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  1. Hello Hans, can you please contact me? With best regards, Shahar
  2. Hello, are you still looking for those items?
  3. Hello, I have a 1927 master six engine located in north Italy. Best regards, Shahar
  4. Hello, I am interested and I am based in Italy. Kind regards, Shahar Tsabari
  5. Good news. The head is for sure red. From the replies looks like it should be all red.
  6. What about engine spare parts, gasket set and oil seals?
  7. Thanks all. Do you have any reference regarding to the right paint I should use (number etc)?
  8. Thanks. I will check for the cast number and take some photos as after removing the engine and gearbox we also raised the head this week. We will open the oil sump.
  9. If I am not wrong, A red head mean it is high compression engine. I don't remember where I read that. I will look for that article. Is that correct?
  10. I will inspect it soon and keep you informed. ST
  11. Thanks. It is clear that the head is red and the block looks silver/grey. Is that possible?
  12. I know that web site, thanks. There are also great videos. ST
  13. Dave, attached a photo of my car as I received it (it can be seen in other thread). But now the body is off and the chassis was striped and is away for painting. The body is within the panel beater who said that it is not so bad (high quality steel). Will post more photos in the weekend. Thanks, ST
  14. Hello experts, I am restoring in Italy my Saratoga C30 8L. I am about rebuilding the engine and gearbox (fluid drive). The engine head is red and the block looks to by sort of grey. Can somebody advice about the correct colors for the mechanics? I mean, engine, gearbox, axle, differential etc.. Thanks in advance, Shahar
  15. Hello Dave, I am restoring a 1941 Saratoga C30 (3 windows coupe) 8L, my car is located at the north of Italy. I will need some indications regarding parts and some tips regarding the restoration process. Thanks in advance, Shahar
  16. Sure. The body is off the chassis and was sent to the panel beater. The chassis was completely dismantle blasted and painted and now will be rebuilt with new original parts. I have problems to find new front wheels brake cylinders (two for each wheel); I also look for steering wheel, rear screen inner frame, a spare wheel, head light and rear lights and for sure gasket set and oil seals for engine and gearbox. Thanks, Shahar
  17. Dear All, I am the owner of this car since last year. It is now located in north Italy and it just cost a fortune in spare parts, body work and delivery from the USA. Kind Regards, Shahar
  18. Parts for sale. My opinion is that the car is not suitable for restoration anymore as part of the back of the chassis was cutaway. Located in Italy Lake Garda. Thanks, ST
  19. Hello all I am looking for a Buick 1914 B24 windshield frame other parts may interested me too so please contact me. Thanks in advance, ST
  20. Hello Mr Colw, I own a 1914 Buick B24. Can you help with the followings:I am looking for the windshield frame and some photos of the Ash Wood work. Thanks in advance, Tsabari Shahar
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