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  1. Plymouth 1954 sedan four door rear door moulding . part #1542553 (left side) $100.+shipping
  2. Plymouth 1934,6cyl. Spindle king pln kit part #356AX . ( up to serial number 1881210.) $75.00 + shipping
  3. N.O.S. Replacement fan blade ,for vacuum defroster fan by Trico, only have a few to sale, $45.each +shipping
  4. No I don’t have any doors or trunk lid sorry hope you find your parts.
  5. Buick 1948 evrsseal radiator pressure cap #R-9 ( 7 ) LBS.new in box. ( EXCEPT ) model 70 Roadmaster. $45.00 +shipping
  6. 1984/1991 GMC and Chevrolet models wiper and washer switch N.O.S. Delco # 7835628 in the GM box. $65.00 + shipping
  7. 1936/39 Chevrolet passenger cars accelerator pedal new replaces original part #594286 $45.00+shipping
  8. N.O.S. 1953/54 Chevrolet passenger transmission control indicator dial GM # 3701577 in original envelope. $65.00 usd +shipping
  9. 1949 Chevrolet new in box parking lamp Len no gasket Len only. only have the one. $35.00 +shipping
  10. New stop & tail lamp Lens for Chevrolet truck commercial and utility 1954-55 parts # 5938745 $35.+shipping
  11. Parking lamp Len ,for Pontiac ( pair ) glass new in box # 5940671 $75.00 for the pair,+shipping
  12. Two window door handle new old stock for sale. Am not sure what car they fit maybe someone can. $45.00 each + shipping
  13. N.O.S. Ford and Mercury 1941-42 window regulator for two doors sedan front right door new in box. made by Regal products # F-26. ( may fit other years ). $135. +shipping
  14. I have some parts from a 1939 Pontiac for sale 1:pair of front fender with headlight,excellent condition will only sale pair. 1: 4 pieces grill,excellent condition,( would need chromed) 1:Hood in excellent condition parts are in storage , I will post photos if interested.
  15. 1970 Oldsmobile (98) Front molding left rear quarter panel, wheel opening, GM #230943 in original box. $175.+shipping
  16. N.O.S. 1957 Corvette fuel injection emblem, Front fender side. GM part #3742212 (no box) Never installed on car. $65.usd +shipping
  17. N.o.S. 1968 Buick rear side marker assembly, A pair in GM box part #916585 (2) one as a factory scratch inside. For all 1968 Buick. $135.usd +shipping
  18. Very nice door never had any work done on this door,(right side.) I only have the one door for a Plymouth 1933 coupe. price is $500. CD $ +shipping
  19. Wanted good to excellent condition headlights rings . for a 1930 Pierce Arrow model ( B ) thank you all
  20. Thank Charlie,hood name plate of my 53 part👍
  21. Star Gate,l am doing the inside of my 1936 B/coupe ,I have the doors panels but am missing the rest , I need some photo of the interier,so I can see what they look like,it all missing. Am hoping you might help me with my coupe. this is my 1936 coupe. thank. You Star Gate. nos.eddy.
  22. I John ,nice banner, never seen one before,if the banner is still for sale let me know. $79.is a good and fair price ,
  23. Yes Linda, I would like to see photo,and the parts number on the inside of the panels. Thank Linda.
  24. 1939 Ford battery gauge #91A-10844-A in Ford box.$ 65. + shipping
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