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  1. Man, f.f.’ , At almost 78 and disabled, I hear you loud and clear about the age and health pressures. The wife ? Luckily , Sandy doesn’t pressurize me about much. And she is a very good cook. But , HEY ! As long as you are up, start right here , right now. List it all for practice, quick sale price, and give your exact location. You just never know until you ask. Washington, you say ? Gotta be out of the wet side and into the more central part. I am about 12 miles N.N.W. out of Ellensburg. Do make the most of your presence here with AACA. You just never know............... - Cadillac Carl, last house way up Reecer Creek Road. The cattle guard and turnaround are adjacent to my property. You will see a 45 foot Great Dane trailer just inside my high gate. Oh : and I need a 1924 Cadillac parts car. You just never know until you ask.
  2. Philly girl. Hmmm............ My mom was one of those. But there was absolutely nothing serene about her. Ever. She was actually kinda rowdy. Not that it had anything to do with it, but her father, my Grampa Joe, worked at Baldwin Locomotive there in the ‘teens and ‘20s. Well, I’m originally a Chicago boy, and I have sure had my rowdy moments, too. Not that that has anything to do with anything. - Carl
  3. Thanks, guys ! Corvairs are cool cars. I could never forgive Ralph Nader for what he did to them. I recall he had a gripe with the swing axle handling. So certainly that would not be an issue at all with the ‘65 through ‘69 cars. Too late, Ralph had poisoned the well, and the damage was already done. We all wonder what Corvair would be today if that egomaniac sumbich hadn’t messed up a good thing. Did I mention that I despise Ralph ? - Carl
  4. What year did Corvair ditch the swing axle and go to a proper independent rear suspension ? - CC
  5. Not exactly MAXIMUM torque, but I suppose saying so , in a way might be considered correct, Ronnie. Of course you could say nothing is more maximum than infinite. And that may be helpful to grasp what is going on. But it also could lead to confusion. You have to keep in mind that nothing is more minimum than infinitesimal. No matter how short the interval, you can keep slicing that interval to make it of lesser duration. At least that seems to be the case. So far, no one has discovered an ultimate quantum of time. Is there an absolute at the very extreme small end of the time scale ? What would take place , what would be the implications of this, and what might be done with it if you could grab and “hold in a bottle” that definitive duration ? All kinds of interesting things happen at extremes. Absolute zero temperature for example. The Big Bang Theory of the beginning of time and space is another. Physicists can explain everything back to something like 10 to the minus 38th of a second after the beginning of time. But physics itself can not provide further explanation of what was going on before that. Where would “infinitesimal “ fit into the evolution of the beginning of time and space ? Was the “singularity” from which all developed infinitesimally small ? Or was there some dimension, or even some non-uniform topology to said singularity ? What I have just written is the only way I have to create a state of mind into which one can contemplate infinite torque for an infinitesimal period of time. Certainly someone other than myself could do a better job . I have less formal education than the majority of AACA and forum members. And I do not have the remarkable I.Q. level necessary to become a Microsoft or Google engineer, for example. But for all practical purposes, I do not have a boredom threshold. That has allowed me to waste monumental amounts of my life pondering these considerations for fully 70 years. I think most, or maybe all kids , find out that gravity makes thing drop to the ground. Many are lucky to have this extrapolated to the orbits of planets around the Sun. From there, to celestial mechanics and, perhaps, the gravity fueled evolution of a star from a vast cloud of gas and molecules. Or what drove the formation of galaxies. Which came first ? Chicken ? Egg ? Black holes ? Galaxies ? My old friend “Math Dave”, Dr. Mason, just called me. He’s about to give another failing grade today to anyone claiming that calculus is not mathematics. Oh : And quite a few curious folk attempted to read S. Hawking’s “ Brief History of Time”. Almost everyone got bogged down reading at some point. I couldn’t even get to page 40. But I got lucky. Found a talking book of it in the thrift store. I love driving fun cars in