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  1. That type of front brake system was only used on two years of Chevrolet - 1928, and 1929. 1930 went to a cable type system in the front. The springs if original to the axle look like 1 ton springs which would make it 1928. Art
  2. The 4 screw top type vacuum canister was also used on the smaller Chevrolets and probably other smaller cars. It is a stamped metal top whereas the 8 screw Stewarts have cast tops. There is a fellow in Texas who ended up with the remains of Mike Larsens tanks and parts. He has some parts, and is going to offer them in a rebuilding service. Art
  3. Yes, they are the 3/8" clad washers. I have a whole jar of the 5/16 washers but only a few of the 3/8".
  4. Originally it had 2 copper clad washers under the bolt heads for the thermostat housing. Some people switch out the bolts to stainless, but you still need the copper clad washers. I think the Filling Station sells them. Hard to source elsewhere. Art
  5. Could be a bunch of different Marques. The headlight looks like 31 Chevy truck
  6. Could you check to see how much it would cost to ship windshield #1 to Vancouver WA? Zip code 98663
  7. So we were good friends with Mike and Rosalie. I even got to drive that car trying to go on a tour. It acted like the thermostat froze in the shut position and it overheated. Mike and I had just put regular pump gas in it thinking we were going on a fairly lengthy tour and would burn most of it out. He had the big 31 Willies that was his favorite at the time and he loaned my wife and I the Nash. That was about 7, or 8 years ago before he passed away. We always meant to get both of those taken care of. The black and red color scheme on that car was his favorite. Not sure if you ever had a chance to come out West to Mikes shops but he had a lot of Nash parts. There were 3 large building with about 50 years of collecting many marques. There was an estate sale after Rosalie passed away. The fellow (Dave Charvet) who had charge of selling the cars could care less about the parts to support Mikes collection. About 3 days before the house estate sale the separate seller (Hendrick Sharples) the executors chose finally got permission to sell the parts. If there was a particular service manual, or unique part for a car I would put it in that car. Dave, and or Hendrick would pull them out. Not sure what if anything you got with the car but after the sale there was one other fellow who got involved. A fellow PRG HCCA member got permission to clean out the rest of the parts. There was still a lot of big Nash parts since they are an uncommon car. Mike was really big on owning one off and rare cars. Most people never are allowed to touch or even see many of these cars, and I actually got to work on them and see how they worked. I just wish I had a few more years with him as there is so much more to learn. I will ask if I can give out the number of the fellow who cleaned out the buildings. If so be patient. He is still working a day job, has kids, a family, and many irons in the fire. Many of the parts were thrown into totes to be transported down to a shop in Oregon City. Some were packed carefully but others - there just wasn't time. Many of the early parts Mike collected were not marked, but the later ones were often marked with a paint pen. I reminded him it would be helpful. I am in Arizona right now slated to go back to Vancouver WA April 14th. I just got got permission to give you his number. Pacific time zone is applicable. Be patient he has a regular job, kids, family and has a lot going on. He just mentioned he really needs to get rid of some of the stuff he cleared out. Send me a PM. Art
  8. Is that the 32 Nash from Mike Larsens estate? Send me a PM and maybe I can put you in touch with another member. Art
  9. a sell

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    Last July our frien Rosalie passed away. All the cars were put on ebay. The 4 buildings of parts went through the estate sale. I have been contacted by the new owner of the 6-17 coupe and am going to try to help him get it sorted out better.
