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  1. a sell

    32 ford fenders and trans any other parts

    Have you tried Brookville?
  2. a sell

    Source for aluminum raingutter/dripedge

    Have you tried Restoration Supply in CA?
  3. So on the VV type windshield riser manufactured by Ternstead (sp?) there were several styles and sizes depending on who they sold them to and for what model car. This also trickled down to the handles and mechanisms. One style is for a Fisher bodied Chrysler we just sold. The handle mounts like the late 20s Buick style I have seen. The escutcheon threads onto a 1" ring mounted on the mechanism and is what holds the handle onto the shaft, the shaft is square. The 29 Chev I have has a clip that snaps over a detent slot in the shaft, that shaft is splined. The 28 Chevs use a screw in the center of the shaft through the handle, I think that shaft is also square. You will have to disassemble what you have to search for the parts you want. Bear in mind some of these things could have been swapped from a different car make, year, or model. There are six screws that hold most of the header boards in position. Two on each end, and two more in the middle - all six have a function. Do not move the 1/4" lag bolts threaded into the TOP of the board on each end. Those are adjusted for THAT CAR. It almost appears that the board was part of the assembly outsourced from Ternstead since they are so similar to one another in their size, shape, and machining. The car manufacturer would just cover it with the appropriate fabric. When buying the replacement/repair kit for the Chevrolet style there is a hefty deposit on that shaft so do not throw it away. Higher end models were all steel with no pot metal gears. The ones I have seen when cleaned up actually have a date stamp. Not trying to confuse anybody, there is just a lot of info to pass along in a short amount of space. Good luck. Let us know what you find.
  4. Which style of spare mounts are you looking for? Wire, or wood?
  5. a sell

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    The 6-17 was mostly finished in time for the Forest Grove (Oregon) Concours D'Elegance. It won best in class, AND best prewar at the event. It is a very pretty car. I think the shop is still going to pin stripe the car, and add a trunk. It is back home now in a winter sleep. We went up and asked her to start thinking about what events we all should go to next year. Between the Durant club, the Horseless Carriage, and the Chevy club it should be another great touring season. There is a nice little Huppmobile touring that would be fun to get going for the summer. I think it is a 26 with a six cylinder.
  6. a sell

    1929 Lasalle 20” disc wheel

    My 29 Chevrolet has 20" x 3" disc wheel rims. They have four Jaxon hold down clamps. There is also four small tapered pads that keep the rim snug on the disc wheel. Find out the width of your other rims and their configuration. There are other 20" rims from other car manufacturers. For instance I have a 20" rim that came with my car I use for a living history display. It has two ridges inside the rim where it mounts on the wheel. One ridge is notched to fit over the mounting bolts on the wheel. I use it to show how to change a tire with a rim spreader. I think it is from a Chrysler. Send me a PM, I may have a lead from a fellow who has a 29 LaSalle coupe.
  7. a sell

    antique BEACON LIGHTHOUSE Radiator Temperature Gauge

    I like it, the logo for my business card is a lighthouse I played in as a kid. Look up Coquille River Light on the Oregon coast.
  8. a sell

    1930 Chevy Coupe Head

    You do not say what problem your cylinder head has. As you are finding out those are getting hard to find, and are not being recast as many Ford parts are. There are places that can repair cracks, or whatever you may have. Not cheap, but it works. They literally cut it open, weld up both sides and then weld the pieces back together. If it is just seats or guides those are readily available. I own a 29 Chev coupe which has a slightly different head from the 30/31. You might post your want on the parts wanted forum at VCCA.org as well to see if you can track one down. Send me an email at beaconb3@gmail.com Art
  9. a sell

    1923 Flint Continental 6E, help needed

    There was a nicely restored Flint at the Durant meet in Modesto CA last September. It was a very big car. You might try to contact the San Francisco region DMAC.
  10. a sell

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    The 1930 Durannt 6-17 coupe is nearing completion and the body man drove it today. A question has come up about the trunk. This car has dual side mounts and had a potters trunk. How was it held onto the rack? was it held down with rivitted leather straps? Did the straps go all the way over the top? Was there a buckle in each strap? Does anyone have a picture they can e-mail? We have two weeks until the Forest Grove Concours to get it finished.
  11. a sell

    1931 devaux coupe

    Is the horn you found a very ornate fillagree pancake type? Generally coupes did not have dome lights. The 6-17 Durant I have been helping to restore did not have a dome light. Does your DeVaux have the "double high" transmission?
  12. I agree modern tread design has a great improvement over previous versions I thought about doing it on my 29 Chev with no shock absorbers. They ride a little better and do help in stopping distance. This was the last year of the rebound plates. In the end I have not done it.
  13. a sell

    For sale: 1928 Chevrolet Parts

    Hello Kimbo, The posting above was from 4 years ago. I may have a spare. If I can't find mine my neighbor may have one. He focuses on 25s but has 2 28 cars.
  14. a sell

    18" split rims x2

    I have been told by a 30 Marquette owner that the 30 Olds have the same wheels. So these rims may be the same style you are looking for. They are in pretty good shape.
  15. a sell

    18" split rims x2

    I have 2 rims I would let go, they are off of a Marquette. Not sure of the year but they are 18". If interested let me know. Art