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  1. Land O Lakes, Florida which is north of Tampa. Two of us just had a meal last night that was great for less than $50. The $45 meal included two appetizers, two entrees and one mixed drink. More than the cost is the quality for what one spends.
  2. I felt a need to express my great disappointment in the banquet food on Saturday night. One would expect when being at the Hilton and paying $50 per plate that the food would be exemptional to outstanding. I have nothing to say but awful! I had the salmon and it tasted as if it had been prepared the day before and heated up. The edges were rubbery. You can go anywhere and get a fabulous meal for two people for $50 or less. Those in charge of the event should know. If no one speaks out then no one will know.
  3. Set your classic apart from the rest with a professionally designed and produced CAR SHOW SIGN. CAR SHOW SIGNS are a combination of pictures, graphics and information about your car produced as a high gloss photographic image directly on aluminum. CAR SHOW SIGNS are designed to create a unique look that reflects your restoration with the utmost attention to detail. > Car Show Signs > Display Stands > License Plates > T-shirts > Do Not Touch Signs > Photo Books Display Stands License Plates T-shirts Do Not Touch Signs Photo Books
  4. I recently was cleaning my front windshield and to my surprise one of the locking clips for the rubber wiper blade is missing. Who knows how it came off. I have attached a picture. My blades are in such good shape all I really need is the locking clip. If anyone would have one from an old set of blades that would be fine. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am working with a guy on his 1957 Buick Special. We are trying to determine the color names of the interior. It is a combo of white and rust colors. There is a rust pattern fabric with rust and white vinyl. Does anyone know the exact names? Thank you for your help.
  6. I have a 1963 Cadillac (NOS) Cruise Control Power Unit FOR SALE. $525 or best offer. Contact me at or 813-751-7346.