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  1. Answering my own post, as I've done a little more research... It appears that in 1941, Chrysler used two different rear fenders on their C30 models - likely made necessary because of the war and lack of parts. The fenders were differentiated by serial number. In my parts book, the C30 used these rear fenders in 1941: Right Rear (up to 6629347-6757695) = 898647 (after 6629347-6757695) = 897884 Left Rear (up to 6629347-6757695) = 898648 (after 6629347-6757695) = 897885 My Saratoga falls in the "after" 6757695 category, so it's possible that my fender skirts are for earlier production '41s. Does anybody know what the difference in fenders was for the C30s that year? Dave
  2. I'm hoping someone has had experience attaching fender skirts on a 1941 C30. I have to admit I'm baffled as to how to position them and attach them correctly. Here is a side shot with them "hooked" on the front part of the rear fender and the bar clipped on the the inside of top of the fender well: Closeup of the front hook: However, I'm left with a sizable gap between the back of the fender skirt and the fender. The other puzzlement is where to attach the rear tab of the skirt to the fender. This isn't a great shot for reference, but bar below the tab is the rear fender support that attaches to the frame. I have clips that came with the skirts, but don't have any idea where to attach them. I initially thought that they attached to the same bolt that holds the bottom of the fender support, but the tab falls about 1-1/2" short. The biggest problem is that the front hook on the skirt is hitting the tire, which might make it just a bit of a safety issue. Being an optimist, I just assumed these would fit like a glove when I installed them, giving my Saratoga a different look for the Summer. Haven't been able to find anything online, so I'm hoping someone in this forum might have run across this issue. Thanks in advance! Dave
  3. About five years ago, I located a former Chrysler designer name Diran Yazejian, who reproduced the gravel guards for my '41 Saratoga. They're outstanding quality. Unfortunately, I can't find where I put his contact information - if anyone else knows him, perhaps they can put you in touch. Dave
  4. Interesting history on your Chrysler. If those are older pictures, have you installed the trim yet?
  5. I had mentioned previously about the Maple trim I installed in place of the original plastic. Here are a few shots of the dash, wheel and door trim. As I said, it may not be for purists, but finding original '41 Chrysler plastic trim is like searching for hens' teeth...
  6. Chry41, that is great researching! Really appreciate the time you put into it. The last image shows CCW which I assume stands for Club Coupe Windsor, so I guess the convention is to just use the number of doors for a sedan (4). Here are the changes I made to the template based on your findings. Thanks again! Dave
  7. It absolutely does, Chry41. Updating the template now - thanks so much! Dave
  8. Wow, thank you both for the great information! This forum never fails to blow me away. Bill, using your info, would the example below be a correct template to send a company to replicate a tag? I chose blue broadcloth (770) for the seats (Thanks, Chyr41), as I think it would best match the Neutral Blue paint color. Also the car does have Fluid Drive, with a 3-Speed transmission and Overdrive. Would having OD change the T3 number at all? Chry41, this isn't the original build record. I sent for a copy five years ago, a few months after I purchased the Saratoga. I'm not entirely sure they still provide this service, and someone else may have more recent experience, but I contacted a very helpful person by the name of: Danielle Szostak-Viers Chrysler Historical Collection CIMS 410-11-21 12501 Chrysler Freeway Detroit, MI 48288 I recall speaking to Ms. Szostak-Viers on the phone as well, but unfortunately, I've misplaced that number. My Saratoga does have the original straight-8. Actually, I posted some images a couple of years ago of the rebuild in this thread showing some before and after images of the engine, tranny and overdrive. It was kind of nice reviewing it. I have all the original beige plastic trim, which was in fair condition, and stored it away. I've replaced all of the interior trim - glove box, dash plate, horn ring insert, etc, etc, with maple trim that I custom built. It has laser-engraved and inlaid lettering on several pieces - and frankly the job took the better part of 2 years to finish. Be happy to post a couple of pics if you're interested. It's not for purists, but all of the modifications that I made to the car have been non-destructive and can be reversed by the next owner. Dave
  9. Resurrecting this thread because I'm trying to have a replacement body tag stamped for my '41 Saratoga. The picture of the tag at the top is a great reference, however I'm unsure of some of the data I need to include on my replica tag. I have the C30 and 226 (for paint number) but what would I include for the rest of the data, such as production # and Job #? Also unsure of I would data I would use to replace 4SR and T3 in the example. I have a copy of my build record below, but it doesn't see to include the Interior Trim Code on the card, and my seats and door panels were recovered decades ago. I'd like replicate the tag as accurately as possible. Any ideas on what data I'm missing? Thanks, as always! Dave
  10. Thank you, Spinneyhill. The last one looks especially promising, as I don't have the tag. I'll also give Bernbaum a call to see if they sell blanks. Much appreciated! Dave
  11. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction... My Saratoga is missing the stamped tag on the passenger side of the firewall - similar to this one on eBay (but mine is a C30). Is there any company or person you can recommend that can replicate a tag based off my build record? Thanks! Dave
  12. Narve, I tracked down a stabilizer bar set up for my car, and should have it soon. In the process of calling just about every salvage yard in the US, I came across some others, if you're still looking. Let me know and I can share some phone #s and in a few instances, some pictures. Just as an FYI, this set up isn't cheap, and the shipping to Norway could be pricey on top of the cost of the bar/linkages/mounts. Dave
  13. Thanks for the response, Scott. Here's a picture of the sway bar with measurements. The left linkage has been removed. I believe it's the same bar for 1941 Chrysler C-28, C-30 and C-33. Also think there are some other years and models that would fit as well, but don't have any cross-reference books to verify. Thanks! Dave