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  1. Mine is titled as Make: "Europa Motor Cars".............as that's the manufacturer on the original MSO for our cars. Anyone else ever seen that!? Surely, I can't be the only one.
  2. A friend of mine pointed out that it's been a while since the last time I posted to this forum, so I figured I'd go ahead and send this brief note. If anyone is interested in a performance engine controller for their Chrysler TC by Maserati, you may reach out to me directly on this forum, or visit us online here: www.rdiperformance.com We offer a high performance engine controller that provides a substantial increase in power for your TC! Unfortunately, we do not have a high performance controller for the V6 powered TC's however, we do have them available for the 2
  3. Congrats Plumbing guy! Let me know if you need any parts for her. I have a large inventory of both new factory NOS Mopar parts (as well as quite a few good used parts) available for the TC's. If you are interested in an awesome performance upgrade, I do offer a "Stage II" engine controller which will increase the power on your TC from the factory 160hp rating to 200hp. Feel free to send me a message or you may visit my website here: www.rdiperformance.com In my website there is a link with my email address in case you have any questions. I also w
  4. See pics and either PM me or send me an email with the parts you're interested in. I've got two complete 16v parts cars. I'd prefer to keep the powertrains out of them, but will consider selling them for the right price. May even consider selling one (or both) cars whole. One is an exotic red 89/ginger/black the other is a Black 90/ginger/black and as I say, both are 16v cars. Feel free to visit us online here: www.rdiperformance.com If you visit my website you'll see my email address in case you'd prefer to reach me via email. Thank you, Ri
  5. Artimax: If you need any parts for your beautiful TC give your technician my number. (or feel free to call me directly). I am an ex-Chrysler Technician and I specialize in the 16v powered TC's and will be happy to help diagnose any issues you are having. You may reach me via email here: rick___at____rdiperformance___dot___com. (encrypted for safety precautions). Email me and I'll send you my phone number as well. I am available via email during the day and via phone in the evenings. Rick D. Your Chrysler TC by Maserati Performance Specialist www.rdip
  6. Jim H: I have the lower timing cover new, but no more uppers that I want to part with at this time - keeping my last few for the 16v cars in my collection. You can email me. rick___at___rdiperformance___dot___com CWigleyJr: I have a set of hoses for the 3liter v6 however they are used just like the ones currently in your car...so I don't know that they are any better than what you currently have. You can have yours rebuilt locally, or you can send them to me, and I can have them rebuilt for you, but it's not a cheap process. Jim B: I have the passenger side window
  7. It's been a while since I've been on this site, so I wanted to give my fellow TC brothers an update on the new products we are offering at RDI Performance for the TC's. Also, you can visit us online at: www.rdiperformance.com Chrysler TC by Maserati spark plug wires 16v engine - (brand new, complete set including new coil wire) Chrysler TC by Maserati - tune up kit 16v engine - (email me for complete list of items included) Chrysler TC by Maserati Clutch for 5 speed model with 16v DOHC engine - brand new, complete kit - have both OE stock clutch brand new,
  8. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted. Just a friendly reminder, I have lots of parts available for our Chrysler Maserati TC's - both stock maintenance items as well as performance modifications. As you know, our little TC's came with a choice of three different engines from the factory. The 3 liter V6, the "Turbo II" (8v SOHC turbo/intercooled engine), and the 16v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled Maserati engine. I was a factory trained tech for Chrysler back in the early 90's and have been specializing in these cars since they came out in 1989. Here's a quick list of s
  9. I'm interested and can come pick it up this evening or tomorrow. Please email me at: rick@rdiperformance.com Thanks. Rick
  10. I carry them in stock. Brand new in their original Mopar packages. I can be reached at: rick@rdiperformance.com
  11. Reaper: As for the new rod bearings....you are welcome sir! Hope to see you and your TC at SDAC!! I'll be there with my buddy in his Rampage with the 16v Masi motor I supplied him with. He decided to install it North/South in the engine bay! He is a nut like you...(and Alan) I think you'll get along well with him. He laid down somewhere in the high 500whp range with it on *low boost*. Can't wait to see how your Evo turbo setup works out...I'm interested in following you on that.
  12. I'm working with his shop on this now...we've got him squared away.
  13. Hey gang, I shipped a new 16v valve cover gasket to the company that makes my 16v spark plug tube seals about 7 years ago to get a price on having them remade. The price (at that time) was $10k: a one time set-up (tooling) charge to have the mold made. For that price I'd have to sell each gasket for around $100 a piece and have a commitment similar to what Chris is describing here in this thread. For those of you who know me, I've done this before many times (e.g. spark plug tube seals, thermostat housing gaskets, plug wires, MLS head gaskets, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, all new va
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