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  1. Saw this on Craigslist by me. Looks solid from the photos. 1940 4door special. Owners name is JT and number is 845-893-4599.
  2. I know my dashboard started shaking because the roads in my town are on par with Berlin in 1945. But I don’t know how to fix this without taking the whole thing out. And I’d prefer not to do that. I read the tutorial on Ronnie’s site. But I couldn’t figure out how to fix it without taking out the whole dash. It’s only loose by the windshield side of the passenger side. Picture is the area I’m talking about. Thanks all.
  3. Was just at at junkyard the other day. The 88-90 wheels just say Buick. That’d be cool if they said reatta
  4. I’ve seen some 95-99 Riviera’s with them but chrome.
  5. I wasn’t sure if it was a pinstripe delete car. Thanks for that. The paint is a bit rough up close so I thought it may have been worn off. Guess now I’m going to be even more cautious when I drive.
  6. I have went through the database and I got that result too. I think it’s one of four in that combo. The last four numbers of the Vin are 0068. I’m gonna give them a call on Tuesday and see what happens.
  7. Here’s a screen shot of the post. I don’t know how to copy the link from Facebook without it going though mine.
  8. @Y-JobFan they traded it in in early July. I bought it the 25 and I called them around August 15th. I don’t remember if they said to call back in a few week or they’ll call me back. I’d just like to have the owners manual that is from that car since it has who built it in it.
  9. So long story short I contacted the previous and only other owner of my car when I first bought it. I got it from a dealership not them. I asked if they still had the owners manual, maintenance records, and correct floor mats. They seemed confused or angry with me. They said they’d look around but haven’t gotten back to me. It’s been about a month and I want to call them but feel like I shouldn’t bother. Any advice on doing something like this?
  10. That’s a nice looking car. I would have considered that one but it was too far away. I like that color a lot too. Contact cleaner is usually in a spray can, usually oil based. You want a quick dry one. Most hardware stores sell it. It may be either in the electronics or cleaner sections. I’ve seen both.
  11. @ncgirl05 I had a similar issue on my 91. I followed those instructions and it works fine now. Also was that the car for sale in Cincinnati? I remember seeing a driftwood one over that way for sale with about that mileage.
  12. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but I agree with the idea of it depends what the car is. My 91 reatta is one of four in its color combo and options. I guess that’s uncommon for an uncommon car. Yet at most car shows I’ve gone too my most asked question is “what’s that?”, then I tell them and they walk away usually. I don’t really think anything of seeing a 55-57 Chevy or a early mustang at a car show. I walk right past stuff like that now, but they always have crowds. I guess it does come down to what you know.
  13. Car show run by the county today. Only Reatta. Parked next to a 40 special sedan. About 400 cars 20-25 various Buicks.
  14. @Duff71Riv I daily drive 98 Lesabre and have a 91 Reatta. I know these aren’t really “old” cars but If your looking into the 90s I’d recommend anything with the Buick 3800 in it. My first lesabre leaked a quart of tranny fluid in 500 miles, and a similar amount of antifreeze in the same time. But I got over 30mpg on the highway at 70. I love my Reatta so far and they’re pretty cheap to buy as of now. In your area there’s relatively a lot too.
  15. Hit 47000 yesterday. Got a lot of comments at Saturday’s cruise night. One was “ that’s the most interesting car I’ve seen in at least 20 years, and I’ve been around cars since the 50s”. So that’s nice. I think I also convinced one guy to buy one too. ?
  16. Very true all. I guess y’all are right in a way. For my area they seem to do alright. But I don’t think they will be everywhere anytime soon. As long as there is oil gas cars will persist.
  17. I’m in Westchester county NY there’s a ton of Tesla’s around here. From everyone I’ve spoken to who has one they all seem to be very pleased with them. I’d consider one if my wallet agreed and they weren’t so digital. Power windows and CDs are enough for me. I also don’t understand how people in gereral are surprised that the guy who makes electric cars, rockets, and flamethrowers smoked weed once. I think that may be why some people have sold their stocks but what do I know. I’m just a sailor.
  18. So sort of related to this. Is there anywhere to buy OEM or NOS radios or a place that refurbishes then? I bought another from a pull a part and it doesnt work either.
  19. So I now have the above problem where the cassette player thinks there’s one in there while there isn’t. It won’t let me use the radio. But when I put a CD in that works fine. I just replaced my radio with one from a junk car a few weeks ago. Is there an easy way to make the player work or somewhere where I can buy a whole working radio? ( and maybe trade my two I have) I actually want to use the cassette player if I can. Also which white wire? I remember two white plugs but not a wire.
  20. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED 90 vert in Florida white red maroon
  21. I don’t know if most of y’all would consider me the next generation (I’m 24) but from what I’ve seen on here I think I am in that boat. I have a 91 Reatta and I love it. I’d like to aquire something older at some point. But for now I’ll stick to spreading Reatta awareness. Got a decent amounts of comments at this show last weekend.
  22. Didn’t realize you updated that guess I’ll take a look at it
  23. I’ve been wondering for a while what the earliest surviving cars of each model year are? (If anyone knows for sure) I’ve seen threads and Barney’s list saying some of the real early ones of various years are scraped. My 91 is number 68. Does anyone know of something earlier than that, at least for 91 that’s around?
  24. I saw that too. I’m only I didn’t just buy my 91 coupe ?
  25. My father came home and he took a look at it with me. It’s definitely a fuel issue. Does anyone have a picture of where the fuel filter is? I know it’s on the drivers side by the wheel but I can’t find it