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  1. I'm looking to buy a rust free 2 Door Sedan Belair, 210 or 150. Would consider a nice Wagon . Not looking for a rust bucket.
  2. I own a 36 I've been thing about a 20's. Maybe a 26 did they make a 26 in that Coupe model. SUPER NICE LOOKING CAR !
  3. I have a 1957 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery that has " SPL " for a paint code.
  4. We have our 1936 Buick Roadmaster 80C it's been nominated for one National Award and has its First Grand National ( 2017 ).
  5. I have a 1990 convertible white w/ white top - Blue leather int. Has less that 22,000 Miles I bought it for my wife but she can't drive her legs are to short. We bought it from the original owner. Not any thing wrong with the car super original But with all the things that goes wrong with them have been fixed except original radio ( They got tried of sending it off for repair ) it have a hidden after market one but the original in place and light up. I will take $ 10,750.00 for it. Oh ! I put a new set of tires because it still had the original ones on it and they rode like stones.
  6. I would like to purchase this book and PayPal good
  7. I'm using the Optima Battery 6V in My 1936 Buick 80C works great cranking the 320CI Straight 8. I also found a battery box on EBay - Original Style Battery Case Hides 6 volt Optima Battery Classic & Vintage Cars Ebay Item: 361991538695 I also add a Delco Black and Yellow old style sticker on the outside of it. ( I found it on EBay too.) So now it looks as a old battery.
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