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  1. See pics and either PM me or send me an email with the parts you're interested in. I've got two complete 16v parts cars. I'd prefer to keep the powertrains out of them, but will consider selling them for the right price. May even consider selling one (or both) cars whole. One is an exotic red 89/ginger/black the other is a Black 90/ginger/black and as I say, both are 16v cars. Feel free to visit us online here: www.rdiperformance.com If you visit my website you'll see my email address in case you'd prefer to reach me via email. Thank you, Rick
  2. Artimax: If you need any parts for your beautiful TC give your technician my number. (or feel free to call me directly). I am an ex-Chrysler Technician and I specialize in the 16v powered TC's and will be happy to help diagnose any issues you are having. You may reach me via email here: rick___at____rdiperformance___dot___com. (encrypted for safety precautions). Email me and I'll send you my phone number as well. I am available via email during the day and via phone in the evenings. Rick D. Your Chrysler TC by Maserati Performance Specialist www.rdiperformance.com - visit us online
  3. Jim H: I have the lower timing cover new, but no more uppers that I want to part with at this time - keeping my last few for the 16v cars in my collection. You can email me. rick___at___rdiperformance___dot___com CWigleyJr: I have a set of hoses for the 3liter v6 however they are used just like the ones currently in your car...so I don't know that they are any better than what you currently have. You can have yours rebuilt locally, or you can send them to me, and I can have them rebuilt for you, but it's not a cheap process. Jim B: I have the passenger side window belt molding, you can email me as well and I'll be happy to quote you. Kevin: I do not have interior door belt moldings...as they are part of the door panel itself. Exteriors, I do have.
  4. It's been a while since I've been on this site, so I wanted to give my fellow TC brothers an update on the new products we are offering at RDI Performance for the TC's. Also, you can visit us online at: www.rdiperformance.com Chrysler TC by Maserati spark plug wires 16v engine - (brand new, complete set including new coil wire) Chrysler TC by Maserati - tune up kit 16v engine - (email me for complete list of items included) Chrysler TC by Maserati Clutch for 5 speed model with 16v DOHC engine - brand new, complete kit - have both OE stock clutch brand new, or an upgraded clutch kit that will hold up to 450hp Chrysler TC by Maserati Stage II SMEC controller - increases both part throttle and peak boost resulting in a +40hp gain over stock. available with or without trade-in of your old computer Chrysler TC by Maserati upgraded throttle body - (comes with AIS motor and new gasket, and new accelerator cable). Chrysler TC by Maserati spark plugs - NOS Mopar - set of 4 Chrysler TC by Maserati thermostat - NOS Mopar Chrysler TC by Maserati thermostat gaskets - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati cam seals - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati Wheel center caps - NOS have chrysler/maserati Pentatrident logo in center Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v cylinder head - used bare Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v turbocharger - used Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v turbocharger - upgraded, dynamically VSR balanced and ready to go Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v turbocharger gaskets - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v turbocharger oil feed line, coolant feed lines, oil return tube, and coolant return line - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v timing belts - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v timing belt tensioner - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v intake and exhaust gaskets - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v valve cover gaskets - NOS Mopar and reproductions available Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v pistons - NOS Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v turbocharger - used Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v axles (have both brand new and used) Chrysler TC by Maserati 16v dipstick tube - NOS Same as above, but for the SOHC turbo II 8v engine. Email me with needs. Same as above but for the 3.0L Mitsubishi V6 engine (including upgraded exhaust) and lots of NOS Mopar body parts which will fit any TC built from 89-91. Factory NOS Mopar rubber/felt "Window door glass belt moldings" - (this is what your door glass slides against when going up/down) If you are interested in any of the above mentioned parts you can reach me via email here: rick_at_rdiperformance_dot_com
  5. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted. Just a friendly reminder, I have lots of parts available for our Chrysler Maserati TC's - both stock maintenance items as well as performance modifications. As you know, our little TC's came with a choice of three different engines from the factory. The 3 liter V6, the "Turbo II" (8v SOHC turbo/intercooled engine), and the 16v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled Maserati engine. I was a factory trained tech for Chrysler back in the early 90's and have been specializing in these cars since they came out in 1989. Here's a quick list of some of the high performance items we carry in stock for the TC: Performance items - New and/or Remanufactured: Stage II Performance engine controller (provide more boost, spark, and fuel) - typically 25-40hp increase over the stock computer High flow throttle bodies for the Turbo II, 16v, and 3 liter V6 Performance air filters (both drop-in factory replacement or cone style filters) High performance (stage II) BOV (blow