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  1. Sorry, I had the flu Thank you thats very detailed, i will listen to the sounds carefully when I'm outside once I am feeling a bit better. The lucas is significantly thicker than the oil thanks for the help!
  2. Its the 4 spd manual that could be it thanks! Is it ok to drive a while with a valve tick? I don't know how much damage that does.
  3. My 65 corvair (110 NA) sat for twenty years and was resurrected last year. I bought the car a few months ago and it has run well for me. However, after driving a few minutes and the oil warms up, a ticking sound can very audibly be heard from both outside the car and inside the cabin. It increases and decreases with the flow of engine rpm. There is a leak from the pushrod tube seals so I top the engine off every week with Lucas Engine Stabilizer. This seems to help the noise but after driving about 5 minutes the sound will return. There are about 500 miles on a fairly recent oil change. I do not have the knowledge, being only 16, to tell if it is coming from valve clatter or engine knock, and would greatly appreciate any help to pinpoint the source of the sound and any possible solutions. I do all my own work and would not mind adjusting the valves but would be hesitant to dive deeper into the engine if it is rod knock. The odometer reads just over 50,000 and I strongly believe it to be original judging from the lack of wear on the pedals and the overall condition of the car. Others have confirmed the belief that it is a low mile car. As always I am grateful for any advice! Thank you, Ryan
  4. Just wanted to put closure to this thanks for all the help
  5. Oh I bought one a few weeks ago. 65 Monza 50,000 original miles 4 speed original everything rust free Alabama car
  6. Reverse lights are fine thank goodness. So if I read this right, the cure is a metal screw screwed though the existing holes in the tail light lenses into the original holes in the body? Thank you so much for your help!
  7. I’ll be sure to check all the grounds! Wouldn’t be surprised if some have gone bad, after a 20 yr storage
  8. Ok I’ll check that when I get home. Thank you!
  9. I’m 16. I daily drive my 71 Riviera rain or shine. Drive it to high school, xc, even 100 mile trips, no problem. Only use the parents cars once every blue moon if I have to drive deep downtown where the roads are as thin as smart cars (boats don’t fit lol)
  10. That’s smart! How would I go about unplugging it? thanks
  11. The wiring looks to be all original. This is the most original car I’ve ever owned. The turn signal switch looks oddly clean thought so I bet that’s new unfortunately, problem must be from there
  12. I was a little suspicious of that myself... the prior owner did some work to it he said... thanks!
  13. Just purchased one online! Thanks!