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  1. Congratulations on the award, Ben! Nice to meet you and talk Buicks in Denver. Dan
  2. Lynn and I will be coming in the '49 Super. Looking forward to our first National meet. Dan
  3. I went through all his cars and the best one on the lot was a 64 Chevy Impala SS 2dr convertible that was in reasonable condition. Price was $57.5K. Next time you drive through Quartzsite on I-10, stop and see if Silly Al's is open. Order the "Everything" or "Meat Lovers" pizza.
  4. No. When I asked permission to wander about and look at the cars I was told not to open any doors or hoods. The hood didn't close properly as you can see in one of the photos.
  5. Wandering about Arizona and found this 54 Buick Special sitting in Quartzsite. I have included a picture of the sales price to make you smile.
  6. I just got reservations at the Marriott South Park tonight using the event URL/key without problem.
  7. Another tumbler, spring and installation tool kit has become available. Hard to find if you need it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-1949-Cadillac-Buick-Oldsmobile-Door-Lock-Latch-Spring-Set-W-Hubs-Tool-/391851767672?hash=item5b3c2f7778:g:l5MAAOSwXYtY4AwQ&vxp=mtr (I'm not the eBay seller nor do I know him/her or have any monetary interest in these parts.) Dan EDIT: Just noticed - he has three available.
  8. That's great news if someone out there is making reproductions. I just found that the eBay seller where I got mine has posted another set. If any '49 Super or Roadmaster guys and gals out there need this repair, here is your chance. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1948-1949-Cadillac-Buick-Oldsmobile-Door-Lock-Latch-Spring-Set-W-Hubs-Tool-/391825614542?hash=item5b3aa066ce:g:l5MAAOSwXYtY4AwQ&vxp=mtr
  9. In April, while opening the driver's door on my 49 Buick Super, I felt the handle lose tension and fall half way out of the escutcheon on the door. Examination revealed that the door handle remained in this loosened condition but now the door was unlatched and would not close and remain latched. What follows here is a brief description of the problem with a few photos to visualize door lock mechanism including details of how I repaired the lock. The 1949 door lock (not to be confused with the door key cylinder assembly) is hard to find these days. The 49 Buick door lo
  10. We looked for the shoe tree and did not see it. We were aware of it before we got to Amboy. Rain in So Cal this past fall and winter was transforming to many landscapes so it would not surprise me if it has disappeared. Dan
  11. We stayed overnight in Kingman, again at the El Trovatore. You just can't beat this motel for Route 66 ambiance. There was a group of at least twenty New Zealanders here at the motel, all in ten rental Mustangs in which they are traveling Route 66. This adventure must be costing them a small fortune just in car rental but here they are, foreign tourists enjoying a road trip that is uniquely American. I have learned in my reading that there are almost as many Route 66 Associations in Europe as there are in the United States. I met Gary, a fellow Buick enthusiast, two years ago i
  12. We are east-bound on Route 66 today. Amboy is our next stop. This location has been cut-off to westbound travelers due to bridge washouts during the exceptionally wet fall and winter just past. You can still get here, but you have to double back after passing it for some distance on I-40. Old Route 66 is still open to Amboy from Ludlow on excellent road surface. Once you get to Amboy, you must detour north on Kelbaker Road to I-40. Amboy is an iconic Route 66 location. The "Roy's" sign at Amboy is probably one of the most well-known Route 66 symbols, especially o
  13. I knew I was going to get a comment like this. LMAO! That water looked cold - and wet!
  14. We got up early today - 2:15 a.m. We left our motel at 2:50 a.m. and headed west on Foothill Blvd which is old Route 66. The remaining distance to the western terminus of Route 66 was 73 miles and all on surface streets. We passed through many cities along the way - Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas, Glendora, Azusa, Duarte, and Pasadena. Our route through Pasadena along Colorado Blvd was on the street used each year for the Rose Bowl parade. We passed over the old Colorado Street bridge and drove on the Arroyo Seco Parkway, formerly known as the Pasadena F
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