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  1. left a message.. lets see if I get any feedback...
  2. need, 1936 drivers side door skin and trunk deck for model 40 1936
  3. I think by measuring it, and three bolts on the carb, the engine appears to be the smaller one... which is ultimately what I was trying to find out.
  4. I am having challenges locating the engine serial number on my 1936 Buick. There appears to be a large number behind the starter solenoid. I will have to remove the solenoid to get the actual number. Am I looking in the right location?
  5. trim number appears to be 245. However, I am begining to wonder if the firewall tag, which was not attached is the real one.. it's kinda destroyed where the serial number is and the last four digits don't appear to match the title and the number on the passenger side frame does not match the title either... Anyway, my email address is peerplaut@gmail.com I am looking for the fabric pattern for the original and was there carpet in the back and just vinyl floor in the front? Also, the door panels and headliner. There have been several partial restorations on this care and therefore several lay
  6. I just aquired a 36 Buick with a Trim tag of 245. Did anybody ever find an photos of what the original looked like? I was able to remove two additional layers that others added and it looks like a pinstripe fabric?
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