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  1. Bob Hill

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    What's next - Driver's Participation Class at the AGNM? Sorry - I don't care for the rule change but no one asked me so doesn't matter. Bob
  2. ^^^ I have to admit that I with you on this. I have been around the hobby since 1978, very active since the early 90s. I have been extremely disappointed over the last couple of years between less than ethical folks selling cars and parts, club politics and the acceptance into so many clubs of modified cars that it has made me rethink my participation. I have decided to basically enjoy my old cars without dealing with the clubs, etc. I can enjoy the car hobby and never go to a club meeting or show and be very selective about who I deal with when buying stuff Bob
  3. When i was about 13 and spent hours going through Hemmings Motor News each month reading ads and dreaming of one day owning an old car Bob
  4. One question I would ask is "how important is it to you that you win a trophy at Hershey?". The reason I ask that is that you could always enter it in class judging and see how you do and realize you might come home empty handed or might be surpised and win an award. Realize (1) as Steve said, you will be going again cars with fresh restorations and (2) Hershey is probably one of the hardest places to win because of the large amount of cars in your class combined with the freshly restored cars that show up there and these can high point you out of an award. That could cost you a 1st Junior or maybe even any award as worst case scenario but you will know how your car will do in class judging. Another option is to enter it in DPC where you will most likely "win" an award. Bob
  5. Bob Hill

    Wiper issue

    The issue was that they had installed the crank arm 180deg out. I removed it and put it on correctly and that fixed the issue. thanks for all the advice Bob
  6. Bob Hill

    Wiper issue

    I have a 66 Bonneville with a wiper issue. Installed new motor and everything works fine except the park position is in the full up position instead of resting at base of windshield. I’ve checked everything I can think of but can’t figure it out. Any suggestions? thanks Bob
  7. Bob Hill

    1966 Bonneville wiper issue

    No slop in linkage -it feels good and tight but not too tight. Wipers don’t catch on the a pillar but stop on windshield while moving
  8. Bought a 66 Bonneville and the wipers weren’t working. Installed new motor and now they work but not correctly. On low speed, they seem to “catch” as they go across the windshield and sometimes stop and on high, they go so fast, it is unreal. New blades as well so isn‘t blades. With wipers off the glasss, everything apears to move normally any ideas. thanks, Bob
  9. Bob Hill

    PETER G.

    He is actively involved in many aspects of the VCCA (Vintage Chevrolet Club) including member services and forum adminstration. Bob
  10. Bob Hill

    Questions about VIN numbers and trim tags

    As others have said, VIN and Trim Tag decoding may work in a single marque club but not in a multi-marque club like the AACA. I personally like the way AACA judging is done - judge teh vehicle the way it left the factory OR could have left the factory with supporting documentation required if questionable. There is no way in a span of several hours could you possibly check every VIN and/or Trim Tag on a show field that has maybe 250 or more cars. Ina single marque event - for example NCRS - you have fewer cars and divided into a couple of years so you can have experts on that paerticualr span of vehicles. That just isn't possible in AACA. Bob
  11. Bob Hill

    Car Classification

    Exactly as Restorer32 said - limitied production doesn't mean a combination of options for a commonly produced car. I have a Corvette that is extremely rare as far as combination of options and color but it still a regularly produced car. off the top of my head I can't think of any limited production cars in 1994 except maybe the Renault Clio Williams Bob
  12. Bob Hill

    Southeastern National Spring Meet Results?

    Disregard - found them on AACA home page
  13. Did I miss the results for the Southeastern National Spring Meet or have they not posted? Thanks Bob
  14. Bob Hill

    2018 Charlotte Meet photos

    Thanks for the great pictures - looks like a decent turnout despite the weather. Bob
  15. Bob Hill

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    This was one Meet I always thought I would like to attend but never have - usually because a couple of other clubs I am in have regional or national meets in April so hard to make three far away shows in the same month. Based on what I am reading here though, glad I have skipped it. I have no desire to go to a show where there are new cars, modified cars, etc. as I can get that any local show any weekend. I am glad folks enjoyed it and I know the show will continue on without my involvement but this will be one I will mark off of my list of potential shows. Bob