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  1. Shop manuals did not become commonly available till about 35/36 so we do not yet have specs for a rebuild. Wish that I could be of more help. Good luck and keep us in the loop
  2. Thank you! The whole engine if possible. Where is it located??
  3. I would love to get more details on that motor. Thank you
  4. I’m on a trip away from the shop. I will post one when I get back next week. It’s a crank for a 1932 Nash model 970 with a straight eight motor
  5. We inherited a number of ampco ignition parts and brushes. Is there a cross reference for these parts somewhere? We are trying to see what we have.I understand the prefix “AL” references autolite and the “F” references Ford. Does anyone know what the “EX” and “BX” refers to?? Thank You
  6. Is there any way to determine if this color combo was offered?? Thanks
  7. Well Ed, I know we have to get over the fact that we got taken on this deal. Called a guy in the Nash club looking for some parts. This guy helped settle the estate our 32 Nash belonged to, he said that he told the broker that the car had at least a head gasket blown and possibly a cracked block. The broker from lake Oswego Oregon told him that he was aware of it and would “ deal with it “ apparently pouring 4 or 5 cans of bars leaks into the engine was “ dealing with it”. My fault for not being more thorough. Stuff happens all the time to these old cars , I get it but this issue he was fully aware of and tried to cover up. Thank goodness we still love the car
  8. Thanks Ed! You are familiar with the problems we are having with this engine. Thanks
  9. Looking for a motor compatible with a 1932 Nash model 970 it currently has a 227 flathead straight 8. I bought this “tour ready “ car off ebay . It arrived with a cracked block. The swindler in Oregon who sold it to us is a “ classic car broker” who swears it ran like a Swiss watch when it left his shop. So we are looking for another block and weighing the option of having ours stitched Thank You
  10. Hello Carl! Thanks for checking in. Car was pushing coolant due to a head gasket issue. Block was full of bars leaks. Oh well . Buyer beware. We will fix it but I’m kicking myself for not doing a better job of inspecting the car. Thought I was too sharp to be fooled by a slippery car salesman!! Apparently not! Take care
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