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  1. Terry, I don't think there is any seal at all between the column and the top of the steering box. And as far as the wire goes - it goes up the column to where the center steering shaft bushing and brass contact ring are mounted.
  2. There were conversions sold that could be bolted on almost any car that changed it into a snowmobile. These were mainly made for Fords but somewhere I have a picture of a 28 Chev coupe with it mounted on it at a gas station. There is a model T in Tacoma WA with it but would probably be useful longer in the New England states. Could that be what you are thinking of? Ice fisherman up in Michigan would often have open cars so if it broke through it would be easier to get out of. Much harder to get a door open when you are sinking in ice. Once under you would have to push the ice chunks out of the way to get back to the surface. Really must have had a bad case of cabin fever, right?
  3. Hello budd28, I helped another couple in our VCCA Region buy a 31 fire truck a few years ago. If you would to communicate with them let me know. It must have a different rear end than the normal 31 trucks because this is easily a 50 to 55 mph truck. I would be curious if yours is the same. I think regular production trucks were in the 5.75/1 range.
  4. Did you post in the Durant section as well? There is a fellow out of Texas that buys and sells a lot of Star/Durant parts. I think his name is Don. If your tank ends are okay a reputable body shop can make you a new tank with baffles.
  5. Are you sure its not a 1/2" pipe pet cock? Because that would have about a 5/8" external diameter.
  6. So two transmissions were offered for trucks in 1931. One was a 3 speed, and the other was a four speed. I think the owners manual has a diagram of both. You can purchase a copy of this manual at "The Filling Station." 31 was the first year for the revised mounting configuration, and a real bell housing as we know them today.
  7. White "smoke" usually = water. Does not take much to short out the plugs.
  8. Also used on the 28 Chevrolets. Its the 1928 version of the late 80s ABS stickers on many car makes. They could stop in a MUCH shorter distance than their predecesors with 2 wheel brakes. There were still many cars on the road with 2 wheel brakes at that time. I have a recast one I am going to use on my 28 project. I would worry about an original being forcably ripped off at some event.
  9. a sell

    parts wanted

    I have 1 20 rim I have not identified that came with my 29 Chev coupe. I use it as part of a living history display when we go to some car shows. It uses 4 mounting points. If you could send a picture of what you are looking for that would be great. If it is the right type I would let it go. Art beaconb3@gmail.com
  10. The driver of the second car almost looks like a gal. Thgat would be unusual for the day, and if so you would think there might be some sort of a record.
  11. Try Philbin Electric in Portland OR.
  12. I have a transmission for a 39 car. It is very small 9-1/2" long from front flange to rear of torque tube socket. This is the floor shift model not the column shift. It does not have the casting lugs for the e-brake since that would be to the left of the driver . Would like to get $75 plus shipping. Art
  13. The way the light switch looks it is similar to a 28 Chev. If you can save the handle you might be able to get a new switch. The 28 Chevs had two different switches. One had handle mounting tabs set at a 45 degree angle, where as the other one I think the handle is mounted straight across but it could be up and down. They are not interchangeable. The Filling Station carries both.
  14. Our 28 Chrysler used some similar ones. They had wires on both ends, and laced up the middle. Jack Corly in Gresham OR had them in stock. You might check with him.
  15. Recently saw a picture of a 28 Chev roadster pickup from Canada that had a fleetside bed and a smooth finished tailgate. The owner said there was not many made in this pattern. There were a lot of body builders at that time. Hercules pickups had smooth sided metal over wood pickup beds.
  16. I think those wheels can be found. The hub caps may be a different item. When our friend did a concours restoration on her 6-17 the restorer pulled the brass covers off the hub caps and restored them separately. There are the remains of 3 6-14 cars.
  17. Or truck. 29, 30, and possibly 28, and 31 Chev trucks used 6" x 20" rims.
  18. Looks to be a 6-14 Deluxe coupe. Should be a very nice car. Quite reliable and would have a mid sized Continental 6 cylinder with full pressure bearings. Someone might post it in the Durant forum.
  19. Hello Patrick, I suggest go to and contact the DMAC club at their web site. There are people who buy and sell Star, Durant, Flint, and the other makes founded by William Durant. The California Chapter is having their spring fling soon. A fun group that likes to tour.
  20. a sell

    center caps

    Keiser31 is right about the lower right being a horn button. The little Chev caps can be used on either wood or disc wheel hubs and came in at least two diameters. The nickle plated brass ones with the name were used on cars and the steel ones without the name were used on trucks. The mid 20s Chevy caps are worth $5 to $10 each. The Whippet looks in fairly nice shape so if you can find the right buyer could get a fair amount more. The DB cap was for Dodge Brothers.
  21. Do not really need the rest of the items but I am interested in the cut out that is sitting on top of the little cardboard box. Would $15 and shipping do it? Thanks for the consideration.
  22. Bear in mind that when the vacuum tank is NOT drawing gas from the tank you will have a slight vacuum leak that may make it seem to be running a little rough. Especially at idle.
  23. So there were at least 6 models of trucks manufactured in 1930 (US models). Add in Holden in Aus that made at least two styles of Ute and all of the other countries that had plants and it could be quite extensive. You may need to be more specific in your request about a particular model. IE Roadster Delivery, light delivery chassis, 1/2 ton pickup, Canopy express, Panel truck, 1-1/2 ton, or KD for export On the Chevy chat site there is a link to production figures by year. The trucks were not tracked as well as the cars and so there may not be a definitive answer to your question. You may need to be a member of the VCCA to view that section of the site. Both Hercules, and Martin Perry made trucks on the Chevrolet chassis, and it seems to me I have heard of other smaller builders as well. Not trying to confuse but help you define what you want as a production number. Art
  24. So a miss could be caused by many things. Poor wires, Poor plugs, Lean fuel, low valve clearance, vacuum leak, not enough or too much advance, low float level, Low lift on one cam lobe, ignition points, distributor wear, low compression on one cylinder. The list goes on quite a ways. Or a combination of any of the above. Start at the top, start in the middle, or start at the bottom but pay attention and mark them off so you don't get frustrated. You could start by shorting one plug at a time with a long screw driver. If you find a particular one that does not slow the engine, then switch it with a plug that you found as good. If it follows the plug then change that plug. If it does not then do the same function with the wires. Make sure the wires are real wire cored and not the carbon fiber type. The four cylinder plugs from 28 and earlier should be long nosed because of their location in the combustion chamber. The six cylinder plugs for 29 and later will generally be different. The Filling Station in Lebanon OR carries everything you might need, or Gary Wallace at 20schevyparts.com Good luck, keep us posted. Whatever you find and report may help someone else.
  25. The outlet you show looks like its for a 4 cylinder from 1928 and earlier. If the cylinder head has two exhaust outlets, and two intake ports then at least the head is 1928.