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  1. WTB Reattas

    I keep toying with the idea of selling my 90 black/tan and tan convertible.
  2. I looked at the Reatta database but not sure how accurate that is since several VINs are missing so thought I would ask here. Is there a way to know how many of a certain color combination were built. For example, I have a 1990 Black and tan with tan roof convertible. I counted only 40 in 1990 and 1991 of this color combo but find that hard to believe the number is that low. Also, is there a way to verify that my car came from the factory with a tan roof (vs. a black one) since I know my roof has been replaced? Thanks Bob
  3. Judging for Newbies

    I did the Judge's School at Ocala (Winter Meet) and have never received anything as far as correspondence afterwards.
  4. Question about CD player

    So dumb question. I assume CD player powers on when CD is put in? I see no other button that would turn it on - even on radio. I'm thinking maybe the radio in the car is a GM radio but not the factory radio
  5. Question about CD player

    The CD player in my 90 convertible will not power on. Is there a separate fuse for the CD player? If not, any idea as to what might be the issue? Thanks Bob
  6. Reattas at the National meet

    Barney never said anything derogatory about you or your car. He even posted a picture of your engine bay. Not sure why you see the need to criticize him ? Bob
  7. 1990 Reatta convertible

    1990 Buick Reatta convertible. Desirable color combo of black with tan top and tan interior. Car has 130K miles and runs and drives great. All power accessories except 16 way seats, new battery, cold AC and good heat. Car has new tires mounted on Cadillac CTS wheels (I also have factory wheels that go with the car). Top is in good condition but probably needs a real good cleaning to look 100% but no tears, etc. Power windows are a little slow but work well and rear shocks may need replacing in near future. I believe this car is extremely roadworthy. I would rate the car as 9/10 mechanically due to rear shocks, 9/10 on interior ( a little wear on driver' seat) and 7/10 on exterior - paint is mostly original so has a few rock chips and door dings but still very presentable. Car has no rust. This is a nice Driver quality car but isn't a show car but probably could be with a quality respray. I have a clean and clear TN title in hand. Car is located in Fayetteville, TN - 85 miles south of Nashville and 20 miles north of Huntsville, AL. $5500
  8. Forum will not remember me

    Could be. I noticed on my office computer, it will not even allow me to click "Remember Me" any more
  9. Forum will not remember me

    No. Nothing has changed as far as settings and it happens on all three of my computers and phone
  10. I keep having to log in no matter what computer or phone I am using. I always click "remember me" but once I close my browser, I have to log back in again. any ideas why this is happening? thanks Bob
  11. I posted this in the Buy/Sell but it never got a view so maybe its not the right place? Anyway Looking to buy a factory style front license plate bracket for my 90 convertible. Thanks Bob
  12. My recent Reatta purchase

    Sounds good to me - always up for a meet with other old car enthusiasts Bob
  13. My recent Reatta purchase

    I live about 10 miles south of Fayetteville - I'm right on the TN/AL state line - 20 miles north of Huntsville, AL and about 80 miles south of Nashville Bob
  14. My recent Reatta purchase

    Thanks. They are from an 04 and fit perfectly. I used a dremel to remove the Cadillac emblem from the center caps and replaced them with the Reatta center caps. Took a little time but looks much better IMHO. Bob
  15. My recent Reatta purchase

    I owned a Reatta coupe about 15 years ago - maybe longer - and decided I wanted another one. Was really looking for another coupe but this convertible came up for sale near me so I checked it out and ended up buying it. It has 130k miles and runs and drives great. Needs very few things (hood struts and passenger side interior door panel vent grille). So far I am pleased with my purchase. I paid $3800 which I think was a decent deal - I was obviously satisfied with the price LOL. The top down picture was prior to me getting the Reatta emblem installed on the CTS wheels. Bob