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  1. Ed, This is a great idea and I can't wait to see the White at Hershey. You have inspired me to bring a big V8 Cole, probably the 1920 7p touring car, to Hershey next year and Ill have it in the swap meet area for people to see and members here in the forum to dig into and go for some rides. Maybe not quite as rare as your White, but still not often seen running in person. Who knows when the last time a Cole has been at Hershey or even an AACA event! The 346.4 ci V8 engine that produces almost 85HP is also one of the bigger engines of the era. Thanks again for the ins
  2. This is not causing us to fall asleep at all! My son and I have been learning a good amount from the thread as we are still 'newer' to this whole thing. Keep the information coming. Kevin
  3. Ed - This is a great find. With our 20 Cole that I acquired recently I believe we also got the original ignition key (We think). It is a Yale as well and is attached to a Cole key/watch fob with the owners name inscribed on the back. The name inscribed on the back of the Fob is the name of the original owner we tracked, but I am not familiar with Yale key history. Does this key look to be 'original'?
  4. That is the same exact shifting pattern and plate on the 1915 White town car. I had a chance to really check out that car yesterday as the owner had it out for a drive, An amazing machine.
  5. I really like Rubay built bodies. They did some of the bodies for the Cole Aero 8 in 1918, 19, and 20. This is a Rubay Ad showing the 1919 Cole Toursedan. You got a really great White!
  6. Very nice and thanks! Early 15's were the only ones that had some oiling problems but those were worked out during 15 and many of the early Cole V8 engines were serviced by Cole. By the mid point of 1915 the V8's were working so well that Cole standardized on only the V8 engine for 1916.
  7. Andrew - Do you have a Cole V8 or is it the Cadillac, Oldsmobile, or one of the other V8's that Northway made? They look the same in pictures from the top view and heads but there were some sizing and differences with the internals. For example the early 20's Oldsmobile Northway V8 only has two main bearings while the Cole has three. The Cadillac V8 in 1920 was a bit smaller than the Cole. Share some pictures of the engine if you have them. Kevin
  8. My son and I agree. It would be “easy” to just put an electric fuel pump in but we want to get it working the way it was originally made. We are learning about them and have some more cleaning and fine tuning to do with this one.
  9. UPDATE on the 1920 Cole Even though we got the engine running last weekend, the vacuum tank wouldn't maintain fuel to the engine. When we did the engine test last weekend we bypassed the vacuum tank just to test out the engine and the carb. So today it was time to take apart the vacuum tank and see what was going on. Well, this is what several years of ethanol gas sitting does to the innards of the vacuum tank. The pile of flakes was from the nozzle hole at the bottom of the vacuum tank going to the carb. What a mess! We are going to have to do another round of cleaning and
  10. This is what the hobby is all about. He is a great guy and very knowledgable. He has been enjoying playing around with my Coles as well and has been a great help. Glad you two connected! I can tell you from first hand observation that White engine is a powerhouse.
  11. Thank you and I am glad you were able to hear and see the engine. I will make another video of it driving when we are done going through it. Right now we are working on a thorough cleaning of the vacuum tank as it is not pulling a consistent amount of fuel from the gas tank. The previous owner parked it with some nice gas with ethanol still left in the tank and lines so you can imagine the mess!
  12. There were much more similarities in the earlier Northway engines. It was about 1913 that Cole started to do more individual work with 'suppliers' on the engineering and design. Here is the 50HP engine in our 1913 Cole and there are many similarities to other Northway engines though I don't believe many of the other ones used Aluminum for the entire bottom components of the engine. I may be wrong, but Cole was really into a lot of different metals for optimization in 1913. Aluminum casing, aluminum fan blade, bottom of distributor is aluminum, piping was all German Silver, and the engine v
  13. Spot on with the variance of everything they made. I do bring them around to different places around the country, except for this year. I was planning to bring one to Hershey this year.
  14. The trans and clutch was built to their specs as part of the Northway production. So Cole had Northway build and assemble all one 'unit' for them. Cole used a Cone clutch design until late 22 when they switched to multi disk. They discovered in early 1922 when they were testing 'balloon' tires with Firestone that in order for the tires to operate successfully on the car that changes to suspension, braking and the transmission had to be made for optimal performance. Our Cole Coupe was the test car that was used by Cole for the testing so it has the first multi disk clutch, four wheel brakes
  15. It is a long story with lots of detailed history, but I will give you the short version. Both Cole and Cadillac engines were made by Northway, though they were different engines from different engineers. Charles Crawford, Chief Engineer at Cole, spent six months at Northway in 1914 working with a different group of engineers than the northway engineers working on the Cadillac V8. Cadillac released their V8 car in October of 1914 and Cole released their V8 design on January 15th of 1915. Coles was the first flathead V8 with detachable heads like we think of todays while Cadillacs was differ
  16. I believe @edinmass said something like "Sometimes the cars just find you when you are staying quiet and not even looking' in another thread. Well, I had the same happen to me. There was a 1920 Cole Aero 8 7 person Tourster powered by a 346.4 cubic inch V8 that I had known about as it was featured in an old Automobile Quarterly and some other places out there. Two months ago, I received a message that it was time for the owner to part ways with it and they wanted it to go to the right home. It had been sitting for 8-10 years since last driven and probably not seen in the public since the 1
  17. I will let you know what I find out when I talk to the owner as well so it can help you piece together the White story. The owner is very active with the early cars and his Grandpa put together the collection of big powered cars like this White, a 17 twin six Packard, etc.
  18. I see what you are saying about the difference in the White 'models'. Here is the other side of the engine in the town car. I will talk to the owner as I know there is some special history on the car and the engine. I remember he told me about his conversations with a descendent of the original founder. I see your model GL was a specific model with a body by Rubay I believe. I also found a picture online of a White model 45 engine and it is smaller and different.
  19. Ed - That White Town Car I shared does have the 16 valve from what I know. Here is a picture of the engine in the 15 Town Car. looks to me to be darn close to what you have in your new car. It also has two plugs per cylinder.
  20. Ed - great car! My friend has a 15 White that has been in his family a long time. He has it running and knows quite a bit about them. He has the same engine yours has. If you are interested I can pass along contact info to you. He had it up at the Gilmore Car Museum yesterday for a show. I grabbed this photo off of Facebook from the show.
  21. My wife is very supportive but does not do any tours, shows, or car activities with me. How is she so supportive? I just found the right cars to get her that she can drive and have some fun with herself. Here is one I got her three weeks ago that she just loves to drive around the lake, even though she doesn’t like clubs, shows, or other typical car activities. I just have to do some maintenance on it, she is very happy, and then I got two additional cars for myself. Wish I had a fix for the high housing costs where you are at.
  22. I agree. I have purchased three cars in the last two months. A 1911, a 1920, and a 1942 auto. None are project cars and are all ones that we can use and enjoy. There are people out there buying for sure.
  23. Yes, it is a Cole Aero 8 with a special top. Also has some Westinghouse air springs.
  24. Bill Endicott in his 1910 Cole 30 winning a Vanderbilt cup sweeps race
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