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  1. Hi Hupp36 if you go on the internet and put in clusters 1920s-identifing instrument panels click on this wqeb site and scroll down to Hbppmoible the third picture down it says 1928 century 125-8 series E question mark this is the one I am looking for now I am not sure what model this came out of also I still would like to see the one you have thanks Tom.
  2. Hupp36 Thank you so much I went back and looked at the picture on the internet and now I see that they think it is a model E the one I am looking for is real fancy looking high end one I look forward to seeing your pictures of the one you have also if it is what I am looking for is is for sale thanks Tom.
  3. Hupp36 thank you so much I now know that I am looking for a model E I found a picture on the internet thanks Tom.
  4. this may sound strange I do not own a Hupp I saw a 1928 hupp speedo cluster on the internet and I liked the way it looked so I am trying to find a complete one I can have redone just for my clllection thank you so much for the information I will look these models up so I know witch one I am looking for.
  5. I am looking to buy a complete 1928 Hupmobile complete speedometer cluster with all gauges dose any one out there have one they would like to sell thanks.
  6. StillOutThere I live in MN I know that they are one year only 1936 Hudson and 1936 Terraplane are the only cars I deal with just because I like the way they look and also as far as shipping goes I only use Fastenal to ship my parts they are great people to work with Tom.
  7. I am looking for two front doors from a 1936 Terraplane model 62 four door car any leads would be great you can call me at 6513151337 any time and leave me a message and I will call you back Tom.
  8. I am looking for two front doors from a 1936 Terraplane model 62 four door car any leads would be great you can call me at 6513151337 anytime and leave me message and I will call you back thanks Tom.
  9. Hot only have I put this on the forums I have put it in the WTN a lot just thought I might get a better response here Thanks.
  10. I am looking for one complete fender light that was used on 1934,35,36 Hudson and Terraplanes I am also looking for one tread cover for my side mount tire on may 36 Terraplane any help would be great Thanks Tom.
  11. I am looking for two front fender side mount tread covers and side covers right and left for a 1936 Terraplane and I am also looking for one front fender parking light used on 1934,35 and 36 Hudson or Terraplane cars I have one already I just need one more to complete my set you can email me at tttdreamtuck@yahoo.com drop the ttt whem emailing me thanks.
  12. Hi Peter do you have a email address so I can contact you I think I can help you out Tom.
  13. I am looking for a complete front and rear bumper with bumper guards and mounting brackets for a 1936 Desoto Airstream any help would great.
  14. A friend of mine is looking for all of the stock floor mounted shift linkage plus all the linkage that goes on the transmission for a 1964 Oldsmobile Star Fire the car has an automatic in it any help would be great.
  15. Can any one out there in the car world help us find these parts we are looking for all the parts to add a side mount spare tire to the left front fender of a 1936 Terraplane pickup truck we need the parts from the left side of the car they are different from the right side we also know that they can come off of a right hand or left hand drive car any help at all would be great Thanks Tom.
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