the wide open , big sky country out West here. One wonderful, seeming for a moment eternal, driving day, I plugged Hawking into the, (cassette player, I think), and let ‘er rip. Buy hitting rewind when I found myself wondering where I was at, I was able to push on through to the end. Of course it only meant what it could to my uneducated, and actually limited mind. It it meant SOMETHING ! It was extremely satisfying, and I was left in peace with a certain state of mind which made me very happy that I had found that “talkie”. In closing at this stage of the game, I do want to remind the forum that covering this remarkable concept stemmed by accident from my response explaining torque and horsepower. I can not let stand the contention that horsepower is just some advertising gimmick. That torque is the only relevant parameter as regards automotive performance. I let that rubbish slide somewhere in the fairly recent past, and felt guilty for having done so. If it does impact something I have written, if I don’t explain, some mythology may be perpetrated because of my irresponsible negligence. I wonder if there is some way that this diversion and hijacking can be cut and pasted in a new topic ? I actually did believe that almost all metalhaeds were aware that upon opening the valve, a steam engine develops infinite torque for an infinitesimal period of time. One mighty forge for stretching the rails at the departure platform in the railway station. For now, without necessary proof reading and corrections large and small, - Carl
  6. And you respond “errr no.” Actually, although the concept of infinitesimal and infinity can be a bit difficult to wrap ones head around, with utmost respect to you and forum decorum : errr YES !!!! so please let me repeat : A STEAM ENGINE DEVELOPS INFINITE TORQUE FOR AN INFINITESIMAL PERIOD OF TIME WHEN YOU OPEN THE VALVE. An infinitesimal period of time goes by PDQly. Much more quickly, in fact, than an octillionth of a nanosecond. Think that is a pretty small period of time , do you ? Divide that into octillion separate intervals. Divide one of these intervals again into this nominal octillion separate intervals. And now do this division process octillion times over. Think we are getting close to an infinitesimal period of time NOW ? Uh-uh. No, not yet. Doesn’t work like that. Suppose you repeat the process posited so far in this paragraph yet again an octillion times over, “are we there yet ?” So pop quiz time for you : “are we there yet ? “ In that infinitesimal period of time after the valve is opened, a steam engine develops infinite torque. Get the point ? This is “a point often missed”. And you have indeed missed the point. Do you understand that a period of time has actually passed, it is just an infinitesimal period of time. But it IS NOT zero. Infinitesimally small is not ZERO. By definition. So a steam engine cannot develop max torque at ZERO rpm. It will have rotated an infinitesimally small fraction of a degree. And for that infinitesimally small period of time, and infinitesimally small fraction of a degree, the steam engine will have developed an infinite amount of torque. And any transformation which deals with FINITE durations is totally irrelevant here, by definition. And as to your contention that nothing is infinite, there are some very studious people who say that everything is infinite, an infinite number of times. And it is true that upon opening the valve on a steam engine, for an infinitesimal period of time , said steamer develops an infinite amount of torque ! As I said earlier, most , but not ALL heavy metal fans know this. No value judgment should be made regarding which group of heavy metal fans anyone is a member of, and no shame should be imputed to the fan who did not or still does not know this. BFD, right ? You have missed the point. People do that from time to time. As do you. I am not obligated to correct each, or in fact ANY missed points here. But when someone misses the point and misconstrues something I have posted, I am obligated to set the record straight. I hope you and all can see that I have done so, and done so with respect. It has been intended to be so, but my friend , Dr. Mason would not have given you a passing grade for the day. This entire discussion probably should have been posted in a non-hijack zone. But I have had the pleasure of speaking at great length with my neighbor and new friend Jack Bennett. He covers a lot of territory, and I have a feeling that true to form, he is quite tolerant of the theoretical discussion which has come up here. Any discussion which clarifies torque and horsepower, is a discussion to the good. I apologize if I have deviated even a foot or a pound into forbidden territory. - Carl
