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  1. I believe it is a Master, it has a round bar between the frame rails at the front. Eric.
  2. So what is the differnce between and Master and non Master?
  3. It is a 26S with the rumble seat and side golf bag door. Wheels are like new, new tires, interior is redone and paint is 90%, I thought these would be worth around $20 K or more?
  4. The current owner tells me that the stock carburation, heat chamber and manifold are a poor design and should be converted to a down draft carb??? How rare are these, do you know how many 2 doors were made that year?
  5. I am looking at buying a 1928 2 seater buick with a rumble seat, it is in good conditions but needs some work on the doors and does not run well due to carburation. Can someone tell me what these are worth and any information about the carburation on these engine? Thanks, Eric.
  6. Coil spring specialties ahad the specs, I will check the dimensions.
  7. I used Coil Spring Specialties and purchased the GS coils which lowers the car just slightly, it will take a few months for the front end to settle in to the correct height and I am very happy with height, I can give you the final meaurements if you would like. Eric.
  8. The clamshell paint is the same as the rally rim paint, Charcole from the Eastwood Company.
  9. I am running 215/75/15 and it fits in the trunk space just fine. Eric.
  10. Picture attached, I got mine from Clark's Corvair.
  11. I just listed a NOS headlight motor on EBay.