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  1. Dave Its been 30 years since i had my buicks, a 25 tourer and a 23 tourer so the brains a bit rusty, but I seem to remember having difficulty getting the gear cover off because you can,t lift the engine up high enough. I think I might have had to remove the main engine bolts at the back of the engine (rear engine mounts) to be able to lift it up,but they were very difficult to remove especially with valance panels on. I had the body off my car making it easier. Hopefully somebody else might know if there,s another way. Rod
  2. The roadster is for sale $10,000 but not the 17 tourer. I didn,t ask about the 23. he said it would take about two days to get it out. Asked about getting photoes, he said it would be too difficult but if somebody from AACA could get there they could take photoes. Said there were boxes of spares in the loft, I,m looking for a 17,18,19, roadster but am from Australia. The logistics of getting a car in pieces over here?
  3. Roger In a 1918 tourer I had, the wood between the cowl and door pillar was not connected. The cowl wood tappered off towards the end all held together by the bolts through the cowl metal brackets. The door pillars were attached to these same metal brackets. Also being attached to the metal dash board. Rod
  4. That 1932 Buick coupe 56s is in multiple craigslist location sacramento