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  1. I found my 1924 Cadillac about 3,000 miles from me after looking for only just over 3 years. One trip back by airplane and rented car to check it out and buy it. Another drive back to bring it home. About 20 years later, I finally found my 1927 Cadillac . Thankfully it was three hours away from me. - Carl
  2. Wouldn't that be the port of S.F. with the Oakland-Bay Bridge ? - CC
  3. Looking good, Vic’ ! Ralph Nader gets uglier and uglier , the more time you spend looking at a nice Corvair. - Carl
  4. .................... upon startup after sitting for a month or two. I understand why this happens with a OHV engine, but I can’t explain this. Car is a 1925 Cadillac. Strong performing engine, good oil pressure, does not smoke underway.My somewhat tired 1924 Cadillac doesn’t blow a cloud of smoke no matter how long it sits. Does run strong, good oil pressure, bearings in VGC, but does smoke some underway. I am helping a gentleman who has some interest in purchasing the car which is a couple thousand miles from me. Is there some explanation which might help shed light on the engine condition ? I would imagine seller would not object to a compression test. Of course we would really like to know the condition of the bearings. Usual hearsay claims of significant engine work recently done, no first hand testimony, no receipts, maybe about 60-70,000 miles on the timing chain by stretch measuring which is very easy to do on these cars. Thanks for any and all help. I hope one of you flathead experts can provide insight where I am blind. - Carl
  5. .............. a cloud of blue smoke on startup after sitting for a month or two. But does not smoke thereafter. This is a 1925 Cadillac that a member is considering. The usual claims : Something like engine “rebuilt”, or maybe “gone through” or “overhauled”, or whatever. But you know, the guy died, someone else says, but can’t remember, just thinks it was re-Babbitted, etc . No receipts for alleged work done. In any case, it runs strong with good oil pressure. Typical timing chain stretch for maybe more or less 60,000 miles. No need to worry, but the engine could not have been just rebuilt without putting a new timing chain in it. I am helping over the phone. On my end , my 1924 Cadillac has in the 60s of thousands of miles. About the same play in timing chain, runs strong with good oil pressure. Although the engine is a rather tired old thing, the bearings are in VGC, totally in spec. So I will let it burn oil, and just let the blowby remind me of many old cars I have had. This one will survive longer than I will, so it is not likely to be opened up for anything. But it does not blow a cloud of smoke on startup no matter how long it has been sitting. Does leave a little smoke in its wake as it goes down the line. Which brings up the question. We are wondering what the reason is for the cloud of blue smoke ? I have way more overhead experience than flathead, and smoky startups usually means oil getting through the valve guides. But that does not compute to me for a flathead. Obviously I am missing something here. I can’t see what could make any difference whether a flathead sits for a few days, or the 6 months my ‘24 often sits during the Winter. I don’t think it would be asking too much for a compression test ? Some sellers are extremely cooperative, some even willing to let a qualified mechanic probe around at the buyers expense. At the end of the day, engine condition really is unknown. Biggest concern , of course , is bearings. But I hope one of you flathead experts can clear out some of these clouds of doubt we are having. This is now in the hands of you, the jurors. Thank you muchly on behalf of Kurt and me. - Carl
  6. Yeah, but don’t fergit . That car “is completely original”. Uh HUH ! Right down to that upholstery, paint, and speedometer displaying the original miles. Also “is very rare”. Sumpin’ to do with the operatic nature of the coupe as the ad copy reads. Way back in ‘89 or ‘90, cruising around Spain in a little rented , ($127/day during the most adverse exchange rate to the U.S. dollar ever), 1300 cc Renault, we pulled into a Southern city called See-ville. Bit like what they used to call the hardtop versions of the Eldos of decades past. And, being a tourist wanting to take on some local culture, you just KNOW I had to go get a haircut there , even though I didn’t need one. Bragging rights of course. “Yeah ? Oh yeah ? Seen the Mona Lisa , did you ? Li’l Mermaid up in Copenhagen you say ? Guard change at Buc’ Palace sent shivers up-down yer spine ? And I really don’t care how many Heronymous Bosch hang in the Prado. Yeah ? Well guess what : I had MY hair cut by the most famous barber the world has ever known”. Barber. Think he was some character I have heard of starring in a G. Rossini opera. That’s what traveling is all about. Bragging rights. Go ahead and buy that all-original Packard. - Carl
