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  1. Ric Dean

    What is it?

    Can you tell if it is a Master or a Standard 1933 Chevrolet?
  2. All I know is that is a Great Downtown Photo! 🙂
  3. Ric Dean

    What is it

    Could be a 1926-27 T Touring
  4. Hi Guys, still looking for info on these Henney hupcaps. Thanks, Ric
  5. Does any of the Tiffany products spoken of in this thread contain manufacturers Tiffany Logo like these Gauges have? I have AACA thread started on Tiffany – https://forums.aaca.org/topic/323532-what-year-were-‘tiffany’-gauges-used-in-automobiles/?tab=comments#comment-1852794
  6. Olds Trunk Emblem 1934
  7. To Tinindian Now that really fits. East & West coasters need a wider field of vision. I would rather be in the Heartland.🙂 All kidding aside now my mirror bracket fits your description exactly, This kind of fruition coming together after 6 decades really makes me happy. Thanks a bunch, Ric
  8. Rear Fender? I would agree with you on Commercial note the slotted Bolt Holes, (room for wider vehicle application & adjustment). Also I don’t see any reveal around the circumference.
  9. Good thought! Early West Coast Mirror off a Semi? There was some 1920s - 30s Big Truck Dash’s in there, one was Brockway. Thanks, Ric
  10. Adjustable Stabilizer for antique car? I.D. please Has anybody ever seen such an automobile part? This Stabilizer is part of many Garage clean outs I have done over the last 60+ years. I believe this Part came from the Euclid Garage that closed around 1936. I have always been interested in it as an aluminum over-engineered and over extended ill-fitting adjustable length tubes of 25 inches down to 16’’ with a 90 degree angle Ball & Socket at one end. For one why would they have used it as a weak multifunctional part when 2 simple variable length adjustable brackets with an enclosed spring or 2 would take care of it. It was coated with baked on grease (hardened now) which leads me to believe it as automotive use. Thanks, Ric
  11. Craig Gillingham, @ keiser31, Thats been hanging on the Shop wall for half a Century and all people could say in the I.D. was dabblameit, but now I say thank you!
  12. … 1920s Grille Shell, small Car – Has anybody ever seen something like this? The measurement inside the Shell is 21 inches and the distance between the horizontal Mounting Pads at the bottom are 27 inches. There has never been any Badging or name plates on it. Thanks for any help, Ric
  13. … I found out! - It’s a 1936 Oldsmobile Dash Ashtray and a Clock Delete Plate, Photo inc. Thanks to all the guys that have checked in. Ric
  14. … Dash Ashtray and matching Trim, identification needed. My rough guess is late 1930s-1940s or early 1950s what do you think? These could be from some GM Dealers that I helped buy out back in the 1960s. Thank you, Ric
  15. ... Diamond T porcelain Hood Emblem one foot long and heavy cast, How many years was this style used on their Trucks? I got this one off a Diamond T back in the 1950s as it was on the way to a scrap yard. Its been a wall hanger ever since and a conversation piece especially with the WWII GI’s. Thanks, Ric