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  2. Spell check didn't catch that. Bob
  3. By no means does he object to the post, not a car related posts,still history.I object of non car related posts,but is in general discussion
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies. The car does have a 3rd seat. I will be removing the debris out of the car and evaluating the overall condition before posting it for sale. I'm glad I am able to save this car before it turns back to soil and iron ore.
  5. The side and tail lamps of my 1911 IHC J 30 are in poor condition but original to the car. They are a brand I don't know of, the Indiana Lamp Co in Connersville, Ind. Before I purchase reproduction E & J's, is there anyone who restores these lamps other than Rick Britten. I have nothing against Rick, his work is impeccable, but I can't afford his prices now that I had to retire. If you know of anyone, or you restore them yourself, please let me know. Thank you indeed!
  6. That's what I do. I built a verticle 1/2" axle with a lawn mower or wagon wheel & tire mounted on the top of the axle. Put your wheel on the wagon tire and slowly tun it as you paint the back of the wheel with attention to the back side of the spoke at the hub, then turn it over and do the front the same way. Paint the rim inside & out last. Don rush it.
  7. Looking for advice/suggestions on where to locate new chrome lug bolts for my 1953 Buick Special Riviera. I see Amazon has 12mmx1.25 or 12mmx1.50...are these correct? The threading on those look coarse. Mine are fine. Thank you
  8. I recently acquired a very early (December 1927) Victory Six with internal threads on the top of the master cylinder. Absolutely every other Victory master cylinder I have is the other way around. I am guessing that this is the early design. Also a very different fill cap on the early one without the one-way valve.
  9. I got my rear floor mat and trunk rubber from Cal Rubber in Santa Anna, CA. This is what i used: They also have the simple ribbed rubber floor mat too
  10. Please ignore. I figured it out on the third try.
  11. thank you Ron I do have extra axel and drum not sure I could keep it spinning and painting at same time how do you do it ? do you use regular paint gun ?????????????
  12. Hi Spineyhill, Thank you for your comments. Based on my research and sime litarature found it seems that the S-1431 Philco box was used along with the 1937 dash control head presented by you in 1937 Studebakers. All the best to everyone, Cristian
  13. Anyone in the Harrisburg PA area know of anyone who uses their unique cars to give kids rides to their prom location? My grand nephew wants to impress and a regular limo just ain’t his style. My cars just don’t fit the bill because they are two seaters and they need dropped off. Just be a short ride from the house to the prom location. School is Central Dauphin East. Date is 26 April. Drop off at Best Western on East Park Drive. Thanks for for your consideration! Tony
  14. Is it a Unity brand? They made spotlights for the auto trade and were often found on fire trucks as plug in or portable hand held units.
  15. Anyone know anything about it ?
  16. Thank You. I figured it was for a 1929 Studebaker. Wasn't sure. It's in very good condition.
  17. I seem to be having a good day so I decided I might as well try the next step. I put the bearing on a mandrel and turned it down to the finished size... 1.925 It fit just about perfectly... All that is left is to make the oil pockets and the oil groove. Then, because I have to finish the intake manifold in order to get measurements to finish the oil manifold I soldered one of the elbows to a spare piece of tubing. This is to hold it while I file and sand. I also started on the special bolts with built-in standoffs that will hold the manifold on... This is also an experiment in making identical pieces, something that is a lot more demanding than most people think.
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  19. Lower picture is a Turbo 400. Should say Hydramatic on the pan.
  20. Yeah, I would imagine it really sucks. Well, we know somebody HAD to say it.😄 Paul
  21. Broker-len In order to assure a durable, complete, and long-lasting result, I have my wire wheels first sandblasted and immediately powder coated with a close matched color by a professional shop. That really isn't expensive here, and assures a good protective bond/undercoat. Then I apply the finish paint coat(s) OVER the initial powder coating in the amount required for excellent, smooth results. I use an old axle with front hub at chest-height for this finish painting. I turn by hand. Results are Concours ready. Good luck. RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  22. I would disagree on the hard edge - I think the line is caused by sunlight that just can't bend around the curve or show the gradience of the curve. I would agree that the roof of the church car appears to be mono-texture, i.e. no vinyl. Did all the '29 Chevys like this have that vinyl insert? Having seen your roof, I may be able to see something on the roof of the "porch" car pic, and also on the keiser31 pic, but not really on the wood-spoked car pic. Here is a new-found pic to compare side-by-side to the original pic. This link has a series of pics for this car.
  23. Water pump info: Star C,F,4 Cyl,. 1922-26 ......Shaft WS133 .......Impeller WI-44.......Pack nut B165....Bushing B593.. ///////////////// Shaft: WS133 Star C,F.......1922-26.......5/8 Large DIA.......4 13/16 Lng... Continental W4, W6 .......5/8 Large DIA.......4 13/16 Lng... /////////// Impeller: WI-44 Star C, F, M,.........................1922-28 Continental H6, H8, W4, W5, 6Y Durant M2, M4, 40..............1928-29 /////////////////// Pack nut: Star C, F, M, R and lots of others
  24. Hey, I am soooooo confused now i need to ask you experts about what transmission I have in my 63 Riviera. Sorry up front but here is what I found under the car. I have a 13 bolt pan and a metal plate on the passenger side with the nomenclature printed on it that reads 6D - 64 77536 on the plate. I looked for a pan gasket and found that there are many more holes in them than the 13 holes in my gasket. this is the one from CARS for a 1963 Riviera This one looks more like the pan gasket configuration that I have. So, what transmission goes with this gasket? .
  25. Well the entire exercise has turned into a project, as the stubborn manifold bolts would not budge - I managed to get 1 out of 6 out of the head - not bad for a beginner eh ? Even after careful heating with an oxy/acetylene torch the bolts simply would not turn. Heck, they have only been in there since 1967. After breaking two of the through bolts, with no choice, we decided to remove the head on the right side of the engine to drill out the remaining bolts. As expected, this has turned into a major job, but it's much too late to turn back now ! Onward and upward is the only way to go ! Man over machine, sez I ! Also on the + side, a good time to detail that intake manifold.
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