  7. If you consider doing the Toyota solution above, kitcar does come to mind. And I hope what I have written will discourage anyone from overpowering an old vehicle to raise its cruising speed to an unacceptably unsafe level. Still won’t brake, still won’t handle, won’t have any form of passenger protection engineering, and won’t have the priceless time machine experience of operating ancient machinery. Let’s see if we can find you a real car you can love and enjoy for a long or shorter period of time. If you can come to terms with its design capabilities, you can answer the inevitable question with proud honesty : “ Hey mister ! How fast will it go ?” I always answer : “About twice as fast as any sane person would actually want to drive it !” - CC
  8. Hello again, Nico’ ! Very happy to see that you are reading our response to your important question. All the long timers here remember the road adventure I had , pictured above. Beginning February 2016 I drove 2,700 miles to and around Las Vegas. Enjoyed my time so much that I overstayed my budgeted time in Vegas, and had to leave the old thing in tended storage there in late June. I have had too many problems to be able to drive back, and I don’t relish the thought of having my car come home in a box. Hopefully, at long last, I may be able to drive back in the perfect weather of Spring next year. Point being, during the 4 months of a road trip, and staying in various different locations, my 1927 Cadillac was my ONLY driver, daily, nightly, urban and rural environments alike. From sightseeing, to running simple errands with it, I loved the experience. If I could, I would live like that for at least 6 months of most of the years of the rest of my life. It CAN be done, just not at the target velocity you would prefer. And if your preferences run to the pre-aerodynamic design period , I am exactly in agreement with you. But technology in 1930 was not up to the task of STEADY 60-70 mph in anything except for the supercars which only the wealthiest of the time could afford. Those cars now are still toys for the fortunate few. And they still fall short of modern braking, handling, and requisite safe dynamic stability at speed. And that also includes aerodynamic stability which comes into play at speeds over, say, 40 mph or so. You must have the center of gravity sufficiently ahead of center of pressure. Few , if any , cars which you and I love so much fulfill that requirement. French automobile and aircraft designer Gabriel Voisin , lost a son due to aerodynamic instability causing a car crash. Voisin then became the first designer to incorporate fundamental aerodynamic stability considerations in automotive design. No one, not even the ghost of Gabriel Voisin, could reef me out of my boxy oldies and stuff me back into the drivers seat of the superbly capable 1939 Cadillac 60S I bought for $100 back 60+ years ago. Those Cadillacs are a safe and satisfying driving experience these days, and you can buy most of the the pleasure in a daily driver late ‘30s LaSalle. There is a ‘37 which seems to perfectly fill the bill down in “Not Mine” cars for sale. But, no , the driving experience is very different between a ‘37 Cad and a ‘27 Cad. Owned and driven these 10 years different engineering examples, and dearly love both. Etc. Etc.Etc. I would love to be part of the “A” Model Ford discussion if we have it. And while you bring its cruising speed up just a little, make sure to start with a side mounted “A”. Has to do with dynamic stability. A “polar moment of inertia “ consideration. Gotta go out and see if my 1924 Cadillac will fire up right now. Hasn’t been driven or started since last November first. Keep checking our advice here. Your choice is between lowering your speed needs, or lowering the age period of your intended acquisition. Bigger thrill for ME PERSONALLY, is to drive more slowly in lower tech machinery these days. - Cadillac Carl
