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  1. Ric Dean

    Cantrell ad from 1929

    Cantrell Coachwork I'll look forward to that, were you aware that AACA did a large feature on the Cantrell Factory back in the 1960s or 70s. I'm the second owner of a 1937 Dodge Cantrell Bodied Station Wagon.
  2. Members 26 265 posts Location: Central NY Report post Still Need 1937 Ford Pickup Grille need some Grille Bars and Moldings … Need some or any of them see the Photo, also can use any of the Moldings Thank you, Ric
  3. … What year were these ‘Tiffany’ Gauges used in Automobiles? I am in need of a Tiffany Temp Gauge. Thanks, Ric ‘Tiffany’ Gauges - Gas, Oil & Amps Photo, need Temp.
  4. I'll buy your '1956 GM Kent-Moore Special Service Tool Manual' thanks, Ric
  5. Ric Dean

    1941 Oldsmobile "98" Fender Skirts Wanted

    At this time all I have for the 1941 Olds Skirts is the original new old stock 5 inch Medallion. Attachment: photo
  6. Ric Dean

    Car I wanted all my life from 21 till now 71

    Hey Newbie, 1st thank you for your service. ...Next since you asked; stay away from a FE series 68 Cougar unless you just want to cruise with it once in a while and then do maintenance the rest of your time. I worked at Ford Dealers from 1966 thru 77 and believe me I have driven all Ford models and a Fire Breathing HiPo 427-428 68 Cougar and Mustang is like driving a Plow Truck around Corners. As far as Wow factor I love those FE engines when they are pushing 11-1 compression but put it in a larger 69 Cougar or get a 67-68 with a Built 351W or Cleveland engine and have at it.
  7. Ric Dean

    Someone may know what this is.

    I think Ford T Radi Shell & Steering Wheel
  8. Ric Dean

    Can Anyone Identify This?

    … I have had Speedos with that style of pointer and have been told that they are mid 1950s Studebaker. They were also available with a matching Tachometer on some model Studebaker's.
  9. Ric Dean

    Early 30's Cars

    North Creek NY. another winter celebration 1920s - 30s Cars & Trucks = http://www.northcreekdepotmuseum.com/3rd-annual-toj-history-weekend/
  10. Ric Dean


    Judging by the Bumper Guards looks to be a 70s Dotson but your measurements of it would help
  11. Ric Dean

    What is this? Tire changer?

    correct! (Adjustable Ladder Jack) ... I just bought one a few years ago at one of the big box stores to replace one of mine that had been misplaced. Very handy equipment for holding 'Scaffold Plank'
  12. Ric Dean

    Fancy Light Bezel, I.D. please.

    Keiser31 1930s Chrysler product, that’s a good place for me to start. I could not imagine what body style it would have been from. Thank you, Ric
  13. Ric Dean

    Fancy Light Bezel, I.D. please.

    Fancy Light Bezel, I.D. please- my guess 1940s early 50s overall 5 ¾’’ Cold weather is here, now I can get back to playing with old Car Stuff.? Thank you, Ric
  14. Ric Dean

    What is it..

    Well! That’s considerate, after AACA members help you identify them you’ll list them on Craig’s list. ?
  15. Ric Dean

    1960'S Convertible Top Pump Parts-FREE

    1960'S Convertible Top Pump Parts, do you still have them? I'm in central NY