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  1. Hello Hans, can you please contact me? With best regards, Shahar
  2. Hello, are you still looking for those items?
  3. Hello, I have a 1927 master six engine located in north Italy. Best regards, Shahar
  4. Hello, I am interested and I am based in Italy. Kind regards, Shahar Tsabari
  5. Good news. The head is for sure red. From the replies looks like it should be all red.
  6. What about engine spare parts, gasket set and oil seals?
  7. Thanks all. Do you have any reference regarding to the right paint I should use (number etc)?
  8. Thanks. I will check for the cast number and take some photos as after removing the engine and gearbox we also raised the head this week. We will open the oil sump.
  9. If I am not wrong, A red head mean it is high compression engine. I don't remember where I read that. I will look for that article. Is that correct?
  10. I will inspect it soon and keep you informed. ST
  11. Thanks. It is clear that the head is red and the block looks silver/grey. Is that possible?
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