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  1. I want to replace the radiator in my 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe with a factory type STOCK radiator. Recommendations, please.
  2. I want to replace the radiator in my 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe with a factory type STOCK radiator. Recommendations, please.
  3. I want to replace the radiator in my 1951 Chevy Styleline Deluxe with a factory type STOCK radiator. Recommendations, please.
  4. Offering our 28,000 mile 1969 Corvair 500 Coupe for sale, A beautifully preserved, but not restored Corvair Coupe. 110 / Powerglide, factory P.B. radio, folding rear seat, door edge guards and headrests. Factory white lacquer paint / light green vinyl upholstery. Matching numbers, runs and drives very well. All items operate, as designed. $15,900.SOLD.
  5. I ended up driving the car 580 miles to its destination. All worked out well. Thanks.
  6. I have a PROPERLY OPERATING , 1995 CHRYSLER LEBARON GTC CONVERTIBLE, which needs to be moved from HENDERSONVILLE, NC to MASSILLON, OHIO, which is 500 miles away ...... the sooner, the better. Car is ready to go now. Bob. 8-31-2018
  7. Although this '60 Starliner thread began EIGHT YEARS AGO, I have a cousin in Massillon, Ohio, now disabled , who is selling his 1960 Starliner. It started life as a three on the tree V8, he had it converted to automatic to extend his driving days ....... but now its time to sell. If there is any interest, I believe I can get pics and details. Not a perfect car, by any stretch, but a solid car, needing paint job and partial assembly, as in bumpers, trim, etc.
  8. Get some better pics of the car, so interested folks can determine WHAT needs to be done ....... including the interior and damaged fender. Offers are nice to receive, but accurate descriptions are paramount. What engine, what tranny, power steering or power brakes ...... top condition, interior needs, body work needed are all items potential buyers want to consider. How about the title ...... is it in hand and in the name of the current owner ?? Folks will buy, but your job is to tell them what they're possibly buying. Let us know the facts and thanks.
  9. I never really "bought" the idea of using the candle wax .......... until I tried it on exhaust manifold bolts. I now believe !
  10. Yes sir, you bring out a very good point. The cars that I owned and the cars my Father owned were always a big part of my life. but I certainly don't have the pics to display my love for those cars. Sad, I believe.
  11. V.L., great pics and great memories. A belated happy birthday to your Dad ! Look at the pic of the '51 Ford with the dual exhaust. I'm old enough to remember these cars as new cars, have ALWAYS had disagreements with guys, when I told them the dual exhaust added to the '49 to '54 Fords, back then, looked "pigeon toed", meaning the tail pipes did not come out straight in the back. Don't know why they were "pigeon toed"....... but your Dad's '51 adds credibility to my observations from those days gone by.
  12. A lot of work went into this '56, a lot of work that I am not capable of doing. That being said, the roof line and the sedan doors do not work well together on this car, would have been better to make it topless, as in a roadster style.
  13. V.L., recall the dash button on the black Ford which you sold.
  14. SEARS AND ROEBUCK sold those very seat covers at their stores, in various colors for various models. MANY folks kept their cars for long periods of time, it was common to " protect" the factory upholstery. Another popular seat cover was the "FINGERHUT" brand seat cover, which was clear plastic in appearance.
  15. Matt, the Ford convert was NOT "PERFECT" when it left the factory. People are more demanding these days, with FAT check books and SLIM knowledge and NO respect for one another.. To sum it up Matt, as my Father always told me ....... there are more horses asses out there than horses.
  16. Regardless of how out of sync the car may register, the bigger problem is living in a state where a 41 year old car has to be smog checked ! Sad.
  17. A.S., Last year at this time, I paid .74 per loaded mile, enclosed, for 2,700 miles.
  18. UNDER HIS AVATAR shows Chicago as his location.
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