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  1. Looking for the curved wire protector that goes under the back seat of a 1963 Ford Galaxie convertible and protects the power window wires. Mine is rusted too bad to use so need a good one I can use. Trying to keep the car as original as possible. Thanks for any help.
  2. I hate the thought of any of my cars being turned into street rods or modernized. That said, I see a decline in the interest of most of the younger generation in an original car. Also, some people are no longer interested in buying one because they are afraid the fossil fuels are going to be eliminated thus making it unable to even use one. An old car could be modernized with electric motors and still used and have that old look. I am no longer in the best of health nor am I young enough to really be concerned about the future so I have considered starting to sell the cars I have except for one that my wife and I can enjoy for the rest of our time. One can only hope that there will be enough interest in the old cars that at least some will survive to represent automotive history.
  3. Wife and I had a 1973 swinger with the 318 and loved that car. I started having problems with it not wanting to start - off and on -. It turned out to be an electronic module and after replacing it, it started and run every time. It has been too long ago for me to remember just where that module was but there should be some kind of book out there to show it and it's location. Something to check out. Good luck and enjoy that ole Dodge.
  4. E-116-YH Yes, I am. Always looking for info and pictures of the Marathon car.
  5. I have a set of 6 of these rings for my '36 Dodge RS cp. I like the looks of the painted wheels with the sunburst and pin striping too. I have thought that if I could ever get mine done, I would use the painted wheels without the disks for the road tires and use the disks for the side mount spares. A couple of my disks had the Lyon stamp on the back. I have put a few pictures from the original 1936 Dodge accessories fold out showing the rings.
  6. GREAT find. My 1936 Dodge headlights have been converted to sealed beam and I hope I now have all of the original parts to take them back original. Good luck.
  7. The 1930 Dodge DC8 used the DX3 from the factory.
  8. Many old cars have been over restored and no longer a true example of the way the factory sent them out. I like to do a restoration as the factory made the car, not what I think looks good. Just my thoughts.
  9. I to have them for my 1936 Dodge and mine are different than the ones in this sale. Mine are the right ones for 1936, as shown in the 1936 Dodge accessories fold out. Check out the original price for these.
  10. Google the plymouth doctor. They had door skins for a car I had
  11. I used to like to watch counting cars from Las Vegas shop count's customs - but, when I went to talk to their shop about restoring my 1963 Galaxie 00 XL convertible, I found out real fast that it is all just show and I quit watching it.
  12. Looking for original pictures of the 1930 Dodge Eight Marathon Car. I have several but looking for those I do not have now.
  13. I am looking for original or good reprint (prefer original) pictures of the 1930 Dodge Marathon / mileage marathon car. Doing research and looking for any pictures I don't have already. What do you have?? Thanks
  14. I should still have the set of dash decals that I bought several years ago from a guy that had reproduced them. As I recall, I think he only had a couple of sets left and said he was not going to make any more. If I can, I will find mine and take some pictures of them to post here if you want. They should all still be in the original shipping envelope that might have the address and name of the seller. I haven't seen them offered for sale in a LONG time though. I recall that they were offered for a dash with the radio and a single ash tray or with the double ash trays. Mine is for the dash with the radio in it. The set was not for an entire dash, just the ash trays, glove box door, and guage panel, panel in front of driver and radio control panel. I would have to have my dash board wood grained then use the kit for the removable panels.
  15. I have not sold anything on e-bay for a long time but was going to start cleaning out my parts and offer them on e-bay. I will not be doing this now with all the extra time it will take to do what they want. I will still shop on e-bay but will no longer be selling there.
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