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  1. 1939 Ford battery gauge #91A-10844-A in Ford box.$ 65. + shipping
  2. Check I mail the money order from the post office on the May 18, I will check with the post office.Ed
  3. Chuck,the money is in the mail,for the lights.$176.25 Ed
  4. N.O.S. 1969/72 door wood grain Molding ,Chevy .C.series,. GMC.K.series. GM,# 3997435 and # 3997436 in original wrapper with clips $425.+shipping
  5. Chuck,I will send you the money for the light to day, ( $176.25 Ed.
  6. Chuck, send me your mailing address ,I will send you a money order from post office,(Canada Post). Send me the lights, once you get your money. you can call me at 1-613-283-9932. Eddy.
  7. Nos.inside mirrer in GM box#3770185 ,for 1963/66 corvette ,some Crome damage . Sold as is,take a good look,👀 $100.+shipping.
  8. Chuck, my post is smith falls K7A 4S6 Canada Ontario. let me know. Ed.
  9. Are the new arrow turn sing along lights still for sale? I would like to buy them. let me know thank you. nos.eddy.
  10. Original GM ,corvette ash tray in box #3781773. 1960 and late 62 $100.+shipping
  11. 1974/78 Cadillac Eldorado wheel covers wreath emblem. N.O. S. GM,#3633924, only have one. $65.+shipping .
  12. 1969 Cadillac n.o.s. GM in original box#5961259 reverse light back up lens. Fits either left or right side. All models except Eldorado. $100.+ shipping.
  13. I have a pedal car like the one from the museum,maker (American ) the oil can as on the top 1928,date. l have more pedal cars,I would not touch it,you' are missing to much, you may find some parts lather, for now in joy it,in my book you are very lucky to own sending you a picture of mine. The way I found it, I am leaving it that way, value,my opinion $1,500, to $2, don't find pedal cars from the 1920-30 anymore
  14. El Camino,1973/77 GM original full quarters (pair) Excellent condition no damaged,would like to sell them to someone that can pick them up,am in Smiths Falls Ont,Canada. $900.00 frim.
  15. GM original bumper guard inbox #994132 (rear) for caprice and Impala $250 US + shipping