  9. Sorry to hear that, hook. Tough lesson. Everyone should also have a small CO2 extinguisher for car use. A larger 38 pound CO2 is a good shop size . Well, sometimes when I am feeling cautious, or maybe even a little paranoid, I will take a 38 pounder along with me in the ‘24 Cadillac. That thing will chill and suffocate a pretty fair amount of fire. There is also enough CO2 in it to suffocate the firefighter in an enclosed volume. A heavy gas, it can accumulate in low areas. - Carl
  10. Well, well , WELL, well, well ! LOOKEEE, LOOKEEE here ! I just came across what I came across a year ago. Seems just as relevant now as it was that unusually long year ago. Probably even more so. I prefer the forum functions that most of us have become used to by now. Maybe you can’t please everyone all the time. Who can, anyway. All of us happily getting along so well, and helping one another. “You might say I am a dreamer”, but I f we can do it, why not ............................. ?? - CC
  11. Motivation ? I’ve owned “antique”cars from the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘90s, and fairly high end modern 21st century stuff. If I were 1/2 my age to go through it again, the only car I would drive would be that ‘27 Cad. If not for my lack of model releases, I would show you pictures of various shes who draped herselves over that car as it has been parked in various times and places. And you know what ? Just operating a 100 year old car is its own reward, regardless of who, if anyone else , bears witness. - Carl
  12. Nope. 100% impossible. You can’t cruise 70 with the style and lines you and I like for THAT kind of money. And you can’t modify one you and I can afford to do that safely either. Money’s gotta come WAY up, or hopes and expectations gotta come back to earth for a landing. Should we elaborate ? Or should we continue the Model A discussion ? Buy the way, Nicodaemos, a warm and hearty welcome to you ! You definitely have a very compatible old car soul with most of the rest of us here. Our AACA Champion of the daily driver car of the period you and I love so much, goes by the handle of “Tinindian” . He has put close to another 1/2 million miles on his old box of an ancient Pontiac which his grandfather put on the first 100,000 . Stick with us, Nico. We all need each other. Oh, let me see if I can dig up a pic of me and my 1927 4 door Cadillac sedan. You will instantly fall in love with it. Never been restored or modified. You see original right down to the paint. But it is not a car in your price range, and I shudder to think of it at 70. It could do that for an extremely brief period, but it would take a crazier nut than I am to try driving it that fast even for a 1/2 minute. - Carl
  13. Hi Greg, Thanks for the call. Let’s see if your ‘26 Cadillac chassis parts, and ‘26 or ‘27 spare engine and trans can find a use, while getting more space and juice money for you. Might as well show a few pics right here. If the engine has a forward mounted distributor, it will be a late ‘27. If not, a picture of the oil pump will tell us what you have. I could buy some of it when you come visiting post crown virus. - Carl
  14. Although I have a tendency to love them as they are, those red fenders and headlights would be black very soon if I were to purchase this car. Great driving cars with enough performance for the interstate if you need the speed. Yeah, they go, they have huge brakes, and the suspension is very well engineered for the time. And yes, that is the legendary’37 LaSalle trans still in place. One of the most attractive instrument panels, too. As mentioned earlier, the valuable work already done for this one makes it a lot of car for the money . Any rust in the bottoms of the doors ? Go for it if you are tempted. If you need to sell later, there is a market for them. You will have had a lot of relatively inexpensive fun with it. - Carl
  15. Well, I know this is not exactly applicable, but for a little fun : Back in the late ‘50s - early ‘60s, “my”, (remember the story ?). Yeah “my” , ha ha ha, “my” 1930 Mercedes-Benz SS38/250 Sindelfingen body tourer lived up on blocks in a garage above Pasadena, CA. It was simply covered with sheets of newspaper. The sump was open to drain and dribble the last charge of oil into a container for later disposal. Twice a year the newspaper would be removed, and it would be given fresh oil, and taken for a very good drive. A slightly famous car, I understand it is in Europe now, but I have no idea what covers it at this point. - Carl
