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  1. It is pre 25, as after this buick went to adjustment screws at both ends. not the single adjustment nut. My 25 master has 14" OD drums. X 2"wide bands. My 1920 instead of having the split conecting linkage riveted together, is a solid linkage. I have never seen a lever arm shaped like that, One,s I have seen are longer, It might be from a four cylinder
  2. George Can you post some photo,s so every one has a better idea what it is like
  3. Leif 1080564 is a 23 engine number. we need to see a picture of the engine They got 1923 from that 945519 body number
  4. Eric Prices can vary widely depending on condition and how recent the restoration was and the model, master,s tend to be more expensive than the standard models, but again depending on condition. Open roadsters are the most in demand. As this car has only 90%paint condition, doors need attention, problem with running, 20K sounds too much to me, Unimogjohn is probably closer to the mark. The tube running up inside the heat riser often rust out at the manifold exit. These can be replaced , The jets can get blocked or the tips of the jets can split, but these can be brazed up and drilled to the right diameter for the model, It may need a new float, these can become saturated causing flooding. Once fixed up the marvels are a good carby and reliable Rod
  5. Alexandra Your car is a 1924 model 35, The 1924 cars are a very different looking car to 1923. 1924 also had front wheel breaks where as 23 didn,t. chassis/frame numbers for 1924 started at 1060178 so your,s is an early 1924 car (see attachment) as they had a production run of 21,854 for domestic sales and 4,294 for export 1924 was the last of the 4 cylinder cars. Rod
  6. Sandy Looks similar to my 25, 5 foot long 6 inches wide. can you give me dimensions and post some closer photoes Thanks Rod
  7. Roger, photoes of my 1920 headlights. Says Pat 1920 so 1916 must be different
  8. That is a 1926, 115 of these were built for export, model 26-49X Enclosed tourer where the hood did not fold. The model number is on a plate on the fire wall Rod
  9. hopefully it didn,t do any damage whenbeing removed
  10. dibarlaw The 25 ,26, and 27 standard radiator shells are all the sat the same size, the only difference is the 25 shell is flater, the 26 is more rounded at the front. But they are inter changable. Rod
  11. Leif What was this Buick used for. It must have had a short torque tube. :confused:
  12. If it was built in September 1925, it will be an early 1926 model. As Unimogjohn said the data plate on the firewall will give the year and model number. If the model number is 26-27, it was a 1926 year and model 27 is a two door coach. Seventy years of Buick by George Dammann has pictures of all Buicks, numbers produced, model numbers, etc . A simple way to tell the difference between a 25 and 26 is, a 25 has a combined starter/ generator at the back of the motor, where as the 26 has separate starter and generator Rod
  13. The Master Six Brougham Sedan was model 26-51, The model number should be on a plate on the firewall. These came on the 128" wheelbase, being the top of the Buick range, they had the plated headlights and side lights and a built in trunk rack. 10,873 were built. The master six had the 6 nuts on the rear wheels where as the standard six had 12. Parts are not interchangable between the master and the standard models Rod
  14. I think 24 to 27 are the same, just the brake linkages are different and different length torque tube between the models. As Drivea55 says, it would be easier to repair the crack rather than changing over the whole rear axle
  15. Ben I got mine from Antique Tyre Supplies. B.F. Goodrich 6.00x 22 $417 +GST tube $54 Rust band $36 I think he sold another brand which was a little bit cheaper Rod
  16. Ben I had a 25-25 thirty years ago and I couldn,t get 5.00x 22 tyres then, so I changed the wheels over to 21"and used 5.25x21"tyres. But a year ago I baught a 25-55x which normally has 6.00x22" but it has 5.00x22"Olympic,s on the front which I have to change over to the 6.00x22. These 5.00x22 have never been used, but he baught the car with them on more than 30 years ago and it sat in his garage never touched for that time. So where the prvious owner got these tyres from I don,t know.Its amazing your car still has the 5.00x22. Rod
  17. Leif In Seventy Years of Buick, there is no sport Touring in either the 25-45 or the 26-45 which both have the 120" WB. Where as the above car is a sport touring on a 120" WB. What we don,t know is wether the 25-25-S. had a standard six motor or the master motor. You would think if it had the standard body it would have the standard six motor as the standard bodies had a smaller (lower) radiator. Rod
  18. Leif A Buick club Member in Western Australia has this 26-45X Master on the 120"chassis. As you can see it has the built in trunk rack and the shorter body. he said it has the Fisher body not an Australian body. Rod
  19. Lex That page came from " Seventy Years of Buick" by George Hamman. In 1924 Buick only came out with 4 and 6 cylinder engines, The standard 6 motor came out in 1925 when the 4 was dropped. My figures show the 6 cylinder engine numbers for 1924 ranged from 1087630 - 1273001. Your car defenitly looks like model 47 and it says the model 47 was the most expensive model on the 120"wheel base. From your photo,s it looks like your car has the glass divider between driver and passenger which would be the top of the line model on the 120" wheel base. My guess is that being a Canadian Buick and an export there was a difference between the model numbering.
  20. calntvs The axles are different between 25 and 27 standard, Th 25 is square where it goes into the planetary gears and the 27 has splines as can be seen from the attachment from Leif. The splined axle and gears are better because there are no weak spots. the square gears break at the corners. You can change the axles to 27,s but you need to change the planetary gears also. Also the splined axle is thicker {and stronger} and there is a ring inside the axle housing which needs to be ground out a bit to get the axle in. I sent mine to a machine shop to have it done.The brake mechanism is different between the 27 and 25 so you can,t really change the whole axle. Rod
  21. Leif I was looking through " 70 years of Buick" . but could not find model 39. 23-34 was th 4 cylinder roadster, 23-44 the 118" wheel base roadster and 23-54 the 124" weelbase roadster. In the 4 cylinder line they went from 34 through to 38. Did they have variations of these exported to Europe or maybe Mclauchlan Buick PS. I have just read further and found an entry, "Later in the year the Model 23-39 Sport Roadster was introduced" production run 1,971 compared to 5,768 for the Model 34. I wonder what the differance was. Rod
  22. Volucer Look in multiple craigslist, good restoration projects regularly come up. It can be accessed through Buick Buy/Sell top entry
  23. He is advertising in the latest Buick News about getting another batch made. Cost approx $750 AUS plus shipping. Email : ranald14
  24. JB the body is a full restoration, but there is a E-46 body in Inglis Florida. No coupe,s were imported into Australia, so it would make a very interesting restoration. From the photo,s it looks like there is bad pitting rust in the rear section of the body around the trunk lid. Is there anybody in the Inglis area that could have a look at this coupe body. The bottom of the cowl and under the doors is rusted out but these are easy to replace. Rod
  25. Thanks everybody. It looks like these are smaller wheels than were normally on 1918 tourer 118" wheelbase. Maybe at some time the wheels were changed over because they could not get the correct tyres.