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  1. What is sad is Willoughby made a total of 70 bodies in 1937 that Lincoln sold. Lincoln sold 990 cars in 1937. In 1938, 56 WIlloughbys and 6 in 1939. How many are left? I would guess less than 10%. Just hate to see history become only pictures at best.
  2. The King pins will be made off of the Franklin print no. 31102 which are for 11a and 11B all. I may consider build other years if they are similar. I have built them for 1929. I have a minimum heat treating cost of $100 to divide across the number I build. That is why I am trying to get a fair number to build. PM me if you are interested. I am a H.H. Franklin member. Just a note I do not own an 11 series car. The project is driven by a request from a member of the club.
  3. Any owners looking for new King pins ? I have a customer looking for one and we are thinking about making some.
  4. There are a few more cars to the estate. https://www.estatesales.net/NC/Hickory/28601/2751981
  5. This is a 40 series car. They did not make a 50 series couple. The 50 and 60 series did use the same engine but on a shorter wheel base. Nice car but missing a few items.
  6. I think the car is a re-stamped 36 model from the engine. 37s had a fuel pump on the side of the engine and the cowl fillers were gone in 37. The car is nice and a driver. I think it is priced fair from the pictures.
  7. Just make one out of Brass, It is an easy job or I will make it for you.
  8. I believe this wheel to be a 1928-29 Nash wheel. Would like to find a new home for it with someone who could use it. 20 inch tire 8 inch six lug pattern. Lock ring is on the inside. This wheel does have light pitting but I think it is very usable.$50.00
  9. 32 x6.00 Disk wheels Taken from data page in Packard a history of the motor car and company 1930 6.00 x 20 for 726 3 different wheel options 1931 had 19 inch wheels
  10. What is the part number for 31 handles? I have made some for 29-30 part number 43412 out of 360 brass. They were fully machine per print.
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