  7. Please read and accept what I said about h.p. and torque. Not an opinion, or conjecture on my part. A definition, statement of fact. You have made confused statements regarding this in the past ; I suggest that you hit the books. You know many things that I do not, you could put any two people in AACA together, each would know some things far better than the other. This just happens to be something I understand better than you do. You need to get a better understanding of this, the books will learn you up better than I can. Keep studying until you see what I mean. Never too late................. Hosspower refers to work capacity. Here : take that Chinee 5 hoss engine off that generator you picked up at the yard sale for $50. Make a little go cart out of it. Put a twenty pound bag of grapefruit on it and drive it ten miles. Can you do it in , say 1/2 hour ? Now , put fifteen more of them g’fruit bags on it and drive back. Can you get back in 45 minutes ? An hour ? Put 50 of ‘em there fruit bags in my Mercedes-Benz E550, (almost 400 h.p.), and make the 20 mile round trip. You could do that entire trip in 10 minutes. Including the weight of the car, driver, and fruit. That is what ponies do for you. They flat get the job done. The term used to quantify work potential is HORSEPOWER, not torque. The quantifying of work must have a time component. As I said, miles per HOUR for example.Torque is a force measurement. Foot pounds is a measurement of torque. It is a measurement independent of time. Take a ten pound weight, hang it off a ten foot arm. Take a one hundred pound weight, hang it off a one foot arm. Five pounds from a twenty foot arm, all have a force of one hundred foot pounds. Leave them all hanging for seventy years, come back, all are exerting the same amount of force, torque. But there has been no work done. No h.p. expended. Arguing against this is a waste of time at this point. There is objective reality, and common acceptance of terms of definition. And will continue to be so as long as you harbor long held misconceptions. Now, we are all here to help one another. No one ever learns anything so well as when long held misconceptions are deflated, and the truth revealed. Please hang in there. I am not trying to be a real pr**k about anything here, but I must stand and correct something you have challenged me over. It is late dinner time out West coast way, and Sandy needs me to tie on the fodder bag at the moment. Before the day is done, I will help you out with the steam engine stuff. I have consulted with a very good, very old friend of mine going back over 50 years. While I am chewing my cud, please look him up. Dr. David Mason, retired out of University of Delaware. Renowned in his field of mathematics with maybe 150 or more published papers. Knows a bit of calculus here, and any number of transforms there. He knows spit from spinola. I am just here to help, with all due respect. - Carl
  8. Torque is a measurement of force moment potential, e.g. foot pounds. Hosspower is a measurement of work per time potential, e.g. miles per hour. Gear either as needed for remarkable results. Most , but not all heavy metal fans know a steam engine develops infinite torque for an infinitesimal period of time when you open the valve. Steam locomotives upon starting would to some degree slip the drivers and stretch the rails. Over a period of time, the rails at the platform would become longer. Please explain the relationship between force and work which produced that result. - CC
  9. Oh, c’mon there ply’ : I know that you know better than that. I mean, we don’t wait until the point where noises or issues remind us we should have changed out old lubricants with condensation in them accumulated over the course of years. This is just a suggestion. A pep talk, if you will. Because I see that you entered official old age a few months ago in December. I will be 77 in a couple of months. Disabled, and in poor health, lots of things in my life get put off. I am literally horrified to realize that every day I am falling farther behind. This is a forum dedicated to enjoyment of old cars. Lots guys here are more disabled than you or I. So in the spirit of AACA brotherhood, I suggest that you simply farm out the oil changes, and rest easy. Synthetic lubricants, please, and I sincerely hope that you and your car survive long enough to have to do another change or two. 😇 Your aging, fading, forum friend, - Cadillac Carl
