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  1. rivgs

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    Al, I agree with Brian's statement above. I would love to take credit for this but it would be a lie. As for Brian's last paragraph, I give it two thumbs up.
  2. Hi Ed, I plan to be there and I may bring a flock of Syrdals too, add 5 more.
  3. Surfgeek, The green 72 isn't far from me, I can look it over if you are interested in it after talking to the owner.
  4. Alan, Check EBAY, I have found some good working units there.
  5. Has anyone seen the video of this car on youtube? I lost count on the things done wrong during the redo ( this car was not restored ). The entire under side is the same black except for the exhaust. No flat or semi gloss difference, the steering components are also black except for the steering gear ( silver? really? ) The radio doesn't work, there is a small split in the drivers armrest. The GS emblems are red, not gold. The nose "R" is missing, The sunroof option required a vinyl roof if I remember correctly ( he keeps calling it an Moonroof AUGH!!! ). It has triple stripe redlines. There are other things as well. If you a cool with buying a slightly customized car, Okay. But if someone is looking for something authentic, you will be very disappointed.
  6. rivgs

    1918 Buick Barn Find! - Feedback

    Peter, Buy it and have some fun. Perhaps a drag race between it and the VW bus? My bet's on the Buick. 😁
  7. rivgs

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    The 2010 meet in Iowa was a judge on Friday, awards on Saturday show. The was an all makes show on Saturday that was a lot of fun. The Friday judging came in handy after the torrential rain on Friday morning ( which doesn't even compare to what happened a week later ). I thought it worked out rather well.
  8. I followed Jason's advice and did a google search, whew, I haven't seen reviews like that since Randy Rymal was in business.
  9. I will be there, via Denver. Things worked out to hit both meets this year.
  10. Since you have the console apart for the headlight switch, there are two screws at the bottom radio panel, remove them. Remove the 4 screws that hold the switch panel above the radio and remove the radio knobs and remove the nuts at the radio control shafts ( they are behind the knobs ).
  11. I spoke with him at Milwaukee, over 100K if I remember correctly. Not a very correct restoration ( done to show car standards, not correct standards). His plans were to show it for a few years then put it on the market.
  12. rivgs

    75 riviera worth

    I would agree with Paul, if you are looking for a drivetrain. Do NOT spend money to restore this car unless you love it, because you would not get your money back.
  13. rivgs

    Winter Buicks

  14. rivgs

    75 GS

    He has been trying to sell this for a couple of years now. Needs paint and bumper fillers. Overpriced IMO.
  15. rivgs

    First Snow!

    Old-Tank, You have had more snow than Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minnesota. And people say we're the frozen tundra.