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  1. I'm looking to buy a rust free 2 Door Sedan Belair, 210 or 150. Would consider a nice Wagon . Not looking for a rust bucket.
  2. I own a 36 I've been thing about a 20's. Maybe a 26 did they make a 26 in that Coupe model. SUPER NICE LOOKING CAR !
  3. We have our 1936 Buick Roadmaster 80C it's been nominated for one National Award and has its First Grand National ( 2017 ).
  4. Here's mine this was at Buick National in Allentown, Pa. Where will you see THREE OF THESE 1936 80C's at one show again. Two on the Show Field and One in Nicola Bulgari's Buick Collection.
  5. I think the is a Good article. But I feel that I can't trust going to the local Gas Station here in Alabama and pumping what the Pump Says to be NON- Ethanol Fuel. I also feel bad for Paying a Higher Price for a Fuel with out something added and wondering is Really NON - Ethanol or Not ? I was in South Alabama not long ago and found what they Called Boat Gas and also wondering the same thing and or they just Charging me a higher Price for the same old Ethanol added gas. Thanks Bud
  6. I've dealed with Dave and he is a Man of His Word ! If he has what you need he will price it to you and more that fair with his Prices. And like someone else said he will price it and with the shipping you mail him a Check and a list of what you need him is to ship and your address and its done ! GREAT GUY ! JUST Keep calling him you will get him sooner or latter and he will help you. He's very old school and remember you dealing with old car too. SO JUST TRYING ! ! (763)427-3460
  7. Chuck, im a new Buick owner. I Would love to know if there's any thing on 1936 Roadmaster Pheaton 80C ? I bit of a history buff and like to see things about our car. Thank you very much for you thinking of others and passing it on ! Bud
  8. Hello Guys, I still need a wheel (Rim) for my car 1936 Bucik Roadmaster 80C 16" 5on51/2" lug pattern. (205)966-2751 Cell Thanks Bud
  9. Do you still have the wheels ? If so please email me back. Thanks Bud
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