  10. There are plenty of well kept Corvairs available without rust. Buy one of those instead. This one will be an expensive, frustrating PITA. - Carl
  11. Drop your trans pan and do as thorough an oil change as possible. New filter, the best available. Refill with modern synthetic ATF equivalent. Give Amsoil and/or Mobil a call and see what they recommend for your needs. Automatics running synthetic ATF last forever. - Carl
  12. Welcome to AACA forums ! Please try the above and report back to us. Fun, informative place here. The C in my handle stands for : - Cadillac
  13. Plausible ? Hypothetically ? Or should we see if there is some evidence. Do you have a lot of pictures in its “as purchased” condition way back then ? Plausible ? Well, I suppose. Should we dismantle it to some telltale level ? Plausible ? Or : what are the odds ? You have had the car for a long time . Does it seem like a 15,000 mile car to you ? I bought a 1927 Cadillac with 12 and change. It is an unusually well preserved original. Odometer works perfectly. Put another 3,000 on it with odometer working perfectly every mile. Do I believe it ? Not for a minute. Seems more like 30s, 40s maybe. Do I have any explanation ? Not any more accurate or insightful than anything you or anyone else can come up with. Anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else, I suppose. What are the odds ? Now THAT might be a very interesting topic. “How can I estimate the actual mileage on a 1935 Buick ?” Here are pictures of the odometer leaving Portland, OR, and a month and a half later out of Vegas. Let’s see if they come out in order:
  14. When your car was new in 1927, gasoline octane was in the mid-high 40s. - The Octane Police
  15. The all important pictures do not come up for me. - Carl
  16. Not just you, Wayne ! And I know that you know that we are not alone. Wood wheels are crowd pleasers. Folks have been seeing wires on vehicles since they rode tricycles. Disc ? That is all you see on ,most anything. The three huge crowd pleasers on my ‘20s Cadillacs are indeed the wood wheels, the turn signals, and a hand cranked start. I have not been strong enough to do that for some time. But I still have two out of three. Thank you zepher for posting the pictures. - Carl
  17. Pretty tall order there, padgett !! - CC
  18. I tried and failed to find a picture of the wood wheeled roadster. Can anyone please post a pic of it or give me a direct link ? I have to admit that I am one of those weirdos who like wood spoke wheels every bit as much, or more so than wires or discs. Shhhhh.......... more of us who feel that way lurk among us !!! - Carl
  19. Sounds like a wheelwright is in your future. Fortunately we have one in the PNW, just North of Vancouver, WA. Tom Dessert, 360-nine one zero-4362 in Battleground, WA. Next time you are in the Portland/Vancouver area, take a wheel to Tom for expert diagnosis and service. - Carl
  20. Well, as far as I am concerned, the “thing” about mezcal is the WORM ! I had to go to my brothers house to get a shower. Still no hot water here. I am going to have to get some sleep now, but I have a pretty clear idea on how to proceed with the insightful anecdote I will flesh out above. Please hang in there with me. It is amazing what you can come across when off the beaten track anywhere. - CC P.S. This picture was taken in order to have familiar objects show the size of the jackscrew. After all everyone has a handy mezcal jug.
  21. I wish you could have seen my ‘62 air conditioned convertible I found while out cruising around back in ‘72. A solid , strong #2 ! Be a show car these days. $250. Everything worked perfectly. As I remember , the bottom had dropped out on prices for great big boats of used cars. People were just dumping them. Friend of mine got a triple white ‘61 Eldo droptop for the same money. Got it from an ad in the newspaper. I think $250 would be equivalent to at least a grand and a half today, maybe a little more. But still ..................... - CC
  22. C Carl


    Exactly. With a calibrated odometer, in my ‘27 Cadillac, I can get a little over 10 mpg on an average highway run. I believe original stated gas mileage was something like 12-14 mpg. I figure 10 mpg on modern 87 octane gasoline is pretty good, considering that a 4.7:1 compression ratio engine cannot possibly extract all the B.T.U. out of 87 octane, no matter how far you advance the timing. I am sure if I fed it a diet of 48-50 octane, it would easily be in perfect tune to get 12-14 as originally intended.. - Carl
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