  16. John, I think we are all just marking time waiting for the pictures. - Carl
  17. Yes, sir. You probably won’t even have to put on your reading spec’s for this. - Carl
  18. Well, I plopped. Same ol’ news. And then came a rather nasty amazing coincidence. Some days you just ................ :
  19. What an amazing coincidence, Dave ! It is not quite 5:30 way out here, so I will check it out !! About to plop in front of the tube for the news anyway. Is Aaron Rogers still at the helm ? I am a closet Packer fan out here in “‘ Hawk” territory. Guess my allegiance is smeared all over the place, as I am originally from Chicago ! Little like that verse form “Rocky Raccoon “. “Her name was McGill, but she called herself Lill, but everyone knew her as Nancy”. 🥴😛, - C Carl, a.k.a. Cadillac Carl, a.k.a. (Just plain) Carl
  20. Man ! You sure got that right, Flivv’ ! Good one ! As a somewhat, or perhaps totally unique vehicular example : By chance I was at a “Landing Party” in Pasadena, CA for some Lockheed junk which was supposed to gently descend at a polar location on Mars. Not a run of the mill Mars probe, polar landings involve an extra set of celestial mechanical difficulties. Great anticipation in the hall. Bill Nye, (The Science Guy), was M.C. Quite a gathering ; I was sitting two seats over from Carl Sagan’s widow, Ann. Timely touchdown contact confirmation was not made, however signal acquisition can be delayed. Seconds, minutes went by. Some transient signal spurred hopes, enthusiastically cheered on by the Sci. Guy. Then silence. Murmurs turned to muted chatter, and folks began to nervously circulate and form sub groups. Since I normally don’t have access to such an erudite , professional group, I started to “Head Hunt” by I.D. tag in order to maximize my educational opportunity. Bagged a “big tag” for my personal, on topic, edification. Speaking of which, I really should share what I learned from this scientist : I wondered what level of stratigraphic analysis this probe could have provided. The prominent gentleman whose time was valued in fractions of a minute, was kind and generous enough to engage in conversation with me, who am at best a gadfly. (Oh, and I did get about 1/2 - 3/4 of a minute in face time of an extremely nervous and dismayed Bill Nye - not a happy Guy, Science and otherwise). Anyway, at the time, there was some vague evidence going back to Schiaparelli and perhaps, later, Lowell, (what is that - maybe 150 years of visually recorded data ? - although that being sporadic), that Martian global climate variation could be in synch with that of our own wonderful planetary home. Polar stratigraphic analysis might be able to support this, or maybe not. At a series of amateur astronomy conventions spanning perhaps a decade or more, (this being a very long term hobby of mine), I had the pleasure of discussing this potentially observed phenomenon with the late Dr. Donald Parker, the congenial and treasured Pride of Coral Gables , FL. Initially, Don had tentatively given some credibility to this theory due to his own observations, but as the years gave a longer term baseline, he felt that the evidence was extremely thin, if even present at all. He debunked it. If it had been so, the implications would have been profound. Name tag informed me that such capability was NOT - CORRECTION - NOT within the scope of this MIA , operational or not. Looked at me, and suggested I not hold my breath waiting. Such space borne machinery was unlikely to be developed in my lifetime. A manned expedition to a Martian pole with or without stratigraphic analysis capability would also remain science fiction for me. I definitely got my money’s worth from the benefit of disillusioned free association. Oh ? And the Lockheed junk ? I don’t think the taxpayers got their money’s worth. The governmentally bailed out failure of an inadequate aerospace company, (remember the L-1011, and the C5-A ?) - please don’t take offense if you are one of the beneficiaries of this trough of government slop, and PRETTY PLEASE don’t shoot this humble messenger - had made a HUGE and inexcusable metrology error. The lander had in fact found its target spot , all right. Trouble is, it crashed there, rather than making a gentle landing. Turns out that the boys and girls at the ‘heed had mixed their yardsticks and meter sticks. They were unable to calculate the necessary deceleration thrust forces, BECAUSE THEY HAD UNKNOWINGLY MIXED AND SCRAMBLED KILOGRAM CENTIMETERS WITH FOOT POUNDS !!!!!! Way to go !!!!! ‘Member that’un ? - Spaced out, Cadillac Carl
