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  1. Can't find it, are you sure you have posted the correct number
  2. Thanks for above E. A. was quite a successful artist in his own right and he designed some of the dazzle ships for the Royal Navy in WW1 . His work is sought after and he published several books on various artistic subjects. I thought that I saw the P1 in Lancashire mid - eighties but must have been a similar car. Its a striking automobile.
  3. Noted Leicester Co-op on the chassis card. The Co-op was the largest owner of Rolls Royces for many decades as they owned the largest funeral business in the U.K.
  4. ERA


    Its only a few hours away and you can enjoy a bottle or two of Grolsch in the many bars whilst sauntering around the centre of Amsterdam red light area after dark. Its something not to be missed and the auction venue is not far from the city and with the Osenat auction being held the week before close to Paris which offers so much to see with a visit to the Folies Bergere which will give you wings just like a Red Bull. Your only here once so pack a suitcase and get going , the trains between cities in Europe are cheap and regular , accomodation is plentiful and inexpensive.
  5. ERA


    There are two auctions in Europe shortly that have a wide range of cars that could interest collectors. Bonhams have a large auction in Holland and the cars and bikes being offered have low estimates or no reserve , many are from the U.S The second is in France and although a smaller auction has some rare cars and automobilia rarely offered . I like the 8 cylinder Delage and the quirky Voisin .
  6. Hi Bob Debatable and am open to correction. Thirty , possibly thirty two cars were built by the three owners of E.R.A over the years with only one being retired due to a fatal accident using the E.R.A chassis and engines varying from supercharged 1.1 litre up to 2.0 litres and then 2 litre Bristol engines during the period that Stirling Moss competed in F1 and giving Bristol a 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the 2 litre class at Le Mans . One two seater raced in the late fifties fitted with a Jaguar engine along with five V8 sports cars with E.R.A works modified Standard motors engines which were produced by Coventry Climax using the gearboxes supplied from the Jaguar SS sports car which were being produced also by Standard motor cars. Twenty eight cars compete regularly today and am aware of another two Rileys chassis cars with E.R.A engines with history nearing completion that will be out and about soon. In the States I forgot earlier to add the E.R.A Delage and the V8 DHC which makes a total of eight cars . The others are owned in Britain , Switzerland , Germany , Thailand and Australia. Most of the cars had alternative engines and bodies fitted over the years due to the then low value of racing cars and the wear and the tear of competing them. A supercharged engine running on methanol when being raced needs a lot of work to keep in tip top condition and the cars were used every couple of weeks by their Gentleman drivers. In the sixties and seventies a few knowledgeable enthusiastic owners started to reunite engines and had bodies made in line with the original body shown in 1934 on chassis R1A. The race cars competed in G.P's from Cape Town to Melbourne - Indianapolis - Monte Carlo - Brooklands - Le Mans and even ice racing with spiked tyres in Stockholm in Sweden over the years and at international circuits and hill climbs broke records and won many of them . Four of the V8 cars took part in various rallies in the U.K in the few months prior to WW2. The only V8 sports saloon made was sold to a client in N.Z but the ship was torpedoed . Below is my E.R.A Facebook page and E.R.A website - Hope you enjoy. Below is a fabulous drawing of the first E.R.A produced at R1A by David Jones.
  7. Almost certainly not inspected on either side unless customs decide to take a look
  8. You shouldn't have any. The VAT is only paid when importing cars into the E.U or U.K. usually the maximum charged is 5% of the value including freight and insurance costs. A M.O.T isn't required in the U.K. for cars made before 1972 I believe. It is a certificate to say the car has been tested and is roadworthy . There are no customs charges made by the U.K. so only any charges that are due are on the U.S side , easily found online . Any good shipping company your side will advise you. Make sure you are sent/given a V5 certificate from the seller which gives all the cars details you will need this to give to your shipper when importing the car The seller need only photocopy and send in a part to the DVLA to tell them the car has been exported. You will also need a bill of sale. I have bought several and sold several cars to the States over the least few decades and never had any issues either side. That's it ,enjoy the experience
  9. The pouch is to keep the mandatory fire extinguisher when doing events as the car is spartan inside, when not doing events the bag is taken off.
  10. You might want to contact Oliver Way who was building another and not sure if he still has it or not. He also competed in one he built with I think an Austin frame which he may do a deal with you but you need to ask him yourself. Best of luck. P.S. Oliver is a nice chap.