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  1. My grandparents were frugal to put it nicely. That definitely passed onto my dad and myself. We tend to have cars for a while and a lot of miles. My dad had a 93 Astro van that he put almost 300k on when he sold it in 2010. His Toyota he bought to replace that has around 200k on it now. Both lesabres I’ve had I’ve put at least 30k on. This one I actually have money to fix when something goes wrong unlike the first one so it should last me a while. It needs some work mostly because my siblings don’t take care of it like I do when they use it. I don’t want a new car but I’d definitely buy something new to me. Preferably a 96 Park Avenue Ultra, but we’ll see what happens there. Modern cars definitely have reliability going for them. But the looks and interior departments just don’t do it for me.
  2. Not mine but is definitely an interesting car
  3. Not me but My dad had an opportunity to buy a 69 Shelby convertible for $1500 in Rockland county NY back in the early 80s. My grandpa wouldn’t give him the two hundred he needed to buy it. My dad also had his 66,71 mustangs and 75 beetle outside the house on top of my uncles three cars. So see his point there.
  4. I went through the database recently and picked out as many 1of1 91s as I could. Off hand it’s In the 40s for how many are 1of 1 for 91. Lots of other combos of fewer than five. My 91 is a 1of1 but it’s not the coolest combo imo
  5. Most of what you mentioned are relatively easy things to fix besides paint. Either here or the ROJ tutorial page has most of that info already available. Also what’s the color combo? There’s a good amount of 1of 1 91s out there. May be worth saving for that reason too
  6. NY anything pre 1995/OBD 2 is just a safety inspection. Basically does it stop and have lights and seatbelts. I know CT if it’s over 25 years old they no longer issue titles and it doesn’t need to be inspected. Jersey has over either 20 or 25 no inspection. So maybe yours just hit hay magic number.
  7. That’s probably the best news to get from the inspection agency lol
  8. I believe my 91 has this type also I would need to check but if they are the same I’ll buy a set from you.
  9. I liked it. Nothing new to me in it but definitely informative if you didn’t know about them.
  10. It’s somewhere close to NYC I’ve seen it in Facebook marketplace before but can’t seem to find the ad.
  11. I think it will be too. I do hope they go up in value but not until I get another one or two. Which will probably be after I buy a house. My 91 I’m the second owner it’s a 1of 1 in its color combo and options low miles. Low VIN 900068 Like 48k as of now bought it with 46k in 2018 for like 6500. What other cars can you get that much bang for your buck for?
  12. If I end up with an allante at some point I’d definitely go for a 93. The analog dash and north star are a lot more appealing to me than the digital dash. One thing I do like on my 98 lesabre is the steering wheel controls for the radio. It’s just four buttons. Volume, seek, source, and another I don’t use or remember what it is. One feature I do want on the next car I buy to daily drive is heated seats. NY InThe winter isn’t too fun when you have a leather interior and the heat doesn’t kick in for a while.
  13. The more things like this original post I see the more I realize I was born much later than I should have been. I’m 25 and I agree with pretty much that whole list. One thing no ones mentioned yet is those LED headlights. I don’t see the purpose of blinding everyone coming at you. I want quality interior materials again too. Like actually leather and not just plastic. And speaking of interiors more color combos not just black or tan. Bring back maroon, blue or even green interiors again.
  14. I’m going back to sea on Thursday so put some stableizer in and disconnected the battery. Should be nice and safe in the garage until I get back in May.
  15. I agree that BJ isn’t really the place for a reatta or any of the big TV auctions for that matter. I stopped watching them because it’s more or less and endless stream of mustangs, corvettes, and muscles cars. It’s kinda boring for me because although I appreciate them that not all I want to see. This car also sold on a Wednesday morning so that could be a factor too. If this followed say a c4 corvette on Friday or Saturday it may have brought more. Guess we have to wait for the next one to pop up. I think a way way to make the reatta go up in value is to raise awareness of them. I have been the only reatta at all but one show I’ve been to. One of my friends from home has one too he’ll be bringing out this summer. We have reverse color combos so that should draw some attention. I try to tell the story of the reatta to anyone who asks about it and try to educate them in at least what I know. When I was first looking for a reatta two years ago I made a spreadsheet of all the ones I could find for sale on the East coast. There were cases like this where it didn’t make sense why a car was priced how it was. But there have been some higher value ones for sale. Last year the last VIN 91 vert was for sale for 40k with ~350 miles on it. I know they declined drunk me’s 20k offer. But it sold. So my guess is somewhere closer to what they were asking. I bought mine mine to enjoy and if it happens to go up in value that would be awesome. As a 91 with low miles and 1of1 color combo. I think there may be a chance of that lol. But who knows maybe a few years from now they’ll go up in value. Sorry for the essay
  16. We got those five up in Hyde park. At least for a little while
  17. Here’s a 38 for sale for a bit more money in New Jersey by NYC looks good in my opinion and has been for sale for a few weeks now.
  18. There’s a good write up on this exact topic on this forum somewhere. I don’t have the link readily available. But short answer is not exactly. The pre series one in the 89 isn’t an exact plug and play with the supercharger from the series one. You could swap that whole engine in and I believe it’s some computer stuff and your good to go. I don’t know about the rest of the stuff but someone else will probably chime in on that.
  19. Fired up my reatta for the first time in three months started right up as always. Added my BCA sticker too.
  20. I find FB is okay. One thing it does that I hate is sometimes it doesn’t show exactly what your looking for. You may search one thing and something else comes up and when searching that thing a different one of the first comes up. Last summer a beautiful 96 Park Avenue showed up when I was looking up roadmasters. But not park aves. And naturally some one else had bought it by then
  21. Kevin M

    Valve caps

    Are these caps metal or plastic? I have grey metal ones on my lesabre. Pretty sure my 91 has black plastic need to go check later today
  22. It’s a shame how few color combos you can get with modern cars. I’ve notice with my lesabres that the maroon interior hides the dirt a lot better than say grey like I have now. So I could see maybe a dirty flame red looking more maroon
  23. I saw a white/tan car for sale in Florida last year. In my opinion not the best looking combo out there. But the car was a bit tired from that Florida sun.
  24. Kevin M


    I’m a big fan of the 91 wheels but the crime ones drone the late 90s Park aves. That really should have been an option in my opinion.
  25. You got a suede seat car don’t put a sunroof in it. Like said above it’s really late in the production of 88s for this to be a suede seat car. Keep it as original as possible. There will always be another reatta for sale with a sunroof.