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  1. I John ,nice banner, never seen one before,if the banner is still for sale let me know. $ a good and fair price ,
  2. Yes Linda, I would like to see photo,and the parts number on the inside of the panels. Thank Linda.
  3. 1939 Ford battery gauge #91A-10844-A in Ford box.$ 65. + shipping
  4. Check I mail the money order from the post office on the May 18, I will check with the post office.Ed
  5. Chuck,the money is in the mail,for the lights.$176.25 Ed
  6. N.O.S. 1969/72 door wood grain Molding ,Chevy .C.series,. GMC.K.series. GM,# 3997435 and # 3997436 in original wrapper with clips $425.+shipping
  7. Chuck,I will send you the money for the light to day, ( $176.25 Ed.
  8. Chuck, send me your mailing address ,I will send you a money order from post office,(Canada Post). Send me the lights, once you get your money. you can call me at 1-613-283-9932. Eddy.
  9. Nos.inside mirrer in GM box#3770185 ,for 1963/66 corvette ,some Crome damage . Sold as is,take a good look,👀 $100.+shipping.
  10. Chuck, my post is smith falls K7A 4S6 Canada Ontario. let me know. Ed.
  11. Are the new arrow turn sing along lights still for sale? I would like to buy them. let me know thank you. nos.eddy.
  12. Original GM ,corvette ash tray in box #3781773. 1960 and late 62 $100.+shipping
  13. 1974/78 Cadillac Eldorado wheel covers wreath emblem. N.O. S. GM,#3633924, only have one. $65.+shipping .
  14. 1969 Cadillac n.o.s. GM in original box#5961259 reverse light back up lens. Fits either left or right side. All models except Eldorado. $100.+ shipping.