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  2. I'm 68 years old and ever time I read something about electricity I understand less and will die knowing NOTHING. Up to this point in my life there was POSITIVE with + sign, and NEGATIVE with a - sign. What is (-ve) and (+ev) ?
  3. As we know unfortunately not always, but most times.
  4. In the past few days there have been about 50 new span accts created. All from Russia. I've banned them all. However, many of the now banned accts sent private messages marketing misc things. They've all been deleted. I've adjusted the spam setting even tighter to prevent this from happening in the future. This is the internet folks. Spam Happens. We were NOT hacked. NO personal information was accessed.
  5. An easy way to set total timing is to use a Snap-On MT2261 timing light . No marks needed except TDC. I use one on my 1929 . This may too simple .
  6. This photo was found in a letter dated 1914. Researching the writer finds her name registered in New York and owner of a Franklin Auto in that year. Can anyone verify that this auto is a Franklin? thanks in advance.
  7. I would like to purchase a LED rear tail kit and the mustang site that is suggested cost about $250 for 4 bulbs and a flasher. Is this about the same cost from other suppliers? Or is there another way to do it with a different flasher? I appreciate any suggestions.
  8. After a generator cut-out fire (right next to the carburetor) in my 1929 Hudson Coupe, I've installed a battery switch in every vintage vehicle that I've had since. I strongly encourage my friends to do the same (right Matt?). To all the great folks here at the AACA, please do this small safety modification to protect your historic vehicle, and possibly your life. This is my easy-to-reach switch mounted in my current unrestored daily driver, a 1930 Ford pickup...
  9. If you are going to disconnect only one terminal, then ground(-ve) is the better one to disconnect. Having said that, nothing wrong with disconnecting the +ve terminal either.
  10. Somebody must have car fire research information, wonder what are the most common causes? Wonder what lit the Packard in the hauler? Bob
  11. The best source for 1936-1941 Buick parts such as that is Dave Tacheny. You can best reach him by calling him between 4 and 7 pm Central time at 763-427-3460 on weekdays.
  12. With the exception of getting out to go to a food stand, what do the golf cart people do? Bob
  13. Around here, with a green light, you have to wait for the intersection to be cleared before proceeding .... it's like a choo choo train effect... they are running the red light and they are bumper to bumper while they are doing it - unbelievable ! Steve
  14. I would think disconnecting the positive should be sufficient. As long as the engine is not turning over there will be no voltage generated that can do harm. If you disconnect just the NEG thermal on the battery (on a NEG ground car) there are ways that under the wrong circumstances an alternate path to ground can be established and harm done. The idea of a multi-pole switch makes perfect sense when the need to completely disconnect a running car is required. As mentioned, a competition car would need to completely shut down the electric connections especially when an accident might have happened.
  15. 1989 Bentley Turbo R
  16. 80 Vette with 3rd it really goes!
  17. 1977 Maserati Khamsin
  18. According to the program the swap meet is all day Saturday too, nothing with the car show would prevent the vendors from vending!
  19. 1927 Model 8B Gardner Imperial Sedan 299CID on the 125" W/B 8 cylinder
  20. For winter storage, I've been disconnecting the positive terminal on the battery, then once a month, hook it up and attach the trickle charger, run the engine, then disconnect it again.... just wondering if both pos & neg terminals should be disconnected during storage ? Thanks Steve
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