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  1. Guess I’ll check that out too. Thanks
  2. So far this is the only picture of my Reatta. Just picked her up yesterday. 91 with a bit under 47k. CD player no other options. And I love it so far.
  3. Thanks guys guess I’ll work on this after my trip to the DMV tomorrow
  4. Yeh that’s exactly it. Do you think spraying some electrical contact cleaner in there work? Or I’d have to take all that out?
  5. So I just picked up my new to me 91 and ran fine all the way home. But I did something to the ac controls and now it won’t go down. So it’s stuck blowing at 90 all vents work. I don’t have a Manual so don’t know where to start looking at this issue. Thank all
  6. @DAVES89 I believe they are Cadillac mats. But I’ll double check. They didn’t have the R in the middle. @padgett that site had a bit more info thanks
  7. Yeh that’s the one. I have doubts since this will be the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. Besides the few things I mentioned above. It also doesn’t have the correct floor mats and none of the books. But those shouldn’t be too hard to find. Looks like I’ll be giving the dealership a call tomorrow to confirm a pickup time. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks Marck, it has about 47k on it and is burgandy and grey. So from what I found about 25 in that combo. This will be the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought so I guess that is why it seems high to me. And I am used to there being at least some negotiation.
  9. So I looked at the car today. To me it looks pretty good. Only a few issues that I saw. The radio has a cassette stuck in it. The security light flashes while the door is open. Some paint blemishes. Fluids looked clean. And it’s at a dealership and they are replacing the power antenna. Only think is I think their price may be a little high at 7k firm. Would just like you guys opinion on this. I have put a deposit down but can still back out
  10. Alright thanks for the info guys. From what you’ve said I guess I was right in my assumption that there weren’t many problems, just changes. Thanks again guys. I’ll let you all know how this pans out.
  11. Yeh it’s a coupe. I found it on the data base last updated info was in 99 but with the mileage put on between then and now was about 40k so not too bad. I’m planning on doing the car fax once I go to see it in person. Pictures look nice but those can lie. Thanks for the info
  12. So I’m going to be looking at a 91 later in the week at a dealer by me. From what I found on here there doesn’t seem to be any 91 specific problems. Besides maybe the IPC. But just wanted to ask all of you if there is. They said they don’t have the books or any maintenance records but it’s low miles. That’s not a total deal breaker but not the greatest. Thanks in advance
  13. I upgraded my daily driver(and only car :( ) to a 98 Buick Lesabre back in December. I had a 97. My family doesn't really understand why I like "old" cars, had a lot of questions at Christmas dinner on why I would buy the same car. I'm looking for a Reatta now. Mostly because it's older,cooler, and affordable. I also love pretty much the entire Buick lineup between 1990 and 1999. Especially the Roadmaster wagons. Most of those are what are generally described as "old people cars". I guess those would be part of this Malaise Era. But I like them. And there has to be someone for every type of ca
  14. Being a younger person (24), I guess I'm a bit of an outlier in that I prefer going to a store over buying online. Granted usually when I need a tool I usually shop at Home Depot, about a five minute drive away. There's three Sears within a 30 minute drive of me and its sad to see the condition of them these days, along with the other anchor stores. I vaguely remember when Caldor closed in 1999. And from what I see Sears seems to be having a very slow decent into that same fate. Its sad to see the list of failing and bankrupt retail stores growing. Toys R Us just went under, I don't think Sear
  15. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED https://annarbor.craigslist.org/cto/d/rare-1991-buick-reatta-coupe/6608481957.html 91 coupe $2000 obo needs work. not mine but would like to if it wasn't so far away
  16. Not Mine. One ad for four cars. I've seen this ad before, within the last few months. The 40 Phaeton has been on and off craigslist in NY for the last year or two, maybe more. The price was around 55k then, I don't remember for sure, that ad mentioned it had an older restoration. https://longisland.craigslist.org/cto/d/buick-collection-for-sale/6607626330.html Only contact info was the craigslist email address 9zrgf-6607626330@sale.craigslist.org Text of ad For each car listed below I can send a description and several photos upon request. Note that each
  17. https://providence.craigslist.org/cto/d/1960-buick-electra225-needs/6593122258.html Not mine. Looks pretty nice and price seems fair. I don't know enough about this era to say more
  18. As Ben Franklin Said, " the only things certain in life are death and taxes". In the case of roads and maintenance there's a ton of variables for who/what causes the most damage and who should pay for it. Government will always find something to tax, that's one of the few things they do well. For example if we remove the trucks and ship all that cargo by rail or water. Yes the roads will have less wear from trucks but the truckers will be mad, whatever politician who gets the most campaign contributions(bribes) from trucking companies will be too. Its a bad situation for whoever has to deal wi
  19. Found this on craigslist. Not Mine. Not sure if price is the whole car. https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/1949-buick-roadmaster-parting/6589456087.html
  20. Just saw on Facebook Marketplace in Miami a 90 Vert white with grey interior, 16 way seats 29k miles at a dealer asking 30,000.
  21. I posted this car when it was first up in the Buy/Sell section. Originally it was advertised for 27900. So he's came down a bit. While this is definitely on the high side its not alone, I've seen a few cars in the 20k ballpark. Some seem worthy of the asking price some don't(in my Opinion). But then again you can get a decent car with higher miles and some issues for relatively cheap. I've been making a spreadsheet to sort of figure out if there's a correlation for price and miles. So far from what I've gathered there's basically the high side prices and the low side. Need less to say there's
  22. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED https://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/d/1988-buick-reatta-convertible/6584995425.html Not mine. Pretty cool
  23. Two things I really don't like about new cars besides touchscreens and sensors. Is nothing has a front bench seat and ashtrays are an option.
  24. @Rascars1 Was this Car from Buffalo NY? I know there was one up that way with this combo and mileage a couple months ago for sale.
  25. I'm 24 and I would Love to have something From the 70's or before. My wallet disagrees with almost everything I like from that time. One day though. For now I'm looking for either a 90 or 91 Buick Reatta. Hopefully by the summer I'll find one.
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