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  1. Kevin M

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist

    Here’s the same car as above. Lower price and more pictures. Looks like the guy really wants to sell. Car is in the first 500 reattas made vin 900432
  2. Kevin M

    "different" 1990 convertible for sale

    I know I’ve seen this car before. I do t remember where though. I just assumed someone painted the side molding white. It does look cool though.
  3. @DAVES89 to your knowledge does anyone else have more miles on a Reatta than you? I’d say you deserve some recognition from Buick for that. Doubt they would do anything though.
  4. Kevin M

    1939 Buick 41-C convertible sedan for sale

    There was a 40 by me in Long Island for sale last year, same color combo, I think it sold for like 35k. It had some problems though. I know they’re out there just few and far between. My problem is that I’m 24, still live at home, and am saving up for my own place. Once that happens then I’ll get something like this. I also know just enough about prewar cars to get into trouble with them. I doubt yours is anything but great. My Reatta is good for me as of now but I know I’ll want something older at some point. I love the Art Deco styling far too much not to have something like this at some point in my life.
  5. Not really what I did to my reatta today. But I got a comment on the poster in my room. I work on ships so you need some decorations. The captain thought it was cool that I am into and have one of these cars. He said he thought they were cool and also weird when they came out. I guess that’s still sort of true still.
  6. I had bypassed the VATS on my 97 lesabre I didn’t have any problems with that except for the security light being on all the time. From what I remember there wasn’t any stiffness in the cylinder, the car just wouldn’t turn on. I had no warning hat it was going one day it just didnt start. From what I researched at that time that seemed to be the case for most people. Hope that helps.
  7. Kevin M

    1939 Buick 41-C convertible sedan for sale

    I never realized I how bad I wanted one of these until I saw this. Unfortunately I’m not your guy right now. If only this was a few years from now...
  8. Kevin M

    Blank Gauge Cluster, no Error codes

    I had the same thing happen on my 91 a month ago. Shut it off wiped off the key and reinserted the fuse and it worked. I don’t remember if the fuse was loose but It wasn’t bad. And something I did made it work.
  9. Kevin M

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist

    I would too. A lot of cars got flooded in that area during hurricane sandy back in 2012. But I think it looks okay for what he shows.
  10. Kevin M

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist 1990 red/tan 16 way seats and sunroof. He’s had this for sale for a while, if I remember correctly probably since the beginning of the year. He used to have two though. Text of ad: Give away price is firm*** This car goes for $3000 in excellent condition!!!... Use as is as a daily or paint and up its value!!! Great deal for right person!!! I have a 1990 Buick Reatta ....quality built cars and are becoming collectable..... red w tan interior... is in good shape, runs well but clear coat peeling......CALL anytime for details, leave message and I'll get back asap.... do not text or email....I have owned the Reatta in pics for many years, hardly use..........again, Calls only.....Do your research....No games or silly offers.....347 932 to trade, anything Interesting.
  11. Kevin M

    98 lesabre White wall question

    I’ll look into that thanks.
  12. Kevin M

    98 lesabre White wall question

    I know Cooper made them. I don’t think they currently do. That’s what I had on my previous Lesabre and this one. My old one I needed them when I got rid of it but I put about 40 thousand miles on it.
  13. Kevin M

    98 lesabre White wall question

    Those look nice. I didn’t know Michelin still made white walls
  14. Kevin M

    98 lesabre White wall question

    The window sticker from mavis says 2011 and 40k miles ago so I was planning on doing it soon. I figured this was bad. Now to see if anyone still makes white walls
  15. So a bit newer again. I noticed when I went to put air in my tires today that the rubber in between the white wall and rim on my 98 lesabre was coming off. I’ve had these tires on both of by lesabre’s and haven’t experienced this before. The rubber in between the white wall and the rim is coming off it appears to be a top layer and there is more underneath. Basically is it safe to drive long distances or should I take a trip to the tire store tomorrow? I don’t know how long it’s been like this. I don’t think more than a day or two. Pics related. It’s only one wheel this is happening.