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  1. Hi All It seems it must be a normal problem for this. I have sadly just broken the ignition switch completely fell apart with contact for the ignition wires falling out all together. Similarly I can't get the assembly out of the car, so will follow these instructions, trying Leif's suggestions too. Once out of the car - I am worried that there will be parts broken inside as well as the main plate. Does anyone have spares? Regards Ben
  2. Hi Hidden Hunter Larry tracked me down via email as I don't get on the forum as much as I should. My car has a very similar setup in RHD (Brisbane based) - It had been laid up since 1969 when I put it back on the road in 2011 and it needed a couple of things checking on the distributor among the thousand others. Agree that the manuals and master parts books will help you a lot. I got an original set at Bendigo a few years back for not a lot of money. You should make sure that the distributor retaining screw is not tightened up too firm and there should be a bush and spring (from memory) on the retaining screw that allows the distributor to roll when the level turns it. I can send pics if you need. Nothing is too tricky though. Regards Ben
  3. Thanks Leif and Larry. I am on holidays now and will have a better look over the coming week for a replacement. I'll have a look at later 114,5" as Leif has said, as well as some modern equivalents. Regards Ben
  4. Unfortunately the brake springs for sale with Jeff Kearney are for MASTER. I am on the hunt for one for the STANDARD if anyone has a spare? Regards Ben
  5. Thanks Brian and Don. That gives me plenty of background to go on - unless someone knows the size of the key (I'll use the other side as a clue). It might be best to clean it up also. I can certainly sources a screw and salvage the existing retaining clip, but the spring was the main issue. I'll chase this up and see if they are still available. Many thanks fellow pre-war Buick fans. Regards Ben
  6. Hi Rod I haven't looked at the clutch as yet! That will be next. Regards Ben
  7. Hi Mark Thanks for this. The parts I am trying to locate is the screw, spring and flat retainer. I'll try to attach a photo.
  8. Hi All I have finally had time to get back to look at the Buick. It has been about 3 months since it broke down. On inspection, it appears that I have blown a key in the keyway for the outer LH Hub/axle. Can anyone tell me if it is a common failing and if I should be worried about breaking a key off? Everything else looks OK. Also, I am chasing a replacement inner band (handbrake) locater screw and clip, as well as the spring which connects to this (left hand side). Mine has been rubbing between the wheel and drum and has now broken the spring. Regards Ben
  9. Thank you everybody. This is a great help. i believe that my issue may be similar to Rods, as it was working one minute and not engaging the next, however obviously needing removal and inspection. Now, where's that spare day!? Leif, your supply of pictures is always appreciated! Regards Ben
  10. Hi All Time has come to replace the buick clutch for the 1925-25x. It went from a slight slip which had started to appear at Christmas time (under extreme load) to a complete failure last week (no longer engages at all). I am keen to know: What is the best way to remove the clutch? Is it possible to life the engine out and leave gearbox and torque tube in-situ, or is it only possible to access the clutch by supporting the body and dropping off the diff and torque tube to access the flywheel??? Has anyone recently repaired a failed 6 disc clutch arrangement recently. Is it simply a matter or relining each plate and machining the flywheel? Is there a pressure plate or does the assembly of 6 discs fulfill this role All help appreciated. I am without my Buick until this is resolived! Regards Ben
  11. Hi John Its great to read this thread this morning. (I have been off the air for a few months). Especially that you have found extra help from forum members, which makes all the difference! Having taken on a 1925 Tourer myself 3 years ago, which had been stored since 1969, I can truly appreciate the needs you have, which - with a slightly cautious approach to anything you do, and a lot of questions on the forum - you should have it ticking away pretty soon. These cars are simple and a lot of fun if you go about things the right way! Fuel systems take a bit to get clean when they have sat for long periods, and you may need to flush many tanks full of fresh fuel through until all of the gum and dirt disappears to the point that it is reliable. If the tank has been left empty to half full for long periods, you may find that it is corroded internally. You will see this as a fine red 'grit' which feels like sand when you pull things down. All in all, if you can get it to run and are confident adjusting the mixture and pulling the carby apart - Try to persist with short runs and see if it is improving. An in-line fuel filter can assist in the short term, but can affect the performance of the vacuum tank at higher speeds. Keep asking questions and I look forward to sharing some stories along the way. Regards Ben P.S It is getting colder her in OZ now - Down to 17C here yesterday - I assume that this means better weather ahead for friends in US? Enjoy
  12. Hi Lief. No problems. I must add that I need to clean the 'black stuff' of the internal contacts every month or so with vaseline on a rag, which comes off easily. I assume this is the same with the originals also. Kind regards. Ben
  13. Hi Larry I use a ford V8 condenser (1950s) for sidevalve. Works a treat. If your points are pitting that quickly and they are sparking yellow, change it over. These sell on Ebay for only a few $$$. Beware if you change your coil polarity, you will blow a condenser everytime. Ben
  14. Hi Leif Sorry its been a while since I have been on the forum. I have been using a black distributor cap from Bob's for a year or so now with my 1925-25X. I have had no problems and have done about 2000 miles with it. It is the original distribitor. Take care Ben
  15. Great news Larry. I look forward to seeing a 'driving' photo soon, showing the rewards of your hard work in action. Ben
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