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  1. I've posted about this truck before and apologize for the redundancy, however I now have pictures and far more info. To be brief, a family member is wanting an evaluation on this 1965 Chevy C10 they had restored. It is the 1/2 ton long wheel base, 2 WD, Fremont produced. Attached are pictures and the invoice. I don't know a whole bunch about cars (hence the poor pictures), but if anyone can tell me what kind of value the restoration puts it at, I would really appreciate it. I'm seeing these listed for $25k-$55k online and I know that the difference is what's been done to it and that's where I
  2. Here's the only one I have. I'm traveling down there this weekend to visit and am planning on taking more.
  3. I've got an aunt and uncle who are getting on in years and have asked with help selling a 1965 Chevy C10 they had restored on a whim in 2019. I'll be the first to admit I don't know a whole lot about cars; I collect classic rifles and thus they figured that might translate to cars. I've always had good luck on forums and appreciate the knowledgeable advice I receive. Would anyone be able to tell me what value I'm looking at on such a vehicle? I know that this isn't a lot of information, but I'm trying to establish a starting point. The invoice for what they had done was 13 pages long and extre
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