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  1. Hahaha ok good point that can be down the road after I get it running solid again
  2. I was actually just looking into those. I like how there's no wear points. Do those kits bolt to the stock distributor?
  3. Ohhh I see check the accelerator pump right after it stalls. Sorry that didn't register before that is really smart thank you! Sorry I have 2 years of experience max with old cars 😅 No smoke, Sometimes its immediate shutdown. Sometimes itll stumble then recover. And yes, it also bogs when Im driving every minute or so. I was talking to my auto teacher he said the ethanol could of hurt the diaphragm in the fuel pump.. wouldn't hurt to check. Thank you to everyone for the continued help, I rlly appriciate it!
  4. Update two I swapped coils from the riviera and it still stalls. I checked the vented gas cap and it doesn't seem to have any pressure. Im thinking it might be clogged jets in the carb so that is my next thing to check. It seems to have a constant bog now so would carb(s) make sense?
  5. I will try the vented cap idea. Its a new tank, lines, and carb- the owner before me did that last year. I shook the cap and i heard the clicking back and forth so the little stopper inside in case of a roll over was there and appearing functioning so I thinkkkkkk it is venting but wont hurt to try thanks!
  6. Oh that is a good idea I will check the chokes. I also totally forgot about the coil! I was so focused on fuel. Thank you for the reminder i will look into that. Ryan
  7. Update -- I have the two new carb filters in, the old ones looked brand new 🤔😬. I checked the squirters, both carbs are great. I drove it again, 10 min later it just dies. It cranked over and ran again after I floored the pedal. I checked the fuel hard line to see if it was hot and it was still a moderate temperature. It was 60* today so I dont think it was vapor lock ive driven it in 100* for an hour and its been fine. I'm curious what I should check next, I don't believe it is fuel and the cap, plugs, plug wires, and points all look like then been recently replaced. Also the alternator is ch
  8. Ok I've had that once where i park for gelato and come back and it dies and won't start. I think what I have right now is just a clogged filter in one of the carbs shutting down a bank and cutting the engine as a result. Good to know tho about the ice! I'll remember that
  9. Hahahaha this made me laugh 😂 Yes looking into either aerospace or mechanical engineering at Purdue ND or Embry Riddle, which ever accepts me haha. I was just thinking 289 merely because I have one but as Mr. Duval said a hopped up boxer could be easier and just as fast.
  10. My Corvair fuel pump has a little hole on top of it and when it runs I can feel a small puff from that hole w each cam cycle. Is that normal?
  11. Were the v8s rear engined or mid engine crown conversions?
  12. Update: the points cap and rotor look brand new, pretty sure old owner replaced them. After looking at the carbs, the filter replacement doesn't look bad at all! I have two filters and the appropriate gaskets shipping from Mikescorvairparts and bought a clear glass filter for the rubber fuel junction behind the left rear tire as Mr. DuVal said and also purchased a bottle of HEET just in case there is water in the tank. Thank you everyone for your help!
  13. Man that would be cool. I actually have a running 289 from a friends 70 mustang he pulled out and he said i should drop it in the corvair but finding a transaxle adapter and adopting a water cooled engine into it might be difficult. -- fun to think about tho!
  14. It has a new tank and sending unit as of 2019, but I will do that clear filter thats smart, I can see if it flows
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