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  1. I have the same problem. Mine completely rusted away and the battery is just sitting on the frame rail. It holds though with battery tie down.
  2. Is it possible to find out how many non gs rivieras were equipped with power windows, cruise control, etc? I know they made around 33000 but of those, is there available documentation that can tell me specific numbers for certain options? Just curious thanks
  3. Thanks you for the offer! My seat is almost perfect, it just needs the insides. And I’m in Ohio and I imagine shipping is a lot. I wouldn’t want you to have to go through the trouble of getting it out of the attic. Thank you though!
  4. My rivieras seat doesn’t work. I know the motor works, but the gears have broken away so the seat motor just turns nothings. I looked online but I couldn’t find any help or replacement parts. Does anyone have any ideas or seat parts? Thanks,Ryan
  5. The gauge always reads full, it’s a 71 riviera if that helps. Suggestions? Thanks : )
  6. I can totally attest to that. Second time driving in 13 years and a coolant hose splits and the whole engine bay steams up. I thought I was on fire til I smelled the coolant. I just sat out in the parking lot til it cooled and eventually got it home (I wasn’t very far only about a quarter mile)
  7. My neighbors have had one since 77. Her daughter now drives it to hs and it still works wonderfully as far as I can see. I kinda want a smaller, manual car instead of a gas guzzling land yacht. That caddy is beautiful tho!
  8. Thanks! I also love the boat tail. My friends have trucks for things like that, the only thing this RIvieras gonna haul is my friends and me : )
  9. That's a really good point lump. I guess I should of specified "daily driving" would just be little 5 mile trips each day with maybe a 100-mile trip every other month. Insurance right now isn't terrible for me. As for the fading of the car, I spray all the plastic and leather in the car with 303 protectant every month. This is in no way a show car, and I'm fine with a little duller paint or a small scratch here and there to keep it on the road.
  10. Oh those are neat. It would keep the fleet all Buick