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  1. That whooshing sound you hear is every 79-85 owner sharply drawing in their breath while looking at the pictures.
  2. 8?-85 Opera Lights is the post. It is on page 2 as of now.
  3. Barney, They are in the Clive Cussler Museum. Clive is an author of action novels where his hero is a car collector and many of Clive's cars are in the books.
  4. rivgs

    Question - correct carpet for '59

    Derek, You want loop pile, cut pile wasn't until much later ( mid/late 70's ).
  5. rivgs


    I have had NOS retainers do the same thing, bend the tabs a little outward.
  6. rivgs

    Lamp inside mirror?

    The gray rubber trim around the mirror face makes this a late 60's mirror ( 67 to 70 ). The rubber trim is part of making cars safer in a crash.
  7. rivgs


    John S, You are correct, they are not T-types but many people call them that . Normally the turbo convertibles do not have the amber turn signal lens, but have the "turbocharged" grill badge, fender badges and the alloy wheels to differentiate them from the "regular" convertibles.
  8. He forgot to mention blind people as well.
  9. Ed, Think of a power window switch for a standard interior and rotate it 90 degrees. That would be the passenger side switch for vent windows. the drivers switch was a doubled up version. They were mounted where the crank handle would be for non power vent windows. My first 65 was dark blue with the light blue interior a 401 and EVERY option except reverb. It was a car I should have kept. But being a dumb high school kid I let it go to get a 71 Riv. A friend wanted it for a race car so I stripped the interior and other parts he didn't want off of the car. The wood wheel is now on my 65 GS.
  10. PWB, What you are looking for is listed on the Minneapolis, MN craigslist. Type in 73 Riviera.
  11. It makes the triple black 73 for 80K look like a bargain.
  12. rivgs

    Archival judged class

    John, I don't have all the details but it started the same time as the racing car class "T". Class S was to address the various Ambulance and Hearse conversions that would show up to the Nationals as the Modified judging wasn't really fair to them. I am pretty sure Alan Oldfield was the person who got these classes started.
  13. rivgs

    Archival judged class

    Bernie, You can be judged in the "S" class. Cars that look like Buick could have built them but didn't. I had my 96 Riviera convertible judged in that class in 2012.
  14. Check page 6 of the July 2018 Bugle.