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  1. Yea, I have a 36 manual. For my 36 model 48. I’m going to look tomorrow. Thanks! P.
  2. When I was a kid, my grandfather had on his wall, the orignal shop drawings for his old Packard. I have never forgotten them and I am close to 60 now. What I an trying to do is collect or grab these images, clean them up and put them in mugs, stickers, etc. Below is an example of what I did for the Jeep L4-134 engine. https://peer-plaut-media-holdings-llc.myshopify.com/collections/plaut-motors/products/jeep-cj2a-l4-134-engine-5x5-sticker-free-shipping Does anyone know where I could get old Buick engine shop drawings? Thanks! ~P.
  3. The weather finally broke and I was able to take the car out for a quick spin on some country roads. I was amazed at the difference. She road like a Buick instead of a go cart. Thanks to all for any and all advice. ~P.
  4. Do the bell's point outward or inward? This may become apparent when I go to put them on. But, Just in case either horn will fit either side, I appreciate your feedback. Thanks! ~P.
  5. 36 Buick Model 48. My car has had the suspension modernized. So, not much help here. But! I did take it to a spring shop that has been in business since 1935. They put more arch in the rear and cut a little from the front. She is now level and drives like a dream. The distance between the rear fender and the rear tire- not stock rear tires - was so close I could barely get my hand between the two. I can now easily get my wheel tire strap off with no problems. Now that it runs right, I plan on doing more driving and less towing.
  6. I too am doing some final tweaks on the 36 Model 48. I have about 50 miles on mine. I need to adjust the suspension. Using the running boards, unless someone else has a better idea. What is the distance from the front running board to the ground and the back of the running board to the ground? I'm going to a suspension shop next week. Appreciate any help. Thanks! ~P.
  7. Hey all- I need some help. I have a '38 Model 48 - two door Victoria Coupe. Several years ago I disassembled the car, not thinking it would take five years to complete the work. #longstory However, I have my interior guy working on putting the seats in and can't seem to figure out how it goes back together. And I think I am missing a piece or two - or three. Uploading photos.
  8. IT's not just the Pontiac. They don't have 36 Buick model 48 interiors either.
  9. Thanks for all the help! One key fits all! I like that. Simple.
  10. I am going down tomorrow morning to look at the ignition key.
  11. Thank you so much! I will let my locksmith know! ~P
  12. I have a working ignition key that came with the car. I also have a glove box, driver door and trunk. Is it safe to assume: When getting the locks keyed for the rest of the car what is the pattern? examples- Ignition one Key - everything else another key? Ignition one key , glove box one key , trunk and door another key? Ignition and doors same key - glove box another? I am sure there is some sort of valet parking theme here. I am trying t make this as correct as possible
  13. We have misplaced the documentation on the wiper transmissions. Is the driver's side pic (right side of photo) or passenger's side (left side of the image) See attached.. Thanks in advance.
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