  21. I have a number of ‘92 and ‘93 “antique “ FWD Cadillac parts cars. Those are superbly well designed cars, and only need extremely high tech, high performance front tires to become astonishing road cars. Sadly, I have just converted my beautiful ‘93 60 Special into a low mileage parts car. Bit of a long somewhat strange and unpleasant story. Luckily I have 50 rather arid acres at my place, so my junkyard is large. Serves as a field mouse apartment complex. As some of you know, I have just purchased another 1924 Cadillac from the granddaughter of the original owner. Bought sight unseen, not started for over 40 years. There could be significant reasons the car was laid up. Further problems from long dormancy ? I would HATE for this car to become a parts car. Therefore I would be very wise to add a 1924 or 1925 Cadillac parts car to my junkyard. Any leads, please ? Have cash, will travel. - C
  22. EXTREMELY important question : How well did the cars run when last used ? Did they have any problems or issues which laid them up ? Yes, getting them running is the best return on investment in most cases. Deep cleaning and true detailing is a must. Posting several pictures inside and out here will also be of great help in order for us to best advise you. Welcome to our friendly group. Very glad you found us. I have been the happy owner of several ‘75 and ‘76 Eldorado Convertibles. - Carl
  23. WOW !! That is a fantastic peep through the keyhole of a time machine, ‘27. Thanks for that ! For you as a Victorian : Back late ‘50s I would take the Princess from Seattle to Victoria and play with the 73” telescope at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory there. The observatory held public nights, the kind and friendly astronomers thrilled me by allowing me to hunt objects while controlling the motions of the ‘scope myself. I had hobby level knowledge. About 40 years earlier , that telescope had briefly been the worlds largest. It saw “first light “ a year before the 100” telescope at Mt. Wilson above Los Angeles CA became operational. Of course now, the Hubble is slightly larger yet , and In orbit above the Earth’s distorting atmosphere. Earthbound telescopes these days are considerably larger in diameter than the 200” telescope at Mt. Palomar in the mountains South of Mt. Wilson. Speaking of distorting atmospheres is a great lead in to mention the most remarkable positive environmental change I have seen in my life. You would have had to live in L.A. in the late ‘60s and into the ‘70s to understand the meaning of “smog”. Sunny cloudless day, the mountains a couple of miles away were invisible. Tears streaming down yer face as eyes burned from the toxic acidic filth polluting what you had no choice but to inhale. Constantly sick , sore throat, symptoms of what the Angelenos called “Summer cold”. I was forced to give up the best job I have ever had, and move away to regain my health. I have never had a “Summer cold “ since. Nobody gets them any more. Young folk know absolutely nothing of smog. How could they ? Down L.A. way, with probably twice or three times the number of cars, driving at least three or four times the mileage or more than 50 years ago, no smog ! No REAL smog ! Comparatively no smog at all ! The strict pollution controls on California cars, industry, and everything down to lawnmowers and barbecues has made So. Cal. livable again. Hadn’t wise , forward thinking leaders grabbed bull by horns, we would be experiencing a death zone where today lucky Californians and happy tourists alike frolic in warm , sunny , delightful God’s country by the shores of the deep blue sea. Sure wish I had bought a chunk of it back ‘round 30 years ago during a significant real estate bust . Hey now, ‘27 : speaking of Victoria’s waterfront, I enjoyed strolling it way back then. Came across what at the time was the worlds largest floating drydock. Wonder where it ranks in size now , if it even still exists ? Your admiring, respectful Southern neighbor, locked out just across the border, - ‘Carl
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