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  1. Hi all , just got off the phone with Kelsey. Bad news ( please don't slay the messenger ) . " There is no date code embedded in these numbers . Goodyear did not do that in the '30s . They are plant codes and have other internal significance ".Good news for some of you fortunate ladies and gentlemen is that some sizes of this attractive tire are available to you. Check their website , and I hope you will be among the lucky . Bad news for me is that 7.00 - 21 is not to be had , abscent about a 3/4 million $ set up cost . Also takes at least a couple years . Consolation for all of us is that we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy these pursuits and speculations . We got to be born and live in this Great Country where lots of even middle class people have such hobby capabilities . Very best regards to everyone . A particular thanks to Curt , for giving me insight to judging . My 2 old Cadillacs '24 & '27 are great candidates for originality..............Hmm , so many plans , so little time . Carl
  2. Good morning , Curt and all , If the pics settle anything with an implied date code , we would have to square the encrypted system with the serial nos on my tires. And a last 3 digit code does not work here. I can not figure out how a 3 digit code would work in a civilization which has a 12 month calendar. We have all seen date codes which use LETTERS for the month. With the exception of the small T in the box at the end of my serial nos , all letters on both Graham Mans tire and mine fall sufficiently early in the alphabet to serve as month codes. Curt , are the tire serial nos on your Auburns easy to read ? If so , where do they fit in ? I am getting curious about this. My tires came with my Cadillac in a parts pile including 4 wheels , but no rims . I would like to mount them up and use dual spares for touring. If there is any need for photographic testimony , I could email to anyone who knows how to post pics. I can also send a few pics of my '27 Cad that everyone falls in love with . It is in exquisite original unrestored condition. But as to to the encrypted date code , if indeed there is one , we here have not deciphered it yet. If it works for one , it must work for all the rest . Otherwise it does not work at all. Should John Kelsey be put upon to help resolve this ? Would it help to add to the database from participants surviving tires ? Do we really want an answer ? I hope all you great guys and gals get to do a lot of happy cruising this and all years , and may you never have to use your spares ! Carl
  3. Uh , oops , the 2nd serial no also ends in C , for what it is worth. Proof read more carefully , old man . Roger that , Carl
  4. The mystery deepens : I have a pair of the same tires for spares on my 1927 Cadillac. Serial nos G64146277C and G94722377 . Each serial no is then followed by a small T in a square box. My tires are 7.00 - 21 . Also would the serial number have to bump up a digit and signify a 4 digit code for Sept - Dec production ? Sure wouldn't work here , I'm afraid . Back to the good ol' drawing board ? Carl
  5. First try Rich Baumgarten. thehandleman@comcast.net Send photos to him. Good luck.
  6. Wow! Look : Not "a Stromberg" , but a brace of 'em ! That'll teach that ill behaved old Johnson , eh ? Now if we could find a way to safely and economically drop the octane of gasoline to 50 something , we could see how these great old cars ran, or should have ! C.
  7. Hello Jim and all on this thread : i don't know if my response will work , as this is the first time I have got this close to participating. ( old and computer confused ) . I am sure we all understand the importance of properly functioning brakes. Do you know , or can you estimate the last time your brake system was thoroughly inspected and given all necessary and preventative maintenance? If it is many years , this may be just the time to do so. Some folks do this as routine when purchasing an old car with hydraulics and unknown brake service history. You may or may not want to tackle this job , but with the kind and generous help you can get here , it is an option. Whether you or a competent mechanic does it , unless you/they can do the job blindfolded , I would suggest doing the job one side at a time. That leaves you with a reference. By the time you are through with everything , your brakes will be safe , and you will be a bit of an expert. You probably will never have to do it again if you periodically flush the system. I am a bit fanatical and flush in 3 stages. Industrial grade alcohol , first isopropyl next methyl , and last brake fluid . But I defer to the mechanics here who are the real experts . Jim , I don't think we know whew you are located. You may have a helping hand nearby. Good luck. C Carl
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