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  1. Bob Hill

    Custom enclosed car hauler - DELIVERED

    Weight distibution hitch and sway bar(s) I hope are on your list of things beofre you tow it any farther Bob
  2. Bob Hill

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    Yes I realize those things BUT I sold it yesterday so unless the new owner changes them, it will stay that way LOL
  3. Bob Hill

    1967 Buick tires

    Try finding a 1967 Buick factory sales brochure or try the AACA Library Bob
  4. Bob Hill

    Creating A Successful Car Show

    Don't charge spectators after charging participants. I refuse to participate in a show where they charge me to enter my car and then charge folks to come and look at my car Bob
  5. Bob Hill

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    I have this 66 Beetle and it is amazing the attention it gets everywhere I go. LOL Kids love it and parents are always asking me if they can take a pciture of it with their kids. If I am not in a hurry I usually offer to let the kids get in the driver's seat and get a picture if their parent's want to. Great way to get them interested in the hobby Bob
  6. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I have always read that tow capacity of the vehicle was based on the GVWR with the driver and a tank fo fuel so adding 7 more passengers will lower the capacity of your Expedition even more IF they are going to be in the tow vehcile when you are towing Bob
  7. I think a longer traielr is MUCH easier to back than a short one personally. Bob
  8. I have been pulling enclosed car haulers for about 27-28 years now. I will tell you that there is no way I would put the trailer you need behind the Expedition. You will need a taller than the average enclosed trailer which will (1) increase weight both at tongue and overall and (2) increase frontal area for the trailer. I would not personally feel comfortable pulling a trailer like that behind the Expedition. To be honest, pulling a trailer with additional height is your biggest obstacle IMHO. Bob
  9. Bob Hill

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Thats ridiculous LOL - just give everyone that shows a car a Grand National Senior Award at their first show and forget all the judging, etc. The change of rules is what happens when we bend any rules just because they have to have everything right now.
  10. Bob Hill

    Questions with cash and bank checks

    Answers: 1 - stop payment for ANY reason? No, only a verifiable reason which would be unlikely given the fact the buyer obtains the check at your bank in front of you and the teller 2 - Not sure about this one - probably something you would need to ask an attorney or LEO 3 - I doubt bank would issue check until they verify the money is not counterfeit 4 - If he deposits the money in your account, I see no reason you should be concerned. 5 - This is another question probably best answered by an attorney; however, banks typically don't get invovled in civil matters so I think they would honor the check until directed by a court to do otherwise 6 - I have an account that is seperate from my others (actually at a different bank) where I can have money wired, deposited, etc. and then move it out. Banks are in the business of making money transactions. They don't get involved in transactions between other people if there is a problem. If a bank issues a certified check, they will honor that check in almost all cases because they verify funds, etc. prior to issuing the check. I have never had any bad experiences when selling a car with either cash, certified check or wire transfer. Note - I am not a laywer or a banker so I am only giving information based on personal experience. Bob
  11. Bob Hill

    How do you deal with an unresponsive seller?

    Text him or leave him a voice mail (since he won't answer phone) and simply tell him that within 24 hours, we either scehdule a time to have his car inspected so we can clsoe the deal or let's forget the deal. If you don't hear back from him, then you have your answer. I don't waste my time with folks like him - either he is going to complete the deal or he isn't. My thinking is he has no intentions of completing the deal so i would walk away. Bob
  12. Bob Hill

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Well from the title and the two previews, this show has absolutely nothing to do with antique cars - it is all about NASCAR. I won't worry about arranging my schedule to see it LOL Bob
  13. Bob Hill

    1994 Ford Taurus SHO

    Still not sure why you won't give HPOF a shot - I had lot rather try for the HPOF and not make it than get a DPC badge. Bob
  14. Bob Hill


    I am of the opinion that a car restored to "factory condition" would not do so well in most judged shows today because of the over restoration that seems to be the hobby standard these days. Bob