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  1. Just wanted to put closure to this thanks for all the help
  2. Oh I bought one a few weeks ago. 65 Monza 50,000 original miles 4 speed original everything rust free Alabama car
  3. Reverse lights are fine thank goodness. So if I read this right, the cure is a metal screw screwed though the existing holes in the tail light lenses into the original holes in the body? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. I’ll be sure to check all the grounds! Wouldn’t be surprised if some have gone bad, after a 20 yr storage
  5. Ok I’ll check that when I get home. Thank you!
  6. I’m 16. I daily drive my 71 Riviera rain or shine. Drive it to high school, xc, even 100 mile trips, no problem. Only use the parents cars once every blue moon if I have to drive deep downtown where the roads are as thin as smart cars (boats don’t fit lol)
  7. That’s smart! How would I go about unplugging it? thanks
  8. The wiring looks to be all original. This is the most original car I’ve ever owned. The turn signal switch looks oddly clean thought so I bet that’s new unfortunately, problem must be from there
  9. I was a little suspicious of that myself... the prior owner did some work to it he said... thanks!
  10. Just purchased one online! Thanks!
  11. This is the second time today I’ve been recommended the manual so I’ll definitely be getting one! Thanks, I’ll check the grounds especially!
  12. The corvair I just purchased has a busted window regulator and window on the drivers side so I got another door to rob the internals out of. I’m not entirely sure how to get the window and regulator out though... help would be greatly appreciated! thanks, Ryan
  13. So, I recently purchased a 65 Corvair.. I love it! It’s super original, 4 speed, awesome car. Thing is the back lights don’t stop blinking. It’s like the hazards are on but they didn’t have hazards in 65 (from what I’ve heard). Right turn signal works. Left turn signals makes them both blink and neutral makes they blink which is annoying to drive with. Any ideas? Thanks Ryan
  14. Yes that is true the west coast cars are the better buy. I just don’t like buying site unseen. I could get one inspected but that’s more hassle and would rather check it out myself you know. I just want the stick bc they’re more fun, I know these aren’t speed machines 😂