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  1. You got a suede seat car don’t put a sunroof in it. Like said above it’s really late in the production of 88s for this to be a suede seat car. Keep it as original as possible. There will always be another reatta for sale with a sunroof.
  2. Do you mean the face of the cassette player or the whole area around it? There’s write ups for the latter on the ROJ forum here’s a link to that page
  3. I can say I’m in agreement with most of what y’all have said. I did a paper for one of my capstone business classes in college on brand image and I chose Buick. This was in early 2016, so a year or so after the avenir concept came out. That was my whole focus of look they’re trying to be new and exciting but that never happened. It’s just some rebranded opel or Chevy. I do like the regal tourX, For what it is. I don’t think I’d buy one new unless they make it closer in size to the 96 roadmaster. But that won’t happen. I do agree the GM that made the mistake of getting rid of cars. The foreign brands have done a very good job of taking over that market. If GM made some small things to compete with stuff like the VW GTIs and Subaru WRXs they’d get a lot of young buyers. All they’d need to do would be make a gs or t type regal two door with a manual tranny in it. But to the point of no more names on cars. I think it’s dumb all the over regulation has made cars all look the same anyway, only way to tell them apart is by finding the name in it.
  4. 1999 silver arrow $1995 not mine. Saw this in Craigslist. From the pictures it looks good. Price is fair but no miles mentioned.
  5. From the database it’s one of two with flame red CD Player and a black top. Something to me that seems like a fairly reasonable combo they only made two of. The interior looks sun damaged so that maybe why it doesn’t have to pop flame red usually does.
  6. This one is interesting original a 1of 2 car. The other according to the data base was crushed in 03. So guess it’s a 1 of 1 now. Looks fair to me fading on the wheel and rips In The driver seat. If I wasn’t at sea I’d definitely go look at it myself.
  7. I had it happen once on my 91 it was a cold wet day hasn’t happened since. If it happens more often that’s bad. But if it a one time deal you should be fine. Or rip it apart and clean it like said above. It’s one of those things that does go in the 90-91s so doesn’t hurt to clean it to prevent it.
  8. So is that some sort of digital Sales book? Or more of a program to show the difference is size of the cars on top of each other?
  9. The VATs is a lock out of the fuel pump and starter. If the VATs fails while driving your car will still run until you shut it off. If trying to start the car cold the security light is flashing and you get a no start the easiest thing to do is try the other key. Or clean the resistor like said above. In my opinion it’s probably not a VATs issue.
  10. I’m going back to sea for a couple months so had to winterize my reatta today. Should be home around thanksgiving, so hopefully it will still be nice out and I can drive it again this year.
  11. It is weird how 60 is a common color combo for a Reatta. My 91 is one of one and it’s nothing to weird maroon/grey CD player and Pinstripe delete
  12. My 91 has a pen, flashlight, pressure gauge, plastic key, dealers business cards, road map and atlas, card to get the engraved plate, note pad, and the sign off sheet. I believe this is correct for everything that should be in there. All the other paperwork I have like warranty info was in a separate bag.
  13. Not Mine. Looks great in my opinion. Idk about price owner wants $97500. Landline only 570-561-2519
  14. I also joined the BCA today. So I need to figure that website out now lol.
  15. Went to the Buick club of CTs show today. As always the only reatta. But some other nice stuff too.