  10. The Filling Station sells rattle cans of the correct color. Art
  11. Did Paige use Continental engines? If so there is a section at the bottom of the forum that just is about Continental. I sent you a private message with a lead. Art
  12. Go to the VCCA chat site. VCCA.org Forums
  13. The location where we have been storing our cars has a 31 DeVaux coupe like this. The owner drove it to a Durant meet in the midwest. There are a lot of Durant parts and literally tons of misc parts for maybe a dozen marques in three shops. Within the next month or so this is all slated to be sold. The property is going to a charitable trust who we assume will just scrap everything that is leftover. Art
  14. I believe this car will go up for sale in the next few weeks. Art
  15. Where I store my cars there is a 30 model Willys Knight with the 8. I think it has 24,000 miles on it. An amazing original example of a fine automobile. He called me up one day and asked me to help him with the engine. Not having worked on a model of this stature it was a treat. It would run but had no power. After some research the original distributor had two sets of points. My experience with two points has been in cars where the use of them was to extend the spark to burn more fuel thus reducing emissions. The use on this example was that one bank of 4 cylinders was fired with one set of points while the other bank of four cylinders was fired by the other point set. Took a little sleuthing but I was finally able to find the problem in a grounded out set of points. A little tinkering and the car ran perfectly again. Unfortunately when it came time for his memorial I could not get that thing running again even though I spent about 2 weeks on it. I kept thinking about the old song "My grandfathers clock" Art
  16. I have a used rad out of a 41 New Yorker I would like to sell. The top tank has had a small patch added for some reason. But it is such an unusual tank shape I did not want to take it down to the recycler. Art
  17. When I set up the rear axles on the model 72 coupe I just sold I used a dial indicator on the end of the axle. I bought a shim pack before proceeding. The seal retainer is also the bearing retainer and the shims under it sets the amount of clearance. When everything finally warms up there will be a pre-load on the tapered axle bearings. Don't forget the slotted spacer between the axle ends also comes into play. Do not jamb it to one side and assume everything will be alright. These were precision class automobile for their time, and cost 4 times what my little Chevrolet coupe did. Art
  18. Zenith made replacement carburetors for virtually every make and model. I have a carb and the advertisement for my 29 Chev. The mounting holes are set at about a 30 degree angle. Art
  19. Vancouver land has become a VERY valuable commodity. From what I have been told the widow of the original owner is selling the land so the wrecking yard will be reduced to the 5 acres included with the shop. A prime example of a "fire sale", everything must go. Art
  20. Make some yard art out of it. An old bearing a few pieces of pipe and you've got yourself a windmill. Just have fun with it, or give it to someone who has the time to be creative. Art
  21. Looks like you are trying to mate a post 55 fan to a pre 55 water pump. Personally now that you have drilled it out I don't know if I would trust it. It will probably crack right around the holes. The post 55 fan mounted on a shaft that stuck out further and missed the lower pulley that way. Some of the pre 55 fans were notched to miss the lower pulley, others had smaller blades since the water pump pulley on a pre 55 fan spins faster than a post 55 fan due to the size of the pulleys. Art
  22. Hello Old Buicks. It depends if it is an early, or a late 28 truck. If it is an early truck that should be the came length as a 27 car. If it is a late truck that would be the same length as a 28 car. Just like there are two lengths of 4 cylinder water pump in 28. Measure your spacing between the shoulder on the radiator and the shoulder on the cowl. From what we know now Chevrolet had succeeded Ford for the #1 auto manufacturing position when Ford had shut down to convert their factories from the model T to the model A. Not to loose that position Chevrolet made their transition from the 4 to the 6 in 2 years. In the 28 cars they extended the frame 4 inches and added 4 wheel brakes. The trucks changed in mid year, so the early trucks were a holdover from 27 and did not have 4 wheel brakes as far as I know. And they had the shorter hood. You might have better luck over on the VCCA web site. Send me a PM and I can send you a lead. Art
  23. Hello Meskhov, If you have your engine apart can I ask you to do a quick measure of your connecting rods for me? Are they 8" center to center, 1.5" crank journal, 13/16" piston pin diameter? Not sure if these measurements are for a W4, or a W5. Thanks - Art
  24. There was a 17 White truck rolling chassis out in Scapoose OR for quite awhile. Not sure what happened to it but you may see if you can find someone who can track it down for you.
  25. The thing about the powerglides is that you want to be at the very bottom mark of the dipstick, not all the way full. Seems that at the full mark it will leak past the converter seal and leave a pool under your car every time.
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