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  1. We drove the LeSabre about 30 miles to a car show in Denton, TX today. It was a smaller show of about 75 cars at a classic car restoration shop but alas, only one Buick.
  2. This is my Mary by our "52 Special in front of our local Cracker Barrel.
  3. Out enjoying a couple of warm January days in north Texas. Top down weather here as temps are in the upper 70's.
  4. I am also partial to my 67s. They are comfortable drivers for crusing around town as well as on the highway. I staarted driving in the 60s and graduated high school in 67. The newer short wheelbase FWD cars just don't have the same feel. Chuck Bloomberg
  5. We took the 67 LeSabre to my sister's house for Christmas mainly bcause the generous rear seat room to bring our latest addition in her cage. Its a 150 mile trip in east Texas.
  6. After a few rainy days last week I took my Buicks out for about 20 miles each and stopped by the lake to document the ride. 52 Special and 67 Riviera in the sunshine on a very calm Thursday morning.
  7. We drove the Riviera to Lipan, TX for a car show for the local volunteer fire dept. 165 miles (half of a tank) round trip. Chuck & Mary
  8. Not technically the weekend but I took Mary to Cracker Barrel for supper on Thursday. Our '52 Special.
  9. I can't remember how many years it has been since I had to change a tire on the road, I guess they are that much better but you give me something to think about. I agree thhe scissor type sonds like the most practical. I should have saved the one from the last pickup I sold.
  10. 39 Buick, We are not going to make the trip to Allentown this year but I am probably the closest BCA member to DFW airport. You are welcome to come by here and stay for a day or two and I can easily shuttle you to your flight. I would enjoy your company. Chuck Bloomberg 941 Harber Ave. Grapevine, TX 76051
  11. I have a 67 with what I believe to be the original 430 in it. Last year I had the motor rebuilt. My mechanic asked me if I wanted them to bore it out to 455 while they were working on it, apparently it wouldn't cost me any extra. I declined and told him I wanted it kept as close to original so they did the typical 0.003 reaming in the cylinders. The car has all the power I ever need for driving and the fuel foes through it fast enough.
  12. Mary and I took the Riviera to a local car show Saturday and picked up a trophy for best of class (60's cars) The show was for the Lions club to raise money for the disabled children's camp.
  13. Just in from a test drive. The 4-40 air conditioning works as designed. It took a while to figure out why it felt like the heater was on when the lever was in the off position. I found the cable disconnected. A little lubricant and reconnection solved the problem. Ready for Texas summer!
  14. They sure are fun to drive. One issue I have noticed related to the slope on the windshield. I felt something pull in my shoulder while cleaning the inside of the windshield. Be careful if your joints are as old as mine. Chuck.
  15. I got my 52 Special early this year but was fortunate enough to get one that much of the work had been done and drove it home. Its practically a twin of yours.
  16. I bought one of the first Cascadas back in February and have enjoyed the above average spring weather here in north Texas, So far we have a little over 2000 miles on it. Only one road trip 150 miles each way but I enjoy it a lot. My wife prefers riding in it over the classics. When the weather was still a bit cool and I put the top down she found the switch for the seat heater and that kept her happy. Chuck Bloomberg
  17. I took the 52 out to a local show Saturday. We stopped at Sonic for burgers on the way. Mary went along and was patient with me for about 3 hours. The car ran fine about 10 miles each way. Chuck
  18. Just found the info when mine was replaced. The source was Parts and Things, phone 714-633-4069, Part no. 161031936176. I think he only had one more at the time but perhaps you could google the part number. I think it may have also fit a Cadillac but the problem was it wasn't the same for all, maybe a mid year change. Chuck
  19. I had the same pro blem and got the wrong part more than once for my 67 without cornering lights. My mechanic finally found the right one but they are rare as hen's teeth. I will check back Monday and see if he still has the source. Chuck
  20. AS I read the judging handbook the Buick must be equipped with original or period items: Engine, clutch, transmission, rear end, brakes, steering and lights. No vehicle shall be disqualified based on radial tires, sealed beam/halogen headlights or a non factory overdrive. Body and trim must be of components original and appropriate for the year and model involved. Interior must be structurally unaltered and structurally complete. I read the language to be intentionally open and non specific. I believe I have heard the car has to have an engine that Buick offered in that specific model. I don't see that specifically in the language. I think a Buick engine of the period should not disqualify. Perhaps a definition of "period " needs to be added such as the specific model year or within a specific number of model years. Personally I would not object to permitting upgrades to brakes and suspension for the purpose to make the car safer or easier to drive in modern traffic conditions. I don't see anything prohibiting adding air conditioning as long as the interior is not structurally altered. I do not consider drilling holes for options to be structural modification. I have a driven award for my 67 LeSabre from Ames. My Riviera would qualify as is and I may get it next time the nationals are in the central or mountain time zone as I would limit driving it to around 1000 miles from north Texas.
  21. Barney, We bought the '08 Lucerne with the 3.8 V6 and have been happy with it, especially on highway trips. 95,000 miles so far but my gas mileage runs 2 to 4 mpg less than yours. I usually hold 65 70 mph on the highways. It never made the gas mileage I got on the last two LeSabres before it.
  22. I drove my '67 Riviera from Ft. Worth to Georgetown, TX Sunday to attend a funeral of a family friend. Its about a 3 hour drive each way. I first thought I'd take my Lucerne for economy, but when I found gas available for $1.88/gallon decided it was a good day for the big block to get exercise. I-35 was in better condition than the last time and traffic wasn't too bad for a holiday weekend. Of course it was a comfortable ride, after all it's a Buick! Chuck Bloomberg.
  23. I wish I met the owner of the white '50 Special. To me its a statement of beauty in simplicity. It looks like a base model with hardly any options. In that respect a lot like my dad's car I learned to drive in. Chuck
  24. The low percentage of voters may not be all bad. Those who make the effort to learn about the candidates probably are more likely to choose the best. Making people feel guilty or otherwise forcing participation could bring about poor choices. I feel its their loss if they don't get the most out of the club.
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