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  1. Congratulations on the award, Ben! Nice to meet you and talk Buicks in Denver. Dan
  2. Lynn and I will be coming in the '49 Super. Looking forward to our first National meet. Dan
  3. I went through all his cars and the best one on the lot was a 64 Chevy Impala SS 2dr convertible that was in reasonable condition. Price was $57.5K. Next time you drive through Quartzsite on I-10, stop and see if Silly Al's is open. Order the "Everything" or "Meat Lovers" pizza.
  4. No. When I asked permission to wander about and look at the cars I was told not to open any doors or hoods. The hood didn't close properly as you can see in one of the photos.
  5. Wandering about Arizona and found this 54 Buick Special sitting in Quartzsite. I have included a picture of the sales price to make you smile.
  6. I just got reservations at the Marriott South Park tonight using the event URL/key without problem.
  7. She's a real beauty. Those photos of the condition of the wires in the tail lights says it all. Time for some new wiring. Shame to modify it but then, I'm a bit prejudiced. Dan
  8. I'll offer my endorsement of Rhode Island Wiring. The restoration of my 49 Super has a complete RI reproduction harness from headlights to the tail lights. Their product is well documented when you receive it. I found no errors. All the connectors were period correct and everything worked well under the dash. They use modern wiring over which they weave the correct fabric wire covering. Even the fabric tracers were perfectly executed. You will not be disappointed if you select them to provide replacement wiring for your 49 Roadmaster. PM me and I can send you some photos of what it loo
  9. John, I love this car. The white walls and stock covers were great but the Rallys look great, too. I'd love to find a nice Electra, 68 - 72. It will probably be my next Buick. You are going to have a lot of fun driving it. Dan
  10. So, you ask, "How is a totaled Suburban a bad day for a Buick?" The answer: When it is your tow car and now you can't tow your Buick to the Nationals in Portland. (Photo credit - me. Totaled Suburban credit - wife)
  11. We just finished our longest and most fun weekend trip since getting the car back on the road. We did the 27th Annual Route 66 Fun Run. It tracks the longest remaining original Route 66 roadway from Seligman, AZ to the Arizona/California border at the Colorado River. We were on the road from Friday, May 2 to Monday, May 5 with a trip total of 583 miles. I'm going to post some more pictures on my thread in Me and My Buick. Dan
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