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  1. I am looking to buy gas tank metal cover and tail light stand that bolts to the cover . Thank you for help Paul Loebel 920-382-8764
  2. Went to Hershey with a long list of parts and stopped and saw Mike on my way. Mike was able to make a big dent in that list and was very helpful with his knowledge of the cars. Looking forward doing business again with the new parts added to my list as my restoration goes forward .
  3. Renascence

    Want to buy 1935 68 Series Buick

    I have seen the 34 model 57 in Wisconsin and it is a nice car.
  4. Renascence

    812 waterpump rebuild-who?

    Just bought a kit from his daughter about 4 weeks ago. Very nice lady to deal with.
  5. Renascence

    1929 Stutz for sale

    Car has been sold
  6. Renascence

    Rims 1931, 60

    There were two styles of wood wheels and I was referring to the ones that bolted to the brake drum just like the wires.
  7. You can also harded chrome the shaft and it will never wear out. If you can not find some one around you I would build you another one or hard chrome the original.
  8. Renascence

    Rims 1931, 60

    All three type of hub wheels will fit and work on your car.
  9. Renascence

    31 series 50 radiator

    I have a 31 50 series, tanks are good core is split. They are different that the 60 , 80, 90.