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  1. So a bit newer again. I noticed when I went to put air in my tires today that the rubber in between the white wall and rim on my 98 lesabre was coming off. I’ve had these tires on both of by lesabre’s and haven’t experienced this before. The rubber in between the white wall and the rim is coming off it appears to be a top layer and there is more underneath. Basically is it safe to drive long distances or should I take a trip to the tire store tomorrow? I don’t know how long it’s been like this. I don’t think more than a day or two. Pics related. It’s only one wheel this is happening.
  2. That sounds about right. I don’t I broke it on the way out since it came out fairly easily. I had to lift it pretty high to get it to come out though.
  3. The bottom is removed. There’s some weird angle that it needs to slide in. I’ve tried it both ways and no difference.
  4. Here’s a really bad drawing of what’s going on. First pic top view. So the seat needs to be flush with the rear the middle clip is longer than the others. second is how I got it out. I had to lift from the bottom very high and it slid out. Somehow it needs to look like the last one. I don’t know if it’s just some weird angle that I somehow can’t accomplish though the factory did. Or I don’t know how this works.
  5. I don’t think the frame is bent. From some I looked at In a junkyard it looks the same. The elbow in the second picture needs to go under the green part.
  6. I think this may be too new for this forum. But there seams to be and endless amount of Buick knowledge on here. My attempts on other newer Buick forums have not helped. So I took out the rear seat on my 98 lesabre to gain access to the nuts on the top of the shocks when I replaced them. I can’t get the rear seat to be flush upon installation. The FSM, YouTube, and other forums say more or less the same thing. “ just shove it in there”. That hasn’t worked for me. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I wish I had your know how when I was your age(I’m 24). And my mom being cool with owning a classic car or two. I know two guys around your age by me who daily drive a 67 mustang and a 72 bug. I’d recommend the former, Since you seem to be a Ford guy. More specifically the 65-66 mustang. They made over a million of them they have a good following and availablity of parts. The 6 cylinders are pretty cheap and reliable, my dad drove his weekly until he sold it. And they look the same as something with an 8 in it. Not exactly the 50s look but it’s still a nice car. And almost everyone knows what it is.
  8. From about ten days ago. Last drive of the year.
  9. I may be interested in that if you do that. I figured it was a money thing but I also figured laziness was a factor.
  10. I drove my car for most likely the last time this year. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here before but I work on ships and I’m going on one on Friday. It’s in dry dock close to home so I may be able to drive the Reatta again this year. But that’s unlikely. Put some stableizer in the gas and disconnected the battery. I’m hopeful that that’s enough winterizing since it’s in a garage. Here’s a pic from my drive today.
  11. This has been puzzling me since I got my car. But I’ve found it odd that the key fob is the only thing related to the Reatta that doesn’t have the Reatta logo on it. Does anyone know if there’s a reason for this? Pic is what I’m talking about.
  12. I figured that was the case. The interior page doesn’t have maroon on it. And there’s nothing on the white wheels. Does have info on the white seats though. It’s very interesting to see all the information Buick put out for people to see.
  13. More pictures. Also where can I get a portfolio nameplate. Don’t think I can send that in and get one.
  14. Mission accomplished. I got more than I thought I would from the original owner. He said he was the last one to buy a reatta from that dealership so the salesman gave him some of the promotional items. I haven’t seen most of this stuff before. It’s odd to me that there’s no polo green on the page of color samples.
  15. I’m really glad I did call him back. He seemed a lot more happy this time too. So maybe that helped.
  16. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED Here’s a good parts or project car for someone
  17. So I called the original owner about a week and a half ago. He got back to me today and said that he has the whole owners portfolio and possibly the window sticker. So I’ll be meeting up on Sunday to get all that. Hopefully it’s in good shape
  18. I agree that this may be a forgery from 1985. NYS didn’t issue titles before 1973 so those registration cards were your proof of ownership. If the car was to be registered in the states at that time I could see someone doing that to save them some trouble at the dmv. Also I don’t think anyone has brought up the question of Mr Lockhart misreading the vin. Sometimes a 3 looks like an 8. I don’t think that’s too far fetched of an idea.
  19. Today I went to fix my antenna. But My dad borrowed my multimeter and didn’t tell me so that didn’t happen. But I finally got my new Registration from the DMV to put my period correct plates on. I like them a lot better than the blue and gold.
  20. THIS AD HAS EXPIRED Here’s a link to an auction ad on Craigslist. 91 coupe white maroon it looks like. Auction is this Saturday.
  21. New York also did the tab type thing for registration during WW2. I have a 1942 one. I’ve never seen another one. I know New York did it to save metal. Which is probably why most states did it too. I really like the phaeton in the end of Casablanca. I’d like to get one of those one day.
  22. Thank you Barney I’ll look into that tomorrow.
  23. Didn’t think to check that. Which wire would that most likely be? And what should this relay look like?
  24. Yesterday my antenna wouldn’t go down. I know this was replaced before I bought the car in July. From what I’ve researched I think this is a cheap brand. I replaced the fuse and that didn’t do anything. All the wiring looks good. But the motor doesn’t activate when I press the power button on the radio. Anything I missed before I go buy a new one.