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  1. it apparently is a statement of a bad part but rather hard to figure out if the poster wants a new one or just...............forgot to finish
  2. radios: 4048 861 1 MZPDBGX RADIO, AM w/o Fader (Black Face) 4048 901 1 CVETF AM w/o Fader (Bright Face) 4222 565 1 MZPDBGX AM/FM Stereo (MTR) (Black Face) 4048 905 1 CVETF AM/FM Stero (MTR) (Bright Face) 4222 475 1 MZPDBGX AM/FM Stereo (ETR) (Black Face) 4222 455 1 CVETFY AM/FM Stereo (ETR) (Bright Face) 4222 577 1 MZPDBGX AM/FM 8 Track (MTR) (Black Face) 4222 479 1 MZPDBGX AM/FM Cassette (ETR) (Black Face) 4222 459 1 CVETFY AM/FM Cassette (ETR) (Bright Face) 4222 574 1 PDCVETB AM/FM CB (MTR) (Bright Face) 4222 570 1 MZ AM/FM CB (MTR) (Bright Face) 4222 573 1 BFGXSY Search Tune (ETR) (Bright Face) I suggest you post here also I sent you a PM
  3. It is easy..... you just leave your house, business, lame friends, bad food, irate customers , hotter than hell weather (AZ) and relocate for 3 months. Currently in Cuetzalan, Mexico in the state of Puebla. Third summer here and we travel with the family that owns the 10 room hotel, cook in their kitchen and generally have a great time. For the next week the high is going to be 82 and the low is 64. Hotel is 17 dollars a day... less than half of normal as they like us and we help out here too. here's some pictures please don't laugh at the naked pictures of the dogs, cats and flies................ plus some Mopars in Guanajuato MEX here:
  5. 4430120 player have 8 used ones all untested I do not repair these my contact info is here: www,
  6. trunk rack is 4476442 have 4 NOS fit 1981-89 K bodies The car you are looking at has a T1 Turbo engine and all of the 84-86 convertibles had an automatic transmission. here is my K car derivative: a 1992 Daytona IROC R/T with 18K miles. 224 HP 16 valve, Turbo, Intercooled, DOHC This is the T3 engine and all came with a 5 speed. This engine added 8,000.00 to the cost of the car!!! Everything under the hood PLUS the exhaust, cooling systems are unique to this drivetrain. Finding parts is a real treat!
  7. If you do get it I have loads of parts for it especially for anything convertible related there are 2 forums you might want to join: I also sent you a message............
  8. 4463595 left headlamp have 15 of them NOS 100.00 plus ship closed until 10-1
  9. OK thanks the # stamped on the part does not show up in the 1936-48 Master Part book
  10. slider ( the one forward of the bracket ) 4463018 1 SLIDER, Right 4463019 1 SLIDER, Left 4463954 1 SHIM, Slider Support sliding bracket 4463016 1 SUPPORT, Slider, Fascia, Right 4463017 1 SUPPORT, Slider, Fascia, Left have both
  11. Mopar # 653085 is cast on the part. Appears to be NOS with mild shelfwear.. Anyone know what this is for? 82.00 plus shipping 480 966 6683
  12. pic is no good it would help if you show where on the top the bolt is not just a bolt