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  1. For sale New Old Stock, from old GM Dealership (Dark Blue Dab Marker) (Metal Band Part Number Tag 605937) overall Length 33”. 1939 Chevrolet Series JA Master Deluxe Front Axle Tie Rod. $60. + shipping
  2. … Here is a side view Taillights 1936 Chrysler to the left 36 Dodge center and 37 Packard on the right side. Thank you dr watson
  3. Thanks Professor, Could have come from that same early Dodge with the Radiator Valance you helped me with.
  4. I.D. needed 1920s? Windshield Posts or Stanchions are 2 foot high from Cowl. I took these off the Junkyard Touring Car myself in the 50s, but can’t remember anything about it other than it being wadded-up as you can see by the one bent Post. Thank you AACA and members for your help, Ric
  5. still need information on these. thanks Ric
  6. Wow that sounds like a special Car, Graham 1935 Model 73 / 75 Blue Streak Coupe or Convertible. I found a Graham Hubcap in the shed now I have to find a (3¾ inch) Red Lens to help display this Graham unit. Thank you this was a tremendous help.
  7. I should have noted its size, I would put it on the small size and not for oil use. Overall length is 15’’ and only about 1 3/8’’diameter. Smells like It’s past use was for graphite grease.
  8. What Teens or 1920s Touring Cars had Door Tops like this? It came from the middle of the Nevada Desert back in the mid 50s, metal was hard to come by back then,🤠 nuff said?
  9. Check with local Watch or Clock Repair places. If you can find someone that is congenial they can help lead you in the right direction without the shipping hassel, It has worked for me.
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