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  1. I posted this in the Buy/Sell but it never got a view so maybe its not the right place? Anyway Looking to buy a factory style front license plate bracket for my 90 convertible. Thanks Bob
  2. Sounds good to me - always up for a meet with other old car enthusiasts Bob
  3. I live about 10 miles south of Fayetteville - I'm right on the TN/AL state line - 20 miles north of Huntsville, AL and about 80 miles south of Nashville Bob
  4. Thanks. They are from an 04 and fit perfectly. I used a dremel to remove the Cadillac emblem from the center caps and replaced them with the Reatta center caps. Took a little time but looks much better IMHO. Bob
  5. I owned a Reatta coupe about 15 years ago - maybe longer - and decided I wanted another one. Was really looking for another coupe but this convertible came up for sale near me so I checked it out and ended up buying it. It has 130k miles and runs and drives great. Needs very few things (hood struts and passenger side interior door panel vent grille). So far I am pleased with my purchase. I paid $3800 which I think was a decent deal - I was obviously satisfied with the price LOL. The top down picture was prior to me getting the Reatta emblem installed on the CTS wheels. Bob
  6. Looking to buy a factory style front license plate bracket for my 90 convertible. Thanks Bob
  7. Disconnected the PSPS this afternoon and have driven it a lot and the AC has yet to shut off so apparently that was the issue. Bob
  8. That's sort of what I was thinking. Will look into it tomorrow- hopefully it will be fairly simple to find and get to. Thanks Bob
  9. I decided to try something. I went out and started the car and there was no AC so I turned the steering wheel and it came on. As I went from lock to lock, I could hear the compressor coming on and turning off. So either it is this switch you or something else really weird. What is this switch and where exactly is it located? thanks
  10. I have a strange problem with the AC on my 90 convertible. If you crank the car cold (like early in the morning or after it has set several hours), the AC works great. While it isn't as cold as I would like, it has been converted to R134a so I figure it's about as good as it's going to get. Anyway, the AC works great for about 10 miles and then it quits. No matter what you do, the clutch won't engage. When all is running well, the pressures are fine. I replaced the relay, by-passed both low and high pressure sensors and nothing changes so I have eliminated those items. I have no clue what is happening so need some advice on where to go next. I may have to take it to an AC guy but I would like to solve this myself. Thanks Bob
  11. Thanks. I have been looking for a Reatta for a while now. I had one back in the 90s but it was a coupe. I wasn't really looking for a convertible this time but the prices for convertibles has seemed to have dropped significantly lately and this one was a great deal (IMHO). I bought a Black/tan 90 with 130K miles. Nice body, top and interior - just needs a really good detailing and buffing. Will need tires due to age and I'm going to have to pull the climate control unit out to clean the contacts as it sometimes doesn't want to make the changes as I push the buttons. (My C4 Corvettes have done the same thing so fairly familiar with the process). I drove the 100 mile trip home without a hiccup - drove great on the interstate, etc. I paid $3800 which I think is a fair price - at least to me. probably going to upgrade to a 16" or 17" wheel - have never carried for the stock Reatta wheel. Will get pictures later.
  12. I actually found another 90 convertible yesterday afternoon and bought it instead so the rear window issue is one for the next guy now LOL Thanks Bob
  13. I have found a nice 90 Reatta convertible I am interested in. Car is real nice except (there always has to be an exception LOL) the rear glass window int he top is broke. The owner has a window to go with it but not sure if it is possible to just replace the rear window or if it is just as labor intensive to put a complete top on? Advice? Thanks Bob
  14. Don't let a few naysayers discourage you - there is always at least one in every crowd. This is a car forum - if we all just Google everything, there will be no need to have it. Funny thing is, when I do Google things related to antique cars, I get many hit from right here on the forum LOL Bob
  15. I have owned 25 Corvairs over the past 20 years so obviously I like them pretty well LOL. As others have said, Clarks is the premier Corvair parts supplier. Corvair Underground used to be probably second but not even sure Lon Wall is still involved. Original Parts Group is releasing a Corvair catalog very soon that will probably be very useful as well. Corvairs are one of those cars much like the Edsel - received bad press early in it's life and has struggled to overcome the unearned reputation. Corvair folks are like most other car enthusiast as they are passionate about their cars. My only issue with most Corvair owners is that they seldom socialize with non Corvair groups - seldom do you see one at any show other than a Corvair only group. I think this has hurt the general car scene's perception of the Corvair. They really are great cars once you play with them for a while Bob