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  1. This one has been up for at least a month or two by now
  2. That's where I saw that then. I sort of forget what sites I've been looking at. I try to stick with craiglist, ebay, and Facebook marketplace but I do go on others here and there. I'm planning on seeing the driftwood on ebay for a while. Just like that 91 a few places below it. Its also on the Autotrader like Brenda just posted.
  3. That's probably the one I saw then. I'm not really looking west of the Mississippi river, a bit too far for me. I've been making a Spreadsheet of prices I've seen from various sources so I may have stumbled upon it on some other car site. I saw that one in Louisiana too
  4. I've been of the opinion that because so many people like and want the more recognizable cars, the different or less desirable are becoming more popular. Look at 4 door Bel Airs for one.For me I like all those Ronnie listed but my wallet doesn't. I can say for sure I'm not alone in that. Also I figured my laundry list of cars I want had to be narrowed down into what I can reasonable obtain. And upwards of 25k for an average Chevelle or similar car isn't worth it to me at this point. I Found out about the Reatta when I did a project in college on Brand Image and I was doing Buick. Looked it up on Craigslist and other sites and realized this is a car I can get and drive and it won't cost me an arm and a leg. The really rare ones of these cars are cheap compared to any Muscle car. As of now from my research ( Craigslist/ebay/ Facebook marketplace) there's two Gun metal grey 90 verts for 11500 plus that driftwood on ebay. What other car would you be able to buy three of the rarest color combos for the price of a nice 57 Bel Air? I was at a junkyard a year ago getting parts for my Lesabre and they had a 91 coupe grey on grey with the CD player and Sun roof 95k miles and the owner wanted a $1000 for it. Like that's a car that has under 1500 made period that year yet alone how many with those options. Really wish I bought that. Last time I was at that yard in January it was gone. Guess my point is they're cool to the people who know of them and like them or don't want to spend the money for a recognizable to everyone car.
  5. I forget where I saw them but I saw two other 90 Convertibles with less millage and similar condition asking in the low to mid 20s. One was maui blue with a white top some where out west. I forget the other ones color but it was a weirder or rarer one. i'd love to see what the one driftwood/ red one looks like.
  6. Not mine. Looks like its at a classic car dealership
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    I doubt the higher ups would have let Buick have another fast car after the GNX. Don't think Chevy was too happy about a six cylinder Buick being faster than the corvette. Still would have been very nice to see.
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    Thanks for the info guys. I like the hard top convertible too. That would have been a great factory option. It seemed to work for the Cadillac Allante. And it makes it look like you have two cars instead of one.
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    I was wondering if anyone knew if Buick had any concepts of making a t-top Reatta. It seems to me like something that wouldn't have been too crazy of an idea. Enough cars of that time had it as an option. And has anyone made a t-top Reatta I've seen some with aftermarket sunroofs from the mazda, I'm assuming it would be a similar process. Probably more of a job though.
  10. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED Not mine but I figured somebody here may be interested
  11. If it's a part I may take off again I write down the socket sizes on the part or near it, along with in my maintenance log. It has saved me a little time on a few things here and there. The starter on the LeSabre wasn't in the easiest to get too spot either.
  12. Thanks again, I had forgot about that Wikipedia page lol, I'm really looking forward to owning one of these cars. With all of your help I should be on a better path than I was.
  13. Thank you that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I'll be back here with any other questions as my search goes on. Again thank you very much
  14. Thank you Barney, I guess I'll start making a spreadsheet of the cars I see. One last question is there any major changes between the engines of the 90 and the series II of the late 90s? I've had a 97 and 98 Lesabre so I'm very familiar with that engine. I'm assuming there's some small differences but nothing too crazy.
  15. Thank you guys Any idea for where there's a price guide for these cars. Or is it just what the person asks? I've seen cars in similar condition (from the ad) with prices from 2500-10000. those have been 70k-100k 90 coupes for the most part.
  16. Hello everybody, I have been interested in buying a Reatta since I've known of them. I'm Trying to find one for the summer. But I have some questions my research hasn't really answered. 1. What is the going rate for a 90 coupe and Convertible? There appears to be no rhyme or reason to what I've seen. 2. Are there any major problem areas Besides the windshield, headlights and computers? 3. How different is the 4T60 from the 4T60E and the LN3 to the L27? For working on purposes 4. are these cars OBD2 or an earlier system for the computer Thanks for any help