off valve) kit for the 16v DOHC Turbo and for the 8v Turbo. (Note: They are two different kits, so please specify which engine you have when calling or emailing your order) Complete, high flow cat back exhaust systems (available with high flow cat, or test pipe), however test pipe is for off-road use only New Performance injectors Stage II or III turbochargers (for 16v and 8v) High flow intercoolers - provide much better heat rejection than the stock unit Boost controllers and boost gauges Air/Fuel ratio gauges and wide band o2 sensors - best on the market Maintenance items - New: Factory replacement air filters Factory replacement fuel filters, fuel hoses, and the proper fuel injection (shielded) clamps Radiator hoses upper and lower Heater hoses Struts and springs (front and rear) Factory stock injectors Pick up plate (goes inside distributor) Distributor cap and rotor Plug wire kits and new plugs (again, for all three engines found in our cars) Water pumps Head gaskets, intake gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, valve cover gaskets, cam seals, oil pan gaskets, etc.. New timing belt and tensioner (16v engines are notorious for these needing replacement) Power steering pumps and high pressure hoses Fuel injector wiring harness Complete engine bay wiring harnesses (for all three engines) ABS accumulators - new New rod bearings and ring sets for all three engines New pistons - all three engines Good used parts: One set of factory ginger leather seats One set of factory black leather seats Stainless wheel arch moldings side view mirrors fenders, hood, doors One complete ginger dash - mint Factory Floor mats - only have ginger Instrument clusters ABS parts - controllers, ABS wire harnesses Shifters (5 speed only, don't have any automatic shift lever assemblies at this time) Transmissions - 5 speed Getrag (have a few in stock, all have been tested and are in excellent condition) Crankshafts - 16v and Turbo II (do not have any 3 liter cranks) Pistons, rods, etc.. Lots more parts, too much to list. Email with the parts you are looking for. rick@rdiperformance.com -Rick Your ASE Certified Chrysler TC by Maserati Performance Specialist www.rdiperformance.com - visit us online
  6. I'm interested and can come pick it up this evening or tomorrow. Please email me at: rick@rdiperformance.com Thanks. Rick
  7. Beautiful TC Andrew! It was awesome hanging out with you at SDAC this year. Paint looks great on the TC and you did an excellent job restoring it and cleaning it up. One of the nicest TC's I've seen. The mileage on yours is nearly identical to one of mine. (same exterior/interior color combo too!). Glad to see you are keeping it so nice. -Rick
  8. In stock and ready to ship. Complete clutch kit for the 1989-1990 Maserati TC with the 5spd transmission and 16v engine. Kit includes: Clutch disk, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and clutch alignment tool. Email rick@rdiperformance.com visit us online: www.rdiperformance.com
  9. I carry them in stock. Brand new in their original Mopar packages. I can be reached at: rick@rdiperformance.com
  10. I have the blue gear you are looking for. I can be reached at: rick@rdiperformance.com Regards, Rick D. Your Chrysler TC by Maserati Performance Specialist
  11. Reaper: As for the new rod bearings....you are welcome sir! Hope to see you and your TC at SDAC!! I'll be there with my buddy in his Rampage with the 16v Masi motor I supplied him with. He decided to install it North/South in the engine bay! He is a nut like you...(and Alan) I think you'll get along well with him. He laid down somewhere in the high 500whp range with it on *low boost*. Can't wait to see how your Evo turbo setup works out...I'm interested in following you on that.
  12. Hi EmmettTC. Email me with your phone number and I'll call you to explain this in detail. Too much for me to type out and I'm just too busy to type it all out, but I'll be glad to help, just email me with your number. email: rick@rdiperformance.com
  13. I'm working with his shop on this now...we've got him squared away.
  14. Hey Alexob53....she sounds good! If you are looking to upgrade the performance of your TC shoot me an email. I have an awesome Stage II computer and upgraded BOV kit available for your TC which comes with easy to follow installation instructions. The stage II module and BOV kit provide a fantastic increase in power and performance! I also have a full (turbo back) upgraded exhaust for your car. My email address is: rick@rdiperformance.com I specialize in these cars and have been modifying them since the early 90s. If you aren't a member of the TC club of America you should join. I write a technical column in the newsletter which provides maintenance tips and performance upgrade info. I can put you in touch with Karleen who is the president of the club...super nice gal out in California where the club is headquartered. -Rick
  15. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati with 16v DOHC Maserati engine and factory 5spd Getrag transmission for sale in South Florida. Car is being sold with a bill of sale only (just the way I purchased it from the previous owner). It is one of the 501 cars made with the true Maserati engine. In addition, this one has the more desirable "common block" short block which will support huge power. This car needs a complete restoration inside and out (paint, interior, etc..) so if you are looking for a project car (or parts car for your 16v TC) this is it. We all know how difficult it is to find these parts. My asking price is less than half of what the car is worth in parts. Asking $2,000. Location = West Palm Beach, FL. Vehicle does not run and will need to be towed. I can be reached via email at: rick@rdiperformance.com I have about 20 pictures I can share with anyone who is *seriously interested in purchasing*.