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  1. Steve, thanks for the info. I have full confidence that the AACA team will make this a great event. Regards
  2. Thanks, I saw the map but that area does not look like it will accommodate 380 cars. Regards
  3. I have seen some recent maps that show the AGNM in building #2, is that just the registration area or are the 380 entries going to be inside that building too. If the show field is outside will a map be available to show the location? Thanks
  4. Steve, Do you have any updates on if trailer parking will be available on Wednesday and the times someone can drop off their trailer. If Wednesday is not open what times will it be open the rest of the event. I just received some information in the mail about it’s location but the time schedule was not mentioned. I realize we are still a few weeks out so maybe the final details are still a work in progress. Thanks Bob
  5. John348, I got my confirmation email today for the Ocala meet. I hope you received yours by now too. Bob
  6. It is listed in the Nov/Dec copy of the Antique Automobile magazine. November 6-9 2019.
  7. It is a Nissan 300ZX twin turbo SMZ. The SMZ was a limited production ZX that was offered for the 1995 model year. Only 104 were built. The SMZ was produced in conjunction with Steve Millen. Mine is one of three 1994 prototypes that Nissan made for the initial design and production. It remained in Nissan’s inventory until I bought it directly from them. One of the key documents that was requested was the original MSO that was issued to me at the time of sale. My car, while in Nissan’s corporate vehicle inventory, was used for all of the launch media for the SMZ. It is the car used for the launch article in he June 1995 Car and Driver article.
  8. Thanks to MC and all for your input on this question. I am updating this post so if in the future someone else has a question about this process hopefully it will assist them. After the initial forum posts, I was able to meet with the Chairman of the SCC committee at a National Meet. I got to ask him about the process and he provided some very helpful information about the documentation that would be required and to ask me some information about my request. This short meeting was invaluable. One of his recommendations was to contact the National office and obtain the packet of information and the general timeline for the review process. Please note the packet states to allow at least 12 weeks for the committee to review a request before it is sent to the VP of Judging for final review and disposition. So if you are planning to show your vehicle in an upcoming National Meet, allow yourself plenty of time. Once the SCC committee finished their review the information is then sent to the VP of Judging for his final review and decision. The VP then sends you a letter regarding the final decision. I have found the SCC committee, the National office and the VP of Judging all to be extremely helpful in this process. Again thanks to all for the help. Regards, Bob PS my vehicle has been accepted into class 35B
  9. I just read the lastest copy of The Judges Newsletter online add saw the upcoming rule change for 2019 regarding the eligibility to submit a Senior car for the AGN. “Any car receiving its Senior Award prior to the registration deadline for the Annual Grand National Meet may now compete for a Grand National Award in the same year the Senior Award is received.” This is a welcomed change and thanks to all who were involved in this rule change.
  10. Thanks for the information. Bob
  11. I plan on beginning to show a 1994 car early next year that was a limited production model. I am thinking it will be classified in class 35B but I do not know if it needs any reviews and concurrence by the classification committee before hand. I have all the documentation that the judges may need to easily see the differences between a regular production model and my limited production car. It is one of only 104 built. Any feed back would be appreciated. Bob
  12. What hotel is going to be the host hotel? I have not seen any information posted yet about this meet so if anyone has some preliminary information it would be appreciated. I realize the host club is probably running at full speed to get everything finalized considering the short timing. Thanks
  13. Is the total car count available for the upcoming meet?
  14. In 1996 Nissan did a special Z restoration program with the 240Z. The plan was to restore 200 71-72 240Z's to maintain awareness of the Z until the next generation Z was released in the marketplace. However, they only ending up actually building 38 of them and selling them to only select Nissan Dealers. The marketing concept was really good but as you can imagine, going to the parts bin looking for 1972 parts in 1996 was a real challenge and in many cases the bin was empty so they had to create new old parts in many cases. They did completely disassemble the cars, rebuild the drive line and restore the cars and offer a 12 month warranty on them. Even though they only built a very limited number of cars the program is still remembered today.