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  1. Hub cap identification

    The wheels without the hubcap clips for the small hubcap are probably not original to your car. They are likely from a later model Buick or they were removed by a previous owner. Joe
  2. Hub cap identification

    I agree. So the mystery continues. These wheel covers are probably made for 16" wheels but I cannot find any reference to them in any parts books. Joe
  3. Hub cap identification

    I cannot seem to find any 16" wheels offered for 1951 Buicks, the last models using 16" wheels were probably early 1949 Specials that still used the pre-war body stampings and looked nearly exactly the same as the 1948 models. Interesting problem, I wish someone could find a reference to these 16" Buick script wheel covers. Joe
  4. Hub cap identification

    OK, thanks for your response. I will check my parts books to see if the 1950-51 Specials came with 16" wheels as they did in 1946-early 1949 or were offered as an option 16" wheels. If so, then maybe they offered the full wheel cover for the 1951 models with the 16" wheels. However, I agree that every one I have seen with the BUICK in script was for a 15" wheel. Joe
  5. Hub cap identification

    My guess, and it is only that, is that Buick marketed variations in wheel sizes for certain export markets. For example, for 1946-47 Buick offered 18" wheels in Canada and probably other northern areas such as Norway. The 16" wheel cover in the 1951 style is a little puzzling, but who knows, maybe that was also offered in 16" size. One other possibility might be an aftermarket wheel cover, but the ones I have seen usually misspell BUICK or use fake characters to avoid patent or copyright issues. Happy Holidays to all! Joe, BCA 33493
  6. 51oil filter color

    Beautiful oil filter canister. All you need now is to affix the correct decal. Looks great! Joe, BCA 33493
  7. 1940 Super $7500

    Description says automatic. Do you think it has a Dynaflow transplanted into it or is it just a simple mistake? Hard to see if there is a clutch pedal on the floor in photos. Very nice car from what I can see. Joe
  8. Wheel Advice - 53 Special

    Some will have the slots for the hubcap clips and some wheels have the clips already on. The ones with the clips are likely to be wheels from older models. The wheel size should be 6X15. Joe, BCA 33493
  9. Seen on vacation...

    The "J" bars on the back bumper look pretty nice in this photo. Thanks for posting. Joe
  10. 51oil filter color

    For the housing I used Plasti-kote Engine Enamel GM Corporate Blue, No. 221, probably what Ben is referring to. For the top I found a color very close to the Chevy engine color; Krylon Pumpkin Orange Gloss No. 2411. Joe, BCA 33493
  11. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    This problem can also occur on the straight eight engines. I had to discard an intake manifold off of a 248 cubic inch straight eight from the late 1940's. There is a plenum at the base of the manifold under the carburetor where exhaust gas circulates to heat the carburetor base to help warm the carburetor during startup in cold weather. In this particular manifold the wall in the casting separating the exhaust plenum and the intake section had rusted through so exhaust gases could enter the intake manifold: as Willie says, it created it's own EGR system. This could be very hard to diagnose as the cause of poor performance. To test a manifold for this defect, on a level table turn the manifold upside down so the carburetor opening is facing the table. Now pour water into the exhaust plenum and see if water runs out of any of the four intake tubes or the carburetor opening. If it does then the portion of the casting separating the exhaust plenum from the intake section is defective. The manifold could still be used by fabricating a steel plate to block off the exhaust plenum from the valve body (hot box). However, there may be other defects in the casting given this defect. Joe, BCA 33493
  12. The Buick convertible does look like a 1948 model, possibly a 1947 model as they are nearly identical in outward appearance. However, this car could not be a Special as there were no Special convertibles in 1947 and 48. It is a Super as the script on the right side front fender indicates it is a Super. Great looking car. Thanks for posting. Joe, BCA 33493
  13. Cannot find water pump lube and anti-rust additive

    I asked about the water pump lube because I heard a squeaking sound that turned out to be the fan belt. Rubbed the side of the belt with a candle and it quieted down. So now not sure if I need the water pump lube... Does it really lube the pump? I always thought so but why do none of the parts stores carry it in stock anymore? Joe, BCA 33493
  14. In the past, whenever I flushed the cooling system and renewed the antifreeze mixture, I always added a can of water pump lubricant. Major parts suppliers do not stock it any longer. Is there anything like this available today or are the new antifreeze formulations such that it is no longer needed? I know GM used to sell a water pump lubricant in a can to add to the radiator. Joe, BCA 33493
  15. 37 Special valve body butterfly seized help .

    In my experience with straight eights, it is better to leave it "open" allowing exhaust gases to go directly out exhaust pipe if you cannot free it up. This will be fine in most instances unless the temperature goes lower than 50 F in which case there may some icing on throttle plate and a little longer warmup will be needed. Joe, BCA 33493