebuilt water pump, pair stone guards, original ignition switch, and a spread light as seen on Duesenbergs and other classic. You can email at cordseller1@gmail if you are looking for something in particular. Thanks, Cliff
  2. Is this one of the Nash healey’s that Cliff S owned in Oregon?
  3. Driving onto a long exit ramp off of I84 in west hartford traveling at 68 mph in a 1936 Cord and applied my brakes and nothing, no brakes and right down to the toe board and pumping brakes didn’t help. Luckily was able to stop using the emergency brake. Drove rest of way home using emergency brake. Apparently the left front brake line had moved slightly and the steering arm put a hole in the original copper brake line.
  4. If I remember correctly, the car was owned by Perry Briggs, the George Briggs mentioned in the write up was his son.
  5. Much of the paint work and mechanical repairs were done by the former Ollie Ehresman of Suffield Ct. He worked with Mr. Briggs at the Hartford Ct. Pontiac dealership at the time.
  6. When just getting started in the old car hobby, I drove my best friends 851 Auburn Speedster from Ct. to the ACD meet in Williamsport Pa. My best friend was driving his S/C Cord convertible coupe. I must say with the top up, my feet roasted on a hot day with the exhaust crossing under the drivers floor boards. It was a thrill driving the Auburn both ways and it was a year or two before I completed the restoration on my first Cord.
  7. Edinmass: with what you said about pure provenance, it’s surprising that the one owner Duesenberg that belong to Coburn in West Hartford Ct. that sold about 3 or 4 years ago didn’t bring more money. From my understanding it was all original except for a White truck transmission.
  8. new price is $325 plus $20 shipping in US. my email is cordseller1@gmail.com
  9. If you follow the history of Auburn, Cords, or Dusenbergs, you know who’s Dallas Winslow
  10. Appears to be a early 1936 Westchester with the flat back trunk and it would not have pleated interior seats. I say it’s a early 1936 because the way the firewall was patched, it may have had the cowl oil and filter tubes coming from the passenger cowl vent. I don’t see the finger grip indentation on the cowl vent but that wouldn’t rule out it has been changed. If it was a 1936 arm chair Beverly with the flat back trunk, the seats would be all together different.
  11. Nizen machine is alive and well and operating out of Bethlehem, Ct. they recently did all the engine machine work on my Cord. Next time I talk to Pete Nizen, I’ll ask him about the dusenberg engine. Reminds me of another story I heard about Pratt and Whitney aircraft in East Hartford Ct. the story I heard is that they had two dusenberg engines running some type of turbins during World War Two. I don’t know the accuracy of that story.
  12. I highly recommend Bills Auto Works. He moved some Cord parts for me door to door. Very reasonable and did what he said he would do.
  13. Looks like part of the topic was moved to AACA shows and events????
  14. Best I can tell its a 1936 flat back westchester. The body tags indicate it’s a westchester with the letter A. It has the early cowl water and oil filler. I believe it’s standard wheelbase and 6 louver grille. It’s a odd ball it that it had pleated interior but does not appear to be an armchair Beverly. Can’t see enough of the seats to accurately determine. If it is, that would make it rare with only about 12 of the arm chair beverly’s produced. Car belongs to a restoration shop in Castle Rock Colorado that had restored about 20 Cords.
  15. Have a pilot ray spread light for sale in great restorable condition. What you see is what you get. Some small dents in light retaining ring and light. $325.00 plus $20.00 shipping in USA. An extremely hard part to find found on many of the large classics. I am located in west hartford ct. My email is cordseller1@gmail.com
  16. Joe: I want to compliment you on your knowledge of this swap. If this was something that I needed done, I would reach out to you to see if I could hire you to make the swap for me because you sound like you know what you’re talking about.
  17. I don’t know if this is the car but it looks like the Cord that was owned by long time ACD club member Jim Lawerence who has passed away. If it is, it was a correctly and well sorted Cord.
  18. I know the gentleman selling this modified Cord Phaeton and he is a Cord expert and honest person to deal with. He’s owned and restored many award winning Cord along with reproducing many hard to find Cord parts. I don’t know this car but I speak highly of the seller.
  19. I also highly recommend Bills Auto Works. Previous post has his contact info.
  20. What I found when I took the heads and manifolds off a Cord that was parked in 1962 that I bought and was trying to see if i could get it run before restoring it.
  21. I followed with interest the sale of both the Auburn and Cord parts. You mentioned that the parts came from an estate. What ever happened to the bodies.? With some of the parts being restored, someone must have had a body. I would be interested in the Cord body if available, it appears to have been an open Cord. Thanks Cliff
  22. I’d like to buy the Autolite vrb4008A regulator. Let me know where to send payment. Thank you.
  23. Reach out to Bills transport. I would highly recommend. You can find him on this site under garages, trailers, etc.
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