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  1. Saw this today. Pretty rare car. Need some work but I don’t think I’ve seen one for sale in NY for a few months now. Only has Craigslist email as response. Also on Facebook
  2. From my understanding the north star had almost all the main head gasket issues addressed by the early 2000s. And final improvements around 04-5. Would make sense because I see a large number of high mile DTS’s for sale
  3. It’s a Buick too. By having the reputation as an old mans car doesn’t help the brand in general. I haven’t met anyone else remotely my age outside of BCA events that even knows what this car is. And even at those events they seem to be overlooked. I’ve been the only reatta at every car show I’ve went to except one. My most asked question is “what’s that?” I only found out about this car because of when Buick introduced the cascade and some article I read mentioned that it was the first convertible in 25 years. I looked up what that was and found out about these. I don’t know if I would have even gotten into these if I didn’t read that article.
  4. Looks like it needs a lot of work. But would be a cool project for a herse person.
  5. Got pulled over for having these plates on twice in one weekend. Cops didn’t realize that the liberty plates were long ago enough to be on a historically registered car.
  6. I live my 91. The reatta is a bit of a weird car lots of parts that are specific to it. Thankfully the drivetrain GM put in a ton of other cars so no real issues there. There a ton of good info down on the reatta section here. There’s also a good group on Facebook with a lot of info.
  7. It seems they’re practically giving them away I saw an ad for one on Facebook with 1500 miles for 20k. I just wish it was a colum shift. And could have interior colors other than black or tan.
  8. Buick is discontinuing their sedans and wagons after the 2020 model year so I feel that big GM wants them to be a China only company. I’d consider a new wagon if I could get it with more options of colors. Shades of grey aren’t really my thing. Also I genuinely don’t think GM want to make cars anymore they aren’t really that compete with the foreign brands in that respect. I don’t think it’s that sedans and wagons don’t sell well. GM just isn’t putting in the effort to sell them.
  9. One thing with all this talk of colors and color combos is that I’d rather have all these crazy and weird things available compared to now where there’s five exterior colors and two interior colors available for almost all new cars. Gm seems think that the transition from white to black with maybe red and blue is enough. And god forbid you want anything other than black or tan and black interiors.
  10. I think this may be what you need
  11. I’m a big fan of weirder color combos. My favorite interior color I’ve had was manroo. The other three cars are grey and I’m starting to really hate grey interiors. But two of my cars have been green and both a darker shade. I like green cars you don’t see them too often and most of them are usually very striking. The 95 neon was green/grey, 97 lesabre silver/Black/faded/ maroon, 98 lesabre is green/grey and the 91 reatta is maroon/grey
  12. I put new tires on my Reatta last summer and what a difference that made. The previous owner said he just got them but you never know what that means without records. I’m definitely going to check the dates on my lesabres tires. My front two are more worn than my rear two and I only got them a year ago. But whitewalls don’t move to well so that makes me think they might be older. Somehow I’ve never thought to check the date code before.
  14. Park avenues. The flat ass I didn’t like but once I found out they were supercharged that help start swaying my opinion.