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  1. As a reply to Zepher. The Fisher bodied 28 Chrysler model 72 we just sold had 4 wheel Wagner/Lockheed external band hydraulic brakes at each wheel, and a band parking brake at the transmission.
  2. Thank you Viv. A friend has a 28 Chev roadster I can get measurements off of and I may just have to have them made. I don't want to see a pattern so close to us get sold out of the area. I was just trying the easier, possibly cheaper route. Art
  3. Thanks for the tips. We know Steve at the Filling Station personally, and I do periodically check with Gary Wallace. Unfortunately the last one he got in there did not have those parts on it anymore. Hoping someone has the remains of a 27/28 roadster they are not going to finish. I have seen some of your comments on the Chrysler forum as well. We have access to a 28 model 72 Town Sedan with demountable side mounts that is going to be parted out. Pretty rare car but...
  4. Looking for two 27/28 Chevrolet roadster or touring door jambs. These are u shaped sheet metal pieces aprox 1" wide X 20" long with 3 or 4 notches cut and folded in them. Art beaconb3@gmail.com
  5. Where we store our cars there is the remains of a 1930 6-14 Durant. It has double action shocks that look like those. Chevrolet shocks were single action for many more years. Art
  6. Most of those old engines were statically timed. One common method was with a dial indicator type fixture. Look for a 1/8" pipe in the head over the #6 cylinder. That is a direct link to the top of the piston. When it is at exactly "Upper Center" adjust the distributor so as to get the points to spark. # 1 piston and #6 are on the same plane for crankshaft orientation.
  7. You should check out the Filling Station online catalog. They carry parts for Chevy cars as early as 1916, and trucks as early as 1918.
  8. There is a fellow near me with a model T and he put a 28 Chev head on it. He turned the manifold upside down so the outlet is turned up. I think he is using a Solex off of a VW bug. Might be a little small on the venturi, I do not know. I don't think he runs it very fast so it might be fine. I think the VWs were 1200cc, off the top of my head I do not know how many ccs 171 cubic inches would be.
  9. Part of what you are probably experiencing is the vacuum tank cycling. When the vacuum tank is drawing gas out of the gas tank it will run smooth. When the float in the vacuum cycles to release gas down to the carb it vents to atmosphere - and creates a small vacuum leak. Most applications it is a longer cycle than 20 seconds. On a 4 cylinder car it will be more noticable than a larger car because 6 and 8 cylinder engines are inherently smoother running. Also probably more noticable if the vacuum is low due to poor compression or other small leaks. To confirm this you can install a small piece of 3/8" clear refridgerator drain line in the vacuum tank inlet. Doesn't have to be pretty it just needs to seal. You are not going to leave it there permanently. Let us know what you find. Art
  10. There is a fellow in our region (passed now) who restored a 31 5 window. His was not a 4 passenger type coupe with a rumble seat and it had a roll down window. He told me all the 31 coupes he had seen were the same with opening back windows even if they did not have a rumble seat. I do not know if that is true but suspect he would have looked.
  11. Interested in a 28 model 72? I think it was the same engine as the 29 model 75.
  12. Since it is already hot rodded why not just buy the reproductions?
  13. You might be advised to post on the VCCA.org website. Another way to proceed is to find the VCCA region nearest you and then ask a friendly member if they know of someone who might have a 33 engine. Noticed you don't list what part of the country you live in.
  14. Hello Budd28, I sent you a PM back on September 3rd giving you the phone number of the other couple with the 31 fire truck. It looks like you have not accessed that message. In the upper right corner next to your name is an envelope that should be flashing. Click on that to access your Private Messages.