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  1. I've been watching Gas Buddy and lately gas is cheaper in OK and MO than in the DFW area.
  2. I remember seeing Kendall motor oil where I grew up in Minnesota, but I don't recall gas stations with that name.
  3. WE didn't get as much rain as Dallas this morning, but my garage floor had enough leaks around the bottom to wash the floor. Its so humid I don't know when it may dry out. I'm just a few miles off the northwest corner of DFW airport.
  4. I will plan on coming, but it will be defendant on how my wife is doing that day. Chuck & Mary Bloomberg.
  5. I bought a pair of springs at Lowes for a nominal price. They were not black so I put a couple of nails on a block to stretch them a little bit and sprayed them flat black. It looks enough like a NOS that I don't expect any comment on it when I take it to BCA meet in Springfield for judging next month.
  6. I drove 15 miles Saturday morning to a local coffee and cars breakfast. It was a cool morning but got back with the car still clean and dry. This morning all the north Texas roads are covered with sleet. My Buicks are all in the garage today.
  7. I got one also, Glad to see moderators on top of it!
  8. I have said several times since I first read of the Cascada that I will buy one as soon as they are available. Unfortunately due to a very serious personal situation, I may not be able to afford it. I will at least take it for a test drive and examine the conditions at that time.
  9. I have just got my 1967 Riviera back after having the engine rebuilt and entire compartment cleaned up and freshly painted in original colors. I need to get replacement decals. I ordered some from CARS but after looking at lots of pictures I'm not sure which ones are correct. I still need the valve cover ones that say 430-4 also if I have the round air cleaner, what decal is proper. My car is a regular Riviera, not a GS.
  10. I drove our 67 LeSabre to a local coffee and cars gathering near Ft Worth Alliance Airport on Saturday morning. Its nice to get out and visit a couple of hours early in the morning. Its a good diverse group of classic cars. Enjoyed looking at a Golden Hawk. hadn't seen one that nice before. Its only a 20 minute drive from home to there.
  11. I've been on the road back to Texas all day today. I put a few pictures on my facebook page and will copy them to https:// www.facebook.com/groups/120856141271242/ This should be the North Texas Buick Club facebook page when I get home tomorrow.
  12. I was visiting in Denver this week so worked my schedule to attend this car show at a local Buick/GMC dealership. I met several nice people and was very impressed with the number of cars present as well as the variety from the 20's through the 90's as well as some impressive modified cars. If you see this one coming up again in the Bugle its worth the trip if you have the time. The dealership provided free lunch for everyone there, even if you didn't have a car entered. Of course it was a friendly crowd like we find at most Buick gatherings.
  13. I took my letter to the dealer where I bought my Lucerne back in 08. He said I need to come back after I get a follow-up letter from GM stating parts are available. He said in my car they are only going to replace the key ring with a smaller diameter unit. No need to replace the lock or tumblers. The suggestion to remove everything including the fob is apparently, as expected, an over-reaction due to corporate fears. Its safe to continue to drive with the car key on the original rings with the fob, but no excess keys should be on the ring. So I now carry my house key on a separate ring, not attached to the car keys. According to my letter the new ring will be 13mm diameter. It is designed to limit the possibility of the fob and other weight from flipping over and turning the ignition off in an extreme maneuver or accident. So far I have not received any such letter on my 04 GMC Sierra pickup, It has similar fobs. Is the angle of the ignition switch different enough the pickups have been exempted from the recall, or are they farther down on their list of action?
  14. I received a recall notice for my 08 Lucerne. I wish they would let an engineer write the letter instead of a lawyer. Lawyers can use more words to say less than anybody. I would like to see a technical report explaining the problem and their logical reasoning for taking the key fob off of the key ring. I can't imagine how it can turn the ignition on or off when on that ring as opposed to in my pocket. (I do have the remote start button on the fob.) I'm afraid if I carry the ignition key around loose in my pocket for several months until they get repair parts that I am likely to lose the key. Have any of you seen a technical report trying to explain this?
  15. You have a very nice looking model. Generally there were more LeSabres made than other models, so that should help when you need unique parts. Good luck and enjoy your Buick.
  16. North Texas chapter will meet at the Gateway Buick dealership in Dallas Saturday morning at 10 AM to show our cars. They will feed us lunch and after our short meeting we will head home. With a little luck we will be out of there before it hits 100 degrees.
  17. At Hopkins, MN (Eisenhower) High School we took our behind the wheel drivers training in a car furnished by a local dealer. I had signed up to learn with a stick shift. Drivers Ed was in a brand new 1965 LTD with 3 on the tree and an extra clutch and brake on the passenger side for the instructor. After completion one Saturday a state trooper came to the school and we took our tests in the same car we were trained in.
  18. We bought one new and has been my retirement car. It is the best car for road trips of any I remember I have had. I am near 85,000 miles. I feel very safe in that car, mine has the lane wandering warning system, a gentle beep to let you know you are starting to change lanes if you don't use your signal. It lets Mary know when I'm getting too drowsy to drive and then I take a break. I also have the blind spot indicators in the outside mirrors, it tells you when you should take a second look. That's especially good for me since I have partial loss of peripheral vision. Those two options were about $1,000. each but worth it if it only saves one accident! Also the Lucerne trunk is bigger than the Lacrosse if you tend to carry too much luggage and still buy more stuff on your vacations.
  19. Mr Earl, I don't know about dogs, but I have vivid memories of passing a cattle truck at the wrong time. There was a huge amount of yellow fluid that hit the windshield and side of one of my LeSabres. I think it was my white '95 model.
  20. Ed, I was looking forward to meeting you, Jim and several others, but unfortunately Mary, the better half for almost 39 years is not up to making the trip. We'll be doing tests and seeing doctors next week trying to learn what we are fighting. Maybe next time.
  21. My 67 LeSabre has a similar problem, the air only comes out the AC vents. The dampers designed to divert the air to the floor or to the defroster outlets when on heat setting are vacuum operated. I have not found all the leaks yet and not tried lately. I don't drive it in weather is bad enough to need the defroster and just put up with heat coming out the AC outlets. If you want to trace it down and don't have a service manual, there is one on the Team Buick web site you can view on line for free. http://www.teambuick.com/reference/library/67_chassis/index.php
  22. I think it may be coming soon for my 1967 Riviera. I believe the 430 is original to my car. It has 105,000 miles and seems to be using too much oil but does not seem too noisy. I notice blue smoke behind me when driving steady 60 or 65 mph. Motor oil drips on the driveway are also a bit messy. I think I could drive it on a road trip to Colorado springs if I watch the oil level closely and plan to get it redone late summer or fall. Does that seem reasonable or too risky?
  23. My hard copy just arrived in today's mail here in north Texas.
  24. I think COOL is the word of the decade!
  25. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look at it again in the morning.
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