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  1. I have a scanned copy of a Dodge Brothers Six parts book (not dated) but says it is for Dodge Brothers Six - serial numbers (Detroit built cars) D001WP and up and Canadian built cars B001WP and up. Don't know if this would be of help or not. Let me know if it is what you are looking for. Bob
  2. I have the same trim rings for my 1936 Dodge. I have an original a fold out for 1936 Accessories and they are shown in that fold out listed at $2.30 each. Sure wish I could find an NOS set of 6 for that price now LOL.
  3. I am doing some research on the 1930 Dodge 8 Marathon car and am wanting to buy original pictures of the car. I have found and purchased several originals and would like to find others to help me with my project. If you have any for sale, or you know of anyone that might have some, please contact me so I try to find others that I do not have. Either reply to this ad or contact me through the forums. Thanks for any and all help. Bob
  4. Would like more info - cost and when they ship. I need one for a 1936 Dodge coupe. Thanks.
  5. This research just keeps getting better as I go. Thanks for the help guys. Bob
  6. Filled some gas cans this morning and pd $1.91 here in Arizona.
  7. I was discharged in 1971 and was in Nam for a year. I learned to drive in a 1936 Dodge cp and when I came home, I still had the old Dodge and still drove it. I loved the older cars and now at 70, I have 8 older cars that I have collected since then and still have a 1936 Dodge only a RS cp now. I had some medical issues related to my time in Vietnam and made me unable to do much work on cars or anything else. Took me out of work and forced early retirement - but, I still enjoy the hunt for parts and the friendships I have gained from the old car hobby. I am having a 1963 Galaxie loaded convertible restored now and I get to locate and purchase all the parts for the project. Still a lot of fun.
  8. I used to really enjoy Hershey but my health is not what it used to be and it is getting harder and harder for me to do all the walking. I went a couple of years ago and found that my wife and I were walking long distances between actual sellers in many areas. More spaces with cars and trailers parked in them and less sellers. We talked about it and decided to no longer make the long trip due to the amount of walking to try and find parts. I do hope that thoses that do go, will have a good time and find some parts they really need.
  9. I have several of the large records from Ross Roy that are training records for Dodge Trucks - models WC, WD-15,WD-20, WD-21. I don't know what years these are for and I don't have a phonograph that will take a recoed this large but they are a neat part of automotive history. I hope to find a player some day to see what is on them.
  10. Like many of you, I never had the pleasure of meeting Graham but I too would always read any post or reply that he made. David H and I have talked about Graham and his DC8 many times. Rest in peace Graham.
  11. Some great information being shared in this post and I want to thank you guys for all you share. Thanks for all the help. Bob
  12. Thanks for the leads and information. I used to know of a salvage yard that had a couple of 1936 Dodge cps and a few sedans but it has been closed and the cars auctioned off years ago. So, the search continues.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it. The hunt continues.
  14. Looking for the front inside windshield trim and the rear window inside window frame / trim for 1936 Dodge cp. Any leads are appreciated. Are the coupe and sedan the same? Thanks