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  1. Nice I test drive that one for a guy in a Facebook Reatta group. Unfortunately I don’t have the room otherwise I would have picked that up. Good luck with it!
  2. Was that the one for sale on route 46 in NJ?
  3. Back when I was looking for a Reatta in 2018 it was about half and half. Now there’s a more significant lean towards FB. That’s with every car I look for too. People just don’t like spending that 5 dollars on an add
  4. @dship that’s pretty early too! 900121 is in a junkyard by me. That’s the only other early 91 I know of
  5. Didn’t necessarily do anything to my Reatta but it turned thirty today. VIN 900068. Don’t know if anyone else here has an earlier VIN 91
  6. Not what I did today. But yesterday was my last drive for a while. Put mine In Storage for the winter. Here’s a pic from my last drive.
  7. Going through an old photo album from my grandfather. And stumbled upon this picture of him at his grandfathers farm. Looks to me like a 1918-20 but this isn’t really my area so can anyone tell for sure?
  8. Last cruise in night at my local place and I finally got my friend to bring his reatta out instead of his Oldsmobile
  9. Here’s1999 silver arrow #2 on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/984956845274693/
  10. It is an early 88. So that’s rarer too. Depends on how much you like it and want too have one like has been said already.
  11. Yesterday was two years since I bought my reatta. Tonight went to a local cruise in with my friend who has an 87 olds touring sedan. He also has an 89 reatta in the reverse color combo of mine.
  12. The female side of the lighter does have a small bit off rust forming and so does the actual lighter. Bottom connections have a very small amount of corrosion too. Looks like the previous owner spilled something. Thanks guys. And Ronnie I’ll check that out too.
  13. I haven’t checked that but I’ll do that tomorrow when I check on it again.
  14. This isn’t anything too crazy. But I think I may have some issue with my cigarette lighter on my 91. Basically whenever I have my phone plugged in charging it takes forever to to charge. Also makes the radio have static. And when I try to use the actual lighter it doesn’t glow. Fuse is good. Just wondering if anyone else have had had this problem before.
  15. I’ve been driving my 91 a bit. My local cruise in night just started in the 4th so last couple Saturdays that’s been out. And just driving it because I’m very bored.
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