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  1. Sure would love to find this and see what all is on it.
  2. 35cz8

    1936 Dodge Clock

    This is an original 1936 Dodge clock which is located in the glove box door.
  3. I have two DC 8's and everything I see about that car is 1930 / 1931 Dodge DC8 and it would have had 18" tires from the factory. Even the emblem at the top front of the radiator shell is a DC8 emblem. How many cylinders does the engine have? I know that many exports were not the same as domestic, but don't know about exports to Africa.
  4. Still looking for anything else I can find. Thanks to all that have responded, I appreciate it and have found a lot of great information from your responses.
  5. I would think they had a band too and if so, that would be the band playing for the send off. Hard to say.
  6. I used to keep the original horns and covers and just mounted the park / turn lights behind the horn cover grill. Had the best of both worlds.
  7. Very cool view and a different look at the Marathon Car. Thanks David. Bob
  8. Thanks Tom, for the information and link, there is indeed a lot of great info on this site. I am having my '83 XL convertible restored and it has a lot of optional equipment on it and I want to make sure they are all factory options. I really appreciate the help from everyone that responded.
  9. There is a LOT of great information there and I have saved it all and am in the process of going through it all to find new things. I have found a lot so far. Thanks for the info and your hard work.
  10. Spinney, I don't think it was brushed out, I think it was covered in dirt and mud and they had not washed the car when it arrived. This car went through some really nasty road and weather conditions and I am sure that it spent many miles covered in dust, dirt and mud. As I look close at the photo, I can just make out that the text is there but you have to really look close to see it. I am going to say that David H is right and that it is just really dirty. I have been studying and researching this car and the marathon run for many years and there was only one Marathon Dodge on the road.
  11. As the cost of shop work goes up and up, it is hard to justify the high prices of many project cars for sale. My health issues no longer allow me to do most work on my cars so I checked with a well known auto restoration and rod shop in Vegas. I was shocked to have the lady tell me that they would not even look at my car unless I had at least $100,000.00 dollars. I am not talking about a high end luxury car - it is a 1963 Ford Galaxie convertible !! Who can afford to put that kind of money into a 1963 Ford? Just costs too much anymore to have work done so if you can't do it yourself - you will bury yourself in costs.
  12. Ben, The original headlights on a 1936 Dodge were not sealed beam - they were reflector, bulb and lens. There are sealed beam adapters that were used to convert from bulb type to sealed beam. If you are going to me original with your car, then you will need to locate the bulb type headlight parts. Are you going to go with original or are you going to use the sealed beam conversions?
  13. Spinney, From what I have found out, so far, it looks like they run it for a full year (until July 1, 1931) then quit the actual Marathon but still used the car to display at dealers and for special showings. I am not positive on this as my research is s continuing process and just when I think I have found about all there is to find, something else turns up. I am sure that my search will continue for a long long time but it is interesting. Still looking for any and all photos or any other information I can find.
  14. OK everyone, I found a photo of one of the "special marathon painted" DC 8's that were offered to the dealers to promote the Marathon event and to help sell the DC 8. There was only the one actual Marathon Car and as can be seen in the photo - the differences are very clear. No side mount spares and a different paint pattern from the real Marathon car and single wipers are the most obvious differences. So far, this is the only photo I have of the offered special painted car that dealers used to give test drives in.
  15. There are MANY articles in the newspapers of the time and I am soon going to be going through them ALL to get as much information as I can to start putting my trip list together. I want to thank everyone for their interest and for the photos shown here. It may not seem like it, but each photo and article helps me to document where the car was and as I study each one, I can usually find something that is helpful in my research. All of the original photos that I have found have had a note on the back telling something about where the car was in the photo and that is why I am trying to find originals if I can. This is a huge project but I am enjoying the task LOL. Thanks again. Bob