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  1. post it here: https://forums.aaca.org/forum/39-chryslers-tc-by-maserati/
  2. 1989 Blue cover 1990-91 Red cover 20.00 each plus shipping Paypal or credit card
  3. shipping her would be insane as she is fragile from baking in the sun True story: years ago she was in a tree in my backyard. This guy came over and was looking over some parts I had. He asked if it was OK to use the bathroom for a piss. I told him to over where the tree was. He's over there draining the weasel and he looked up. I hear a scream and realize he had seen the mannequin over his head. He really was freaked out by the thing. I had another one with legs that I had propped up in my front yard against a saguaro cactus. That one got stolen.
  4. Ex-wife not for sale. Sadly she is doomed to live her life outside guarding my wheels. I can rent her out for special occasions such as: 1. birthday parties as she is wearing her birthday suit 2. stare contests....she never blinks 3. freaking out guests when they open that closet you told them not to open Her name is "Doodles". You can call her "Skippy"
  5. Statue of my ex-wife is guarding these against thieves, bums, speed freaks and the junkies that live next door. Miscellaneous medallions and moldings not yet inventoried. Give me another weekor so to get through them. Some of the moldings have no wrappers or part numbers.Got these at a closed dealership last year. A royal headache to figure out!Have more NOS not listed and plenty of used stuff too.Shipping extraNo POB, Iraq or prison shippingSorry about some of the pictures as the lens or the software is woggy. I'm cashing the 4 or 5 stimulus checks I got if I can get my bank off their la
  6. It is not the first so the ad is real.... The BS starts tomorrow
  7. Got all years and plenty of each and will throw in for free two NOS Brochures...your choice picture shows stacks of them: 1989 on left, 1990 in the middle and 1991 on the right 1989 Brochure is undated 9 X 12, inches, 24 pages, blue cover OR 1990 Brochure 9 X 11 inches, 13 pages, black cover Also still have some NOS service manuals too.....will cut the price if you buy the owners manuals too 25.00 plus shipping I take paypal or Credit card 480 966 6683 mkolner14@hotmail.com
  8. 1946-48 Desoto Glovebox Nameplate #1154552 No pitting but has some small nicks, dings 15.00 plus shipping mkolner14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  9. 1953 Dodge V Eight Gryro-Matic Trunk Nameplate #14756693 1475694 is also cast on the part Paint faded Super nice condition 35.00 plus shipping www.arizonaparts.com e-mail or call is best to get any info on this mkolmer14@hotmail.com 480 966 6683
  10. Shop manuals 40.00 each 1989 Blue cover have 2 1990-91 Red cover have 8 Postcards 1.00 each cheaper if you buy more than one 1990 have 147 Sale Brochures 1989 1 page pictures on both sides 8.5 X 11 inches (red car driving on brick paved road) have 13 5.00 each 1989 Blue cover 9.5X12 inches 24 pages have 50 10.00 each Cheaper if you buy more Both covers fold out This is the one with the woman staring at the pleated leather seat as if she going to have a heart attack 1990 B
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