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  1. The location where we have been storing our cars has a 31 DeVaux coupe like this. The owner drove it to a Durant meet in the midwest. There are a lot of Durant parts and literally tons of misc parts for maybe a dozen marques in three shops. Within the next month or so this is all slated to be sold. The property is going to a charitable trust who we assume will just scrap everything that is leftover. Art
  2. I believe this car will go up for sale in the next few weeks. Art
  3. Where I store my cars there is a 30 model Willys Knight with the 8. I think it has 24,000 miles on it. An amazing original example of a fine automobile. He called me up one day and asked me to help him with the engine. Not having worked on a model of this stature it was a treat. It would run but had no power. After some research the original distributor had two sets of points. My experience with two points has been in cars where the use of them was to extend the spark to burn more fuel thus reducing emissions. The use on this example was that one bank of 4 cylinders was fired with one set of p
  4. I have a used rad out of a 41 New Yorker I would like to sell. The top tank has had a small patch added for some reason. But it is such an unusual tank shape I did not want to take it down to the recycler. Art
  5. When I set up the rear axles on the model 72 coupe I just sold I used a dial indicator on the end of the axle. I bought a shim pack before proceeding. The seal retainer is also the bearing retainer and the shims under it sets the amount of clearance. When everything finally warms up there will be a pre-load on the tapered axle bearings. Don't forget the slotted spacer between the axle ends also comes into play. Do not jamb it to one side and assume everything will be alright. These were precision class automobile for their time, and cost 4 times what my little Chevrolet coupe did. Art
  6. Zenith made replacement carburetors for virtually every make and model. I have a carb and the advertisement for my 29 Chev. The mounting holes are set at about a 30 degree angle. Art
  7. Vancouver land has become a VERY valuable commodity. From what I have been told the widow of the original owner is selling the land so the wrecking yard will be reduced to the 5 acres included with the shop. A prime example of a "fire sale", everything must go. Art
  8. Make some yard art out of it. An old bearing a few pieces of pipe and you've got yourself a windmill. Just have fun with it, or give it to someone who has the time to be creative. Art
  9. Looks like you are trying to mate a post 55 fan to a pre 55 water pump. Personally now that you have drilled it out I don't know if I would trust it. It will probably crack right around the holes. The post 55 fan mounted on a shaft that stuck out further and missed the lower pulley that way. Some of the pre 55 fans were notched to miss the lower pulley, others had smaller blades since the water pump pulley on a pre 55 fan spins faster than a post 55 fan due to the size of the pulleys. Art
  10. Hello Old Buicks. It depends if it is an early, or a late 28 truck. If it is an early truck that should be the came length as a 27 car. If it is a late truck that would be the same length as a 28 car. Just like there are two lengths of 4 cylinder water pump in 28. Measure your spacing between the shoulder on the radiator and the shoulder on the cowl. From what we know now Chevrolet had succeeded Ford for the #1 auto manufacturing position when Ford had shut down to convert their factories from the model T to the model A. Not to loose that position Chevrolet made their transition from the 4 to
  11. Hello Meskhov, If you have your engine apart can I ask you to do a quick measure of your connecting rods for me? Are they 8" center to center, 1.5" crank journal, 13/16" piston pin diameter? Not sure if these measurements are for a W4, or a W5. Thanks - Art
  12. There was a 17 White truck rolling chassis out in Scapoose OR for quite awhile. Not sure what happened to it but you may see if you can find someone who can track it down for you.
  13. The thing about the powerglides is that you want to be at the very bottom mark of the dipstick, not all the way full. Seems that at the full mark it will leak past the converter seal and leave a pool under your car every time.
  14. Looks to be a late 31 style with the single piece bumper instead of the two piece early bars. If if has not been done STRONGLY recommend replacing the windshield from the original 1/4" plate glass to safety glass. You do not want a rock or something else turning that glass into 6" long daggers. Safety glass became standard on Chevrolet models in 32. A VCCA article some years back highlighted some of the differences between an early 31, and a late 31. Even the wood was somewhat different. Go to Bill Barkers 31 Chev site for info on tuning up and waking up your early 6 engine. A must read. Art
  15. LM was for a 28 Capitol truck. I think that was the early 28 truck without 4 wheel brakes. LP was late 28/early 29, and LQ was late 29. Unlike cars the truck models changed mid year, around June. I would have to look up which plant was #6 Art
  16. The 3rd brush in the generator regulates the generator output. The cut out is only a switch and is activated at 700 to 1,000 rpms. Get a 29 service/owners manual from the Filling Station. It will make your maintenance, adjustments, and repairs so much easier. The basic difference between a 28, and a 29 cut out is the orientation position where it is mounted on the generator. The 28 is crosswise, and the 29 is in line with the generator body. Many people have changed the internal components of their cut outs out to a large diode. When the cover is on the only one who will know is you. I have ha
  17. Hello Frank, in reality you do not need it to get your brakes adjusted well. I have had a 29 coupe for coming up on 20 years. Start by getting all pivots, rods, pins and bushings completely freed up and well oiled. Not WD40 it dries out, actual oil like it says in the service manual. They must not have any resistance so the springs can return everything back to its at rest position. Even the linkages at the rear wheels that don't look important are. All the spring bushings should be in good condition because if the axle can shift around all your adjustment are useless. The other thing you MUST
  18. Hello Don, I have a spare steering column. It is not rebuilt. Bearings and guidance to rebuild these steering boxes is available. Send me an email at beaconb3@gmail.com if interested. Art
  19. a sell

    20's frame

    Have you talked to a Jewett owner? When I was trying to get my Chrysler brakes sorted out a fellow who had two mid 20s Jewetts was the best source. He told me the external band Lockheed hydraulic brakes were an option on Jewetts and standard on Chrysler. Art
  20. I have heard WD-40 if allowed to soak in can soften up old rubber. Might be worth a try.
  21. Have you looked at Roberts Motor Company?
  22. Would you be interested in a model 72? The '29 75 was a hold over of the '28 72 with a few minor body modifications. Many parts on a 77 were different from the 72, or 75. Not sure whether the engine was a continuation from the two earlier series.
  23. 46 trucks did not have a synchronized 4 speed. The 3 speed however was in 2nd, and 3rd gears. The Advanced Design model did. Not sure if that started with the first year in mid 1947, or later. In the AD model the 3/4 ton models were unique in that they had an open drive line to the carrier bearing so it might work in your 39 either. Pull the top off of the transmission and look for the brass synchronizer rings. Art
  24. You might post this on the VCCA.org website as well.
  25. Hello nas90tdi The 28 is a popular model, and more mechanical components were save for it than almost any other year of early Chevrolet. I see by the lic plate you are in Washington State. I am a member of the Columbia River Region VCCA Portland/Vancouver. We can help you find a good candidate engine. Send me an email at beaconb3@gmail.com Art
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