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  1. Ohh ok I didn’t know that thanks. If it’s always empty does that mean the float is sunk to the bottom?
  2. Just a real quick question, where would the ground be for my fuel sending unit in my 71 Riv. Im thinking a bad ground might be why my gauge always reads empty and id hate to have to push a car that large Thank you!
  3. That tank looks just like mine from the parts I can see. Maybe the owner was mistaken. Thanks so much for the help! My family is not into old cars, just me so they can’t offer much advise
  4. I was told they had two six gallon tanks, one in front of each rear wheel by the previous owner. He also told me he removed the passenger side so only the drivers side tank is left. This is just what he told me, so it could be a larger tank but am not sure
  5. With the little six gallon tank it has now it probably has a range of 70-80 miles ish which isn’t bad. So if I get another scout tank I’d know it fits but probably need a new sending unit as the gauge doesn’t work and I bet it’s the float that sunk in the tank because it always reads empty.
  6. Filled up the bowls via vent and it started after a new battery too. Thanks everyone for the help!
  7. Correction meant to say tank IS rough not isn’t
  8. Hi Fleek, sorry for the late answer yes I got I running after filling the bowl with gas. Thanks so much for the advise! I did find a leak so that’s where the gas most likely went but there was about 3 gallons left inside if I had to guess. It tank isn’t really rough so I’d rather get another. Would you suggest a larger tank out of another vehicle or another scout tank?
  9. Hello again, I have another question. My scout has some issues in the fuel department. I believe it should have two tanks, but it only had one when I bought it. The remaining one (left side) seems to hold gas fine and I filled it up, but a few days later I began to tap the tank and it sounds very empty, and 6 gallons seemed to have disappeared. (PS fuel gauge broken) If it leaked out i should be able to see it puddling right? or would it evaporate? Thoughts? Ive been debating buying larger tank and just keeping it under the bed area too if that sounds like a decent idea. Thanks! for any input as I'm just starting to work on scouts and have very limited knowledge.
  10. Ok thanks Fleek I can try that, how much would you suggest I put down the carb?
  11. I was thinking that myself but I figured with the spray it should at least fire. It didn’t even putter
  12. I bought a 67 scout last week and it ran great, until it ran out of gas driving off the trailer. I figured it would be fine after I filled it up, but it wouldn’t start after 10 or so minutes of on and off cranking. I got new plugs and they have good spark. Still won’t fire. I filled each cylinder and the carb with starter fluid, but that still didn’t work. So if I have spark, spray right in the cylinders, and it was running last week, I’m at a loss why it won’t start now. Any ideas or general tips about 67 scouts are greatly appriciated. Thank you, Duffy
  13. I have the same problem. Mine completely rusted away and the battery is just sitting on the frame rail. It holds though with battery tie down.