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  1. There are a few more cars to the estate. https://www.estatesales.net/NC/Hickory/28601/2751981
  2. This is a 40 series car. They did not make a 50 series couple. The 50 and 60 series did use the same engine but on a shorter wheel base. Nice car but missing a few items.
  3. I think the car is a re-stamped 36 model from the engine. 37s had a fuel pump on the side of the engine and the cowl fillers were gone in 37. The car is nice and a driver. I think it is priced fair from the pictures.
  4. Just make one out of Brass, It is an easy job or I will make it for you.
  5. I believe this wheel to be a 1928-29 Nash wheel. Would like to find a new home for it with someone who could use it. 20 inch tire 8 inch six lug pattern. Lock ring is on the inside. This wheel does have light pitting but I think it is very usable.$50.00
  6. 32 x6.00 Disk wheels Taken from data page in Packard a history of the motor car and company 1930 6.00 x 20 for 726 3 different wheel options 1931 had 19 inch wheels
  7. What is the part number for 31 handles? I have made some for 29-30 part number 43412 out of 360 brass. They were fully machine per print.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2449900121696720/ Not my car
  9. Are REO Flying cloud the same ? I looked at a Franklin a few days ago and compared picture of REO . To me the the cars looked very REO and not much Franklin.
  10. Bob's Buick I believe has a unit that has a unit that looks correct with a spin on filter inside.
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