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  1. I need to replace the headlight switch in my Riviera. I understand the procedure is to push the little button on the switch and pull out the knob to get it out. My car has AC duct and so much stuff under the dash I can't even touch the back end of the unit. Is there a way to do this without removing the entire dash? The service manual didn't mention the access issue. Thanks for any help!
  2. Pete, I'm glad I got to see the car yesterday at the chapter meeting. It looks even better in person than on the pictures.
  3. Saturday I drove my 67 Riviera to a local car show at the Bass Pro store here. It won first place in the 60's original (not modified) class.
  4. I "wood" love to see that car up close. To me Buick guys should consider it a compliment to the heritage of the mark.
  5. I took Mary out for a mid morning snack on Saturday in our '67 LeSabre. about a 25 mile cruise. All runs well, but it still drips oil wherever I stop.
  6. I'm sorry we didn't make it there. Mary was in the hospital earlier this week and jus is not ready for a trip yet. She is gradually regaining strength but still taking strong meds. Hope to make the next one. Chuck & Mary Bloomberg. PS. Both my 67's are running good and the air is now working so We can do some summer driving in Texas!
  7. I didn't go as far as you; I took Mary to the dealer to get a repair on our '08 Lucerne. She was happy with the 40 mile trip and lunch out at DQ. Chuck Bloomberg.
  8. Randy, Thanks, I will check that out. Chuck
  9. I checked the fuse; it is labeled "panel" in this car. Fuse is good. I noticed when twisting the rheostat that it feels loose when compared to my LeSabre of similar age and miles.
  10. My Riv is getting to be a nice driver but I have not figured out the problem with the lights on the dashboard. The entire thing stays dark when I turn on the exterior lights. Gauges and signal indicators work but it is wierd driving with a black dash. I rarely drive it after dark, but occasionally it is borderline when coming home. Any tips on troubleshooting this one? Chuck.
  11. You give me that nostolgic feeling for my hometown. Growing up my dad bought his cars at SWANBERG and SCHEEFE BUICK. We are planning a trip through Minnesota next month but haven't finalized the datails. Please hang on the nice weather a few more weeks. If you see a red Lucerne with Texas plates, flag me down. Chuck Bloomberg.
  12. It sounds like you have a car I would love to drive. My dad bought a '64 Special new when my sister got her license. It was a 3 speed with no power options. A couple years later she went off to college and it became my car. I remember that clutch gradually became stiffer until I was the only one who could drive it. We took it in a few times to be adjusted but it never became a soft touch. I think it had about 70,000 miles on it when it was totaled in a chain reaction line if cars on interstate 94 in Minneapolis.
  13. Sam, if you are considering replacing your mirror with a pair of universal ones first look closely at the location of the existing drivers side mirror. I used the existing hole in the door to keep from getting into paint and body repair. Then try to position the opposite one in identical spot and check for visibility from the drivers seat. You don't want to move the right one back enough so it would be noticable to someone walking around the car but a clear line of vision is most important. I have not done it on my Riviera yet, but it is coming up higher on the list of needs. I'm afraid the existing mirror on my 67 Riv may be too far forward to match on the passenger side. That leaves me in a tight spot.
  14. Sorry I get frestrated trying to post pictures here. If you look me up on Facebook I just put up pictures there. Charles Bloomberg Grapevine, TX
  15. Pete, The same switch was on my 67 LeSabre, or I should say part of it. If you find a source I could use 2 as it is missing in my Riviera also. The tramsmissions work fine without it except to get part throttle kickdown you have to do it manually. Chuck Bloomberg
  16. If you are not insisting on all Buick parts you can get a pair of universal round mirrors that appear period correct from JC Whitney at reasonable price. I put them on my 67 LeSabre and most people don't know they're not original to the car. My original remote drivers side mirror had something broken in the cable so that was the easiest fix for me. My cars are just nice drivers and never will be judged at BCA or ROA meets. Just a thought. Chuck Bloomberg Grapevine, TX
  17. Another advantage of the fall date would be more of us would be willing to drive our older Buicks without air conditioning. Charles Bloomberg Grapevine, TX
  18. Another advantage of the fall date would be more of us would be willing to drivr their older Buicks without air conditioning. Charles Bloomberg Grapevine, TX
  19. Does yours have the CV joints like mine? In my LeSabre I had to get one rebuilt; It seems like it was a six or seven hundred dollar repair and had to be sent to a shop in Ft Worth that specialized in drive shafts. My Riv has two of those joints rather than the one in the LeSabre. I pray it doesn't have to be redone.
  20. Mary and I will leave Grapevine, TX Monday the 18th and expect to arrive Wednesday. I Expect to tow the '67 Riviera with my '04 GMC Sierra. Chuck Bloomberg
  21. I'm 61 and my Riv is a '67, If you do the math, I graduated from high school in 1967 and I remember wishing my Dad would get a Riv instead of a LeSabre. Chuck
  22. My car has the console shift and does not have cornering lights. The part is unique to two model years 67 - 68. The one listed at most parts stores that says it should fit does not fit or adapt to fit. If you can help me please respond. Chuck
  23. This is Demontrond Buick original location in Houston. Our 1967 LeSabre was purchased there by my wife's uncle. Picture was found on line. Chuck Bloomberg.
  24. I remember there was one in my Dad's '65 LeSabre. I think it had a stop at 90, any faster and you had to listen to it buzz. There may have been one on his '68 also, I seem to remember driving it on the Kansas Turnpike and listening to it click as you approached the setting. Chuck B.
  25. I am 63, born & raised in Minnesota, moved to Texas in '74. I learned to drive on my dad's '58 F-100 3 speed manual and our '64 Buick Special also a base car with no options other than AM radio and back up lights. First car I bought was a '68 Impala fast back and first new car was a '71 Plymouth Satellite. Then in order to the best I remember, '75 AMC Sportabout, '79 Impala 2 dr., '81 Chevy Citation 4 speed, '85 LeBaron "K car" , 88 LeSabre (used car bought maroon, repainted blue), 95 LeSabre, 2001 Lesabre, 2008 Lucerne. I also have had pickups around for local driving to work including an old Datsun/Nissan, '87 Dodge Dakota, '96 GMC Sonoma and my present 2007 GMC Sierra. We inherited my wife's aunt's '67 LeSabre in 2000 and I have since bought a '67 Riviera. So that makes my current stable the Lucerne, the two '67 Buicks and the Sierra Pickup. Chuck Bloomberg
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