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  1. Since you have the console apart for the headlight switch, there are two screws at the bottom radio panel, remove them. Remove the 4 screws that hold the switch panel above the radio and remove the radio knobs and remove the nuts at the radio control shafts ( they are behind the knobs ).
  2. I spoke with him at Milwaukee, over 100K if I remember correctly. Not a very correct restoration ( done to show car standards, not correct standards). His plans were to show it for a few years then put it on the market.
  3. 75 riviera worth

    I would agree with Paul, if you are looking for a drivetrain. Do NOT spend money to restore this car unless you love it, because you would not get your money back.
  4. Winter Buicks

  5. Who Is Bob Safrit?

    Look up southern gentleman in the encyclopedia and you will find Bobs' picture.
  6. 75 GS

    He has been trying to sell this for a couple of years now. Needs paint and bumper fillers. Overpriced IMO.
  7. First Snow!

    Old-Tank, You have had more snow than Minneapolis/ St. Paul Minnesota. And people say we're the frozen tundra.
  8. If someone is interested in the 73, I can check it out for you. As Jason said, the color scheme does leave something to be desired but you will stand out at a car show.
  9. Someone did some free style recovering of the seats, the white piping is not factory correct. The emblem in the horn cap is not correct either ( should be a silver "R" on a black background ). I would also be concerned about the quarter windows being up when the top is down, they go down automaticly when the top is lowered, so they may be broken.
  10. 66-69 vinyl top trim

    66 and 70 A pillars were not covered, 67-69 were covered by the vinyl top. The 66 used a stainless steel piece to edge the vinyl top, 70 used a plastic piece that matched the vinyl top.
  11. Front bumper 63-64

    Rodney, They are interchangeable, watch for rusty bolts that could snap off. Otherwise it is pretty straight forward procedure.
  12. The light monitor looks like it is from a 70's Eldorado convertible.
  13. MZ

    To all, when did Buick change the trunk material from tan to dark gray? I would have thought that by March the switch was done, but perhaps I am wrong.
  14. The wheel should be face down. While you are at it, make sure the valve stem is accessible so you can check the air pressure without having to remove the spare.