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  1. Hey all- I need some help. I have a '38 Model 48 - two door Victoria Coupe. Several years ago I disassembled the car, not thinking it would take five years to complete the work. #longstory However, I have my interior guy working on putting the seats in and can't seem to figure out how it goes back together. And I think I am missing a piece or two - or three. Uploading photos.
  2. IT's not just the Pontiac. They don't have 36 Buick model 48 interiors either.
  3. Thanks for all the help! One key fits all! I like that. Simple.
  4. I am going down tomorrow morning to look at the ignition key.
  5. Thank you so much! I will let my locksmith know! ~P
  6. I have a working ignition key that came with the car. I also have a glove box, driver door and trunk. Is it safe to assume: When getting the locks keyed for the rest of the car what is the pattern? examples- Ignition one Key - everything else another key? Ignition one key , glove box one key , trunk and door another key? Ignition and doors same key - glove box another? I am sure there is some sort of valet parking theme here. I am trying t make this as correct as possible
  7. We have misplaced the documentation on the wiper transmissions. Is the driver's side pic (right side of photo) or passenger's side (left side of the image) See attached.. Thanks in advance.
  8. Maybe someone can help me here. We are missing the documentation on the wiper transmission reassembly. Does anyone have a sample they can check for me? Is the Passenger or Drivers side correct inside the purple box.. ? Any help appreciated. It also seems the two wiper blade connections are different. Does it matter? In case you were wondering, the chrome work was done by Paul's Chrome. These guys never cease to bring tears of joy to my eyes when I open a package from them. Thanks! P.
  9. My 36 Buick Model 48 was a one off year. The delays have been having to remanufacture body parts by hand. I am in year 5. The good news is, I am no longer working a day job and this project could seriously get finished this year. ?
  10. My '36 Model 48 is now in its 5th year. Part of the problem is la ack for sheet metal for this car. Then there is always "I will get to it next week." This goes on week after week. But, the car came out of the paint booth this week. After the paint cures and finish buff applied, re-assembly starts. Next week. Me. "Yea, right." P.
  11. @Gary W Thanks for your reply. I wanted green tint, but it is not period correct. Plus, I'm not sure how it would really look. They offer a gray smoke, which might work on the back and two rear side windows and everything else clear. But, in the end, I will probably go clear. While this car will for all practical purposes look original. My empty wallet is a testament to this I did not know what I was buying at the time. Everyone around here said, "oh those 2 door 36 Buicks are dime a dozen." Then I tried to buy body parts. LOL Anyway, I was planning on driving it as a marketing piece for one of my companies. Once I found out what I had, I decided to do it right. This, of course, was after we squeezed an updated LS drivetrain in the thing. Remember, I was going to drive it to market one of my companies and I wanted it reliable. The Old Balby Weed Co. So, now everything is original steering wheel radio, etc. All has been refurbished. I have a charcoal and light gray leather interior going in... But from the outside, with the hood down, it is going to be authentic right down to the metal fleck paint they had in 36 which I uncovered under the horns. This is when I began to wonder about the car... Oh, yea, and well, with over 300HP to the rear tires, they are a little wider, but everything fits under the fenders. And, sigh, the original hubcaps won't fit.
  12. I am ordering replacement glass for my car. What color was the factory glass back then? My 36 glass has a greenish tint to it, but not really sure. Also, if the factory glass was tinted were ALL the windows tinted? Yours looks clear. I want to get as close to original as possible. P.
  13. What windshield stripping did you use? This looks much narrower and better than what was on my original 36. Thanks! ~P.
  14. I have a 36 Buick Model 48 which I am modernizing but keeping the look as original as possible. I have the headlamp buckets painted, the trim rings and reflectors re-chromed. The lamp socket is a funny shape. What I want to do is fit a 12-volt modern bulb in the 36 socket. I might even do an LED to keep the power consumption low. Is there a known modern bulb that will fit in the 36 6Volt socket? ~Thanks! Peer