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  1. agree totally inappropriate BTW I have a friend who went to school in the US, is BRILLIANT but can't spell for shit
  2. 2) black Chrysler pentastar key blanks (2) Maserati trunk key blanks 4378809 have it NOS (1) TC hardtop (ideally black, but flexible with repainting) and ginger headliner (1) front bumper chrome trim piece 04463667 1 MOULDING, Center 2 04463668 1 MOULDING, Side, Right 04463669 1 MOULDING, Side, Left 3 04463670 1 BUTT STRAP, Right 04463671 1 BUTT STRAP, Left which ones? (1) passenger door trim piece where is the car located?
  3. 15K should get you one in mint condition plus "a trip around the world" in Vegas and some change. No sign up on the place. Nothing. I just happened by when the 2 brothers were there. I don't think either of them knew how to find their ass with both hands behind their backs. They sure were lousy salesmen. It seemed like there were less than 10 cars there. Weird. I used to own a 1948 Dodge Business Coupe years ago so I was shocked to see one on a lot.
  4. Expensive car. Cheap-ass ad with 10 pictures. Owner can't afford to do better? I'm sending him 5 USD so he can post more pics.
  5. Saw car today while driving in Scottsdale AZ. On a tiny lot on 1107 N Scottsdale RD Guy said it had the 6 cyl in it. Body nice, new paint, trim looked good. Dual non OEM spotlights on the A pillars and mirrors not correct. Seat reupholstered. He did not seem anxious to spend any time with me. I did not take any pics. Did not bother to open up the car. He acted like he didn't give a rat's ass if he ever sold it. 480 685 1787 Chris he said text him
  6. I have 3 of these. 15.00 each plus shipping 480 966 6683 mkolner14@hotmail.com www.arizonaparts.com
  7. Even though I have 2 boxes with different part #s the 2 parts inside are identical 10.00 each plus shipping mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683 www.arizonaparts.com
  8. I have some of the seatbelts NOS and some that are used and perfect
  9. 25.00 plus shipping has some slight shelf wear www.arizonaparts.com mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  10. 25.00 plus shipping has some slight shelf wear www.arizonaparts.com mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  11. I just bought this for a bag of cash in small bills for 30K It only took 3 of us four hours to count it Will be in demo derby this summer Anyone need the exterior trim LMK as it might get banged up in the derby write me here: Bob's Big Crash Course in Derby Driving ST Paul, MN
  12. 1989 1990 1991 35.00 each plus shipping new but not in the binder the books show pictures and text I have other ones for trucks and cars from the 1930s up to 2001....ask
  13. homeless encampment leftovers BTW I just hired him for my marketing dept. He is going to use his skills to get my business off the ground.
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