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  1. It's wonderful to see this story has a happy ending. Do we know if the new owner is a member of the Durant Motors Automobile Club?? www.durantmotors.org
  2. WTB - Front Fenders for 1931 Durant model 619 Contact Rick Botti RICK@BOTTI.US 510 796-2252
  3. Made by Boyce. The emblem inside is the first version cars. Here is the back side and looks perfect also, no corrosion or problems and brass nut turns freely by hand. Outside dimensions are 2 & 1/2 " Contact Lance Haynes (858) 560-5737 oldcars@lancedurant.com
  4. 29Sixty

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    What ever happened to this project??
  5. 29Sixty

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    The 6-17 had a continental 250 cubic inch model 15U engine. It was the largest engine the Durant Motor Company ever placed in a Durant. The car was the upper end of the Durant line selling for over a $1,000 depending on accessories. You can contact me at rick@durantmotors.org Rick
  6. CKowner, My 1931 Sedan came from the factory painted black. I've just begun the restoration process and first thought was to paint the body dark blue, something dark but not black, but after seeing the color of your coupe I'm rethinking that. What is the name of your body color. You mentioned it was called a brown, but looks like a pale green on my monitor. Anyway I think it may be just what I'm looking for.
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