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  1. My sincerest apologies, with shipping it was $215 not $250 I went and found the bill.
  2. Its not pertronix its a Hot spark kit with the sensor coil cap and rotor
  3. Thank you! I think this is what I will try to wire in Wednesday.
  4. Its a 4spd, not PG, my idle is not affected by the new ignition, I knew about hall affect sensors not working well in low rpm. The points were looked poor.. I know it would of been cheaper and simpler to do points but the idea sounded cool, I wanted the new experience ... :) I will say again.. It runs great no issues with a lead from battery to coil, better than it has ever run before theres no more small stumble on the highway. I will just find a 12v hot in my harness... I was just curious if anyone had any tips on a good spot to splice if they had done it before. In hindsight I should of just asked where to splice in to get 12V and not mentioned anything ignition
  5. My auto teacher who helped me get 9 ASE certs recommended I do it. He does it on all his classics. He has about 25, I respect his opinion. I'll ask him for help after hes back from surgery.
  6. Thank you! I like that relay idea Ill try to steal 12V from the starter
  7. Awful i didn’t buy a $250 kit to put back in points HAHA. I dont dislike points. My riviera still runs them it runs great gap and dwell up to spec. I just wanted to upgrade and it runs amazing with the new ignition system when it has 12V. An electronic ignition has no wear contact areas UNLIKE points I (or future owners) wont have to worry about adjusting them every 2000 miles.
  8. Hi all, Quick wiring question My 65 Corvair I am selling soon has a new electronic ignition I put in place of the points. It ran bad... I hotwired 12V from the battery directly to the coil.... it runs flawlessly.. my ballast resistor is not giving the coil enough voltage. - What would be the best way to bypass the ballast resistor? Has anyone had to do this before? Thank you for any help! Ryan
  9. My buick fuel pump was extremely cheap. 18 dollars on rock auto. It took me under an hour to do it. It should of been less but it was my first time i am 17 haha. With bad ethanol gas, I would just go ahead and replace it anyway, who knows how deteriorated the diaphragm is. That is where I would start, good luck!
  10. While my riviera never had this issue, My corvair had gas in the oil after constantly cranking it after sitting a long time and gas went past the rings. Once it was up and running the rings eventually seated and i haven't had the issue since changing the oil. My auto teacher also told me a bad fuel pump will send gas straight to the pan. Hope this helps!
  11. Hahaha ok good point that can be down the road after I get it running solid again
  12. I was actually just looking into those. I like how there's no wear points. Do those kits bolt to the stock distributor?
  13. Ohhh I see check the accelerator pump right after it stalls. Sorry that didn't register before that is really smart thank you! Sorry I have 2 years of experience max with old cars 😅 No smoke, Sometimes its immediate shutdown. Sometimes itll stumble then recover. And yes, it also bogs when Im driving every minute or so. I was talking to my auto teacher he said the ethanol could of hurt the diaphragm in the fuel pump.. wouldn't hurt to check. Thank you to everyone for the continued help, I rlly appriciate it!
  14. Update two I swapped coils from the riviera and it still stalls. I checked the vented gas cap and it doesn't seem to have any pressure. Im thinking it might be clogged jets in the carb so that is my next thing to check. It seems to have a constant bog now so would carb(s) make sense?
  15. I will try the vented cap idea. Its a new tank, lines, and carb- the owner before me did that last year. I shook the cap and i heard the clicking back and forth so the little stopper inside in case of a roll over was there and appearing functioning so I thinkkkkkk it is venting but wont hurt to try thanks!
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