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  1. It is situated on the edge of a small village with its own fire department. Surprisingly, It has all city services (water, sewer, natural gas, etc.) and there is a fire hydrant at the end of the driveway. I will find out where the fire department is exactly, as this is a great point! I did install several fire extinguishers around the shop and will be having an alarm system installed with monitoring that includes fire for when i am not there.
  2. Thank you and that is very sound advice!
  3. Of course! I already have a lot of stuff to go in it. First the epoxy floor coating is going down.
  4. Well, now my addiction to pre war cars has spread to me buying a workshop and storage building. I found a 1.5 acre property that is 9 miles from the Gilmore Car Museum. The main building is about 40 x 80 with 16ft interior ceilings, has a full bath, an office, a lift, a paint booth with air circulation system, a separate room for blasting, and a separate wing with a 24 x 15 machine shop area. Also there is a an balcony/loft area above the bathroom and office that will be the cigar lounge room. The shop also has two 80 gallon air compressors with metal piping and hook ups throughout all ar
  5. I am glad to hear it. Carol is the executive director of the CCCA museum. Kevin
  6. Did you email Carol Vogt directly? She is usually responsive. cvogt@cccamuseum.org
  7. Excellent event and my son and I will be attending again this year for the tour and the weekend show. It is not just a show either as you can drive around the campus, participate in car games, and see lots of demos. My son loved driving the 1923 Cole giving people rides all day on the Saturday. I highly recommend attending this weekend event!
  8. This document is for Al who gave me a call today. Hopefully you can find the serial number on your 24!
  9. There are probably differences between earlier brass cars to the early 20's to the big classics in the late 20's and 30's. Also differences between the engineers at different manufacturers as well. Here is a direct copy from the 1920 Cadillac Type 61 Shop Manual that was given to the mechanics and service departments for Cadillac. This is their guidance on Spring lubrication and also from troubleshooting on the ride of the car. The troubleshooting section points you to the lubrication as well as replacement if the lubrication doesn't work. The Type 61 was the big Cadillac with the V8 engi
  10. Thanks for sharing and I have not seen that picture before. That is a 1919-1921 Cole Aero 8 Tourster. 1922 had side mounted spares and then for 1923 they went to big barrel headlights. Here is a nice picture of 1922 Cole Aero 8 with the side mounted tires. Otherwise very similar wo the picture you shared.
  11. For whatever reason I watched the live bidding on the car and it got up to $375k which didn't meet reserve so they passed on the lot. I was shocked that the bidding made it that high.
  12. I have only been a member of the CCCA for about 1 year now and I have thought the logo represents the CCCA well. There are probably some things you could do to 'modernize' it but I don't think it turns anyone away either.
  13. In West Michigan by the Gilmore Car museum I paid $2.09 a gallon for my pickup and then at the same gas station paid $2.69 a gallon for 100% ethanol free gas for my old cars. I could not imagine paying those prices in California!
  14. Who is shooting the messenger? I just don’t understand how you can take the views of your great grand children and apply that everywhere? My youngest son is 16 so about in the same ballpark as your great grand children and I hear differently. I live in the Detroit area so am very intune to the automotive trends and market. I have also been in the high tech industry that haS ushered in this change for over twenty five years. Myself and others that I know like me look at the old cars as a get away from the fast paced high tech life that we live almost 24 hours a day. It is very therapeut
  15. Sorry to hear that your grandchildren do not share your views but you can’t take their view and generalize it across everyone. I am 48 and never was into old cars. About three years ago that bit flipped when on an impulse by I purchased a Ford Model A roadster. My 20 year old daughter at the time dragged my wife and I to a car place so she could look at a VW bus. While looking at the bus we saw that Model A and fell in love. My daughter bought the bus and we bought the Model A. I didn’t t know one thing about it, though I learned and fell in love. I now own six collector cars with fi
  16. Yes that is my sons. This summer there was an exhibit of seven Coles at the Gilmore.
  17. I am glad you enjoyed it. That 1913 Cole is mine as well and is my favorite of our Coles. It looks even better in the sunlight!
  18. kfle


    Nice manual. This manual is for the first Auto with a 346.3 cubic inch 90 degree flathead V8 with detachable cylinder heads that was released on January 15th of 1915. Completely different than the Cadillac V8 released in October of 1914 that had a 90 degree solid cylinder heads configuration and was much smaller. It is a good read on one of the important V8's in automotive history.
  19. In order to keep my three Coles as well as the many other Coles owned and tracked by the Cole Motor Car Registry, I am interested in any and all Cole parts and literature 1909-1925. The full list of needed items is at the link below, including pictures and measurements will be added soon. Please message me or send me an email at kfleck@outlook.com if you are have something Cole related and are interested in selling it. http://colemotorcarregistry.com/cole-parts-wanted/ Thanks!
  20. Steve, I will continue to document the history. Currently, the best place to get information is at the registry website www.colemotorcarregistry.com. I update that, have a blog with posts, and also we publish a periodic electronic newsletter. I post those to the site as well. I also make some videos here and there on youtube. Here is another Cole car walkthrough of a 1911 Cole Roadster.
  21. Good to see younger people getting publicity in the hobby! https://autoweek.com/article/classic-cars/welcome-club-young-air-cooled-franklin-owner-cars-are-just-beginning
  22. You should check out the AACA Facebook page with the thread with over 60 replies from last night about Hershey alienating the younger crowd. There are many younger people on there commenting that they can’t get off of work to come to Hershey and then all of the swap vendors leave Friday morning or early afternoon. My 19 year old son was there this week buying parts, however other younger people that he knows with interest couldn’t come due to work.
  23. You don’t display your handicapped card on the cart though that would be a better way. You have to go to the registration and they look at the handicapped placard and your license then put a colored strip bracelet on the cart. That way the security people can check the cart at the entrance to each area.
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