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  1. According to the ten day forecast on weather.com the chances for rain are only in the 10 % and 20% range. High temperatures range from 79 to 87 degrees F. It looks like the best time was picked for this season. There are no excuses to stay home this year!
  2. It may be only Thursday but those who are retired understand we choose to drive when traffic is lighter. Checking out the part at Lake Grapevine the water is still high from rains that ended a month ago. We still like the LeSabre as the easiest to get in and out and most comfortable for traveling.
  3. I haven't driven on public streets since September 1st due to a stroke that has limited my vision as well as my ability to read proficiently. I have been backing the cars out from garage to driveway and watch the temperature gauge rise to normal washing off the dust and returning it to the garage. Last Monday my eye doctor said to come back in 4 weeks so I am still hopeful I will be allowed to drive again then. I would appreciate your prayers in the intervening time. Don't ask how long it took to type this post.
  4. Sorry the Retired Building Official is coming out in me , but why are there no guard rails at the edge if the floors?
  5. I went out to the garage and snapped these three pics (you already put up the coolest one, my 67 Riviera. Below are my 2016 Cascada, 1967 LeSabre and 1952 Special. Mine look more like survivors than show cars but you still can appreciate the character of the different designs.
  6. Last minute change, sorry Pete. The Special quit on a short 10 mile drive this afternoon. I had it towed home $$$ no time left to diagnose so we will drive the reliable 67 LeSabre. It will be easier and roomier.
  7. I'm glad to see the extended weather forecast calls for mild temperatures all week. with just occasional showers. Therefore those travelling without AC should be pleased. Look for my 52 Special to make the trip with a brend new set of Coker classic radials..
  8. We will leave Grapevine (next to DFW airport) Monday morning. I like to get past Amarillo the first day so I have a reservation in Dumas at the Best Western. I have enough points for a free night there. I plan to stay on US 287 into SE Colorado up to US 50 and fhen turn west to I 25 at Pueblo. I prefer to skip the Raton Pass and my route is less climbing than the higher road. I 25 brings us into Denver from the south which is most convenient as my sister lives in Highlands Ranch where we will be staying for the week. It is an easy commute from there to the host hotel. I'm still not committed as to which Buick to take. Based on latest weather forecast if its cool enough I want to drive th 52 Special with the 4-60 air conditioning, But to keep a happy wife plan B is to drive the 67 Riviera we had judged at Springfield. Also 430 cubuc inches in the Riviera may climb mountains easier than 263 cubes in the Special
  9. Due to the less hot weathertoday, I took the 52 Special out for local errands. I stopped at a nice assisted living facility to visit a widow from our church. Its always appreciated by those who can no longer get out on their own.
  10. The label on the rear fender of my 1967 LeSabre says "LeSabre 400". Upon opening the hood the decals on the valve covers read "340-4". LeSabres ordered with the optional 4bbl carb, also get upgraded to the TH400 transmission.
  11. Actually it was Thursday after a week of cooler than normal things began to warm up and I decided to warm up the Le Sabre. We stopped by the lake near the house for a picture.
  12. I drove in the 60's and 70's with in RWD cars and my father's F-100 pickup trucks in suburban Minneapolis area. Cars were easier than the pickup but we always carried extra weight in the trunk or the truck bed in winter. Also we had snow tires until I git tired of the roar usually in March, then after changing back to summer tires there would always be a few more snowfalls. Ha ha! After moving to north Texas my first FWD car was a Chevy Citation. One morning we had a good ice storm and I put chains on the front wheels. Wow! I made my first left turn onto a city street and the rear end beat the front around the corner as I downshifted to slow down. I had to totally relearn how to drive on snow and ice.
  13. Drove my 67 LeSabre to the local Lowes today to get a new humidifier. If you don't have a truck, you need a car with a real trunk to go to Lowes.
  14. The most obvious change was side marker lights appeared on 68 models. You can't see a 67 from the side at night. Also, I remember the thumb knobs for heat and cool adjustment on the 68's vs the traditional slide levers on 67's. Another obvious change not in this picture, 1968 was the first year the sholder harness (as a separate belt) was standard. Very few were installed as options on 67's
  15. A week ago we took off for Minnesota in my '67 Riviera. This fuel stop was the last station in Oklahoma on I35. The car ran perfectly and kept up with the modern freeway speeds. Gas milage ranged from 13 to 15 mpg depending on the weight of my boot. I took an easy 2 1/2 days for the northbound trip and was somewhat more anxious on the return Sunday afternoon and all day Monday of this week.
  16. I was recently told that parallel parking is no longer part of the driving test.
  17. Next unread topic I just DON't like the picture of this Buick On the last Saturday afternoon before school starts the park was a bit crowded where I like to go and look at thr lake to relax. The LeSabre was comfortable despite the outside temp of 97 humid degrees. My copilot enjoyed the ride too!
  18. I am 68 yrs and have had 16 cars and 5 pickup trucks that I remember. 7 were Buicks. Also from the time I was licensed to drive at 16 until I left home after college my family had 4 Buicks, 1 Firebird (later given to me after I married) , one IH Scout and 2 pickups. (There was nothing slower than the 4 cyl. Scout with the snowplow in the front.) Currently I have 4 Buicks, 1952 Special, 1967 LeSabre. 1967 Riviera and 2016 Cascada.
  19. We haven't made reservations for stops in route yet. Most likely will leave 3rd or 4th and spend 2 nights on the road. Its 1000 miles from our house and I'm getting older you know. I will post pics on FB along the way. I plan to take US 69 thru Oklahoma to I 44 and mostly follow Google routing. Look for the Green 67 LeSabre unless I have more problems with the AC in which case alternate is the Riviera we took to Springfield. Chuck & Mary (Charles Bloomberg on FB)
  20. I have a hard time pictures up close but Buick sent this thermos to my sister last week. It has the tri shield logo and is sized to fit in the small cup holders in the newer cars. I hope I'm on their mailing list also. Picture is in my Cascada.
  21. We drove the LeSabre to Longview, TX Friday and returned Saturday, A 300 mile round trip; The picture is our lunch stop in Terrell.
  22. You caught my reflection in the window. I hadn"t noticed it.
  23. My little girl in